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Checkpoint R80.20 CCSA

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Course Duration

40 Hours

Course Mode

Classroom     Online

Check Point CCSA R80.20 Certification Training Bootcamp covers in detail everything you need in order to pass your CCSA exam .Our Focus on hands on training will empower you to do various lab excercises which will further help you in any implementation in real world.

What you’ll learn
  • Practice every topic in the course following the STUDENT GUIDE (PDF format) !
  • Install and Configure Check Point GAiA OS R80.10
  • Run the First Time Wizard on GAiA OS R80.10
  • Configure Users and Roles. Start Working on CLI Clish and Expert Mode
  • Secure Internal Communication (SIC)
  • Objects, Security Zones and Anti-Spoofing
  • Understand Rules and Configure a Typical Rule Base
  • Policy Types. Working with Policy Packages
  • Configure Management and Stealth Rules
  • Define General Traffic Rules – DNS, HTTP, DMZ
  • Define Cleanup Rule. Organize Rule Base with Sections
  • Understand Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Configure Hide NAT
  • Configure Static NAT
  • Configure a Basic Access Control Policy
  • Implement HTTPS Inspection Policy
  • Configure Advanced Access Control Policies. Application Control and URL Filtering. Content Awareness. Monitoring. Compliance
  • Introduction to Threat Prevention Policies
  • Configure Backup for Management and Security Gateways
  • Introduction to Check Point VPNs – Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPNs
  • Implement Site-to-Site VPN Between Two Sites
  • Understand and Configure Check Point Logging
  • User Management and Identity Awareness
  • Expand knowledge and learn about ClusterXL
  • Understand #howto Licensing Check Point Solutions and Products

Detailed Syllabus Covered

Module 1: Introduction To Check Point. Security Architecture Overview

Module 2: Create Lab Topology on Your Own PC . Different Options to Practice The Course Topics

Module 3: Gaia OS Instalation and Lab Initialization

Module 4: Introduction to Gaia OS

Module 5: Introduction to SmartConsole R80.10

Module 6: Introduction to Objects, Rules, Security Policies and Policy Packages

Module 7: Deploy a Basic Access Control Policy on New York Firewall

Module 8: Configure Network Address Translation (NAT)

Module 9: Configure London Branch Site Basic Access Control Policy

Module 10: Configure HTTPS Inspection Policy

Module 11: Check Point Identity Awareness Integration with Microsoft AD Server

Module 12: Configuring Advanced Access Control Policies