NETWORKERS HOME offers Cisco Certification training from basic level programs like CCNA to advance programs like CCIE .CCIE Certification is  most respected IT Certification in the world and help students achieve upto   $150K  USD salary package .  We offer Unique international CCIE Integrated 8 Months Training program for students in India Bangalore or New Delhi Campus .Soon we will be offering it in our Thailand and Dubai Campus . At this time ,we provide a free international tour of 4 countries for each CCIE admission . 

Get an Opportunity to learn from Industry leader Hexa CCIE Mr Khawar Butt and Hexa CCIE Mr Vijay Patel .You can enroll into our Udemy programs to experience our quality training . 

The course curriculum is regularly updated by the Research division keeping in mind the latest developments in the respective fields which helps student gain expertise and proficiency with the most advanced technologies.

The various tracks covered in CCNA, CCNP and CCIE courses are Routing and Switching (R&S), Security, Data Center and Collaboration.

The training programs can be done in person at any of the Bangalore or New Delhi branches or can also be taken online from anywhere in the world by the International Students. Classroom sessions are conducted in both morning and evening sessions. Our centers see thousands of students enrolling for various programs with us.

It is the dedication and persistence of our students who bring laurel to the institute by clearing their CCIE and other certification exams year after year and an astonishing number of students pass their certification exam in the first attempt.


International Students Reviews About CCIE Training At NETWORKERS HOME

Learn more about the best CCIE Training in India, NETWORKERS HOME, from the International Students enrolled for CCIE Training at NETWORKERS HOME.

Here’s what Mr Broulaye Samake from Mali, Africa had to say about his association and journey with Networkers Home :

Mr. Broulaye gives a brief review of the training facility, exceptional infrastructure, 24×7 lab practice facility and quality of our trainers who helped him along his crucial preparatory phase. He talks about his dreams of achieving his CCIE Certification in Security Track and the trust he has on NETWORKERS HOME as a partner in his amazing journey.

Other testimonials from our family of students on the Training Quality and facilities availed at NETWORKERS HOME. Below are some of the names from a great list of success stories:

  • AUGUSTE FOTSO DEFO CCIE Security#55491
  • YASIR ITOO # CCIE R&S 54415
  • Mr DAVID CCIE R&S #54070


  • Cisco Press Books 
  • 24*7 Lab access
  • 100% placement for CCIE Enrolled Students
  • Top Certified Instructors
  • Over 4000+ CCIE RESULTS Produced
  • Guidance to clear certification in first attempt
  • Lab area with dedicated Lab instructors in various domains
  • Individual pods for each candidate and no sharing
  • Only Cisco real equipment and no simulator used
  • Workshops on placements including CV Writing, communication skills, personality development
  • 2500+ CCIE SECURITY completion results
  • 22 Awards of Excellence
  • 87 RACKS available for PRACTICE
  • CCIE Certified Trainers
  • Bangalore and New Delhi Campuses along with Hostel facilities
  • Online Training leader
  • Hexa CCIE Trainers
  • Highest Number of CCIE R&S, Security and Data Center Racks
  • Over 30000+ Placements
  • 12 Years of Excellence in training and development

Visa Process

International Students seeking admission in India are mandated to possess a valid passport and an Indian VISA. Students are requested to contact the nearest Indian Mission (Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate) or visit their websites for up-to-date information regarding visas, fees, procedures, etc.

Students willing to pursue courses within 60 days from the date of arrival may apply for ‘Visa on Arrival’. It takes 1-2 days in processing. More details can be obtained as above mentioned ways. Documents required for obtaining Indian Visa is as under. However, the requirement may vary from country to country.

Prerequisites for Visa application:

  • Original passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Visa fee
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Duly completed application form
  • An invitation letter & other supportive documents from NETWORKERS HOME (For detailed procedure, Contact Us)
  • Documents as per the specific nation

After applying for Indian Visa and paying Visa Fee, an e-Visa is received within 1-3 business days. An immediate visa can be obtained within 12 working hours where an applicant receives an ETA (Electronic travel Authorization) from India. Students from more than 40 countries are enrolled in various campuses of NETWORKERS HOME

Other additional details on Indian Visa process may be obtained to our NH Visa Help Desk.

Accommodation Facilities

Students can choose from a variety of options for their stay in India. We provide assistance to students for finding accommodation near the institute.

Please find below some of the accommodation facilities provided by Networkers Home:

Students can arrange their own accommodation too or get help from NETWORKERS HOME. The choice of accommodation the student’s discretion and the fee is paid directly to the hostel/serviced apartment/hotel.


A Trip To India

The legacy of India comprises a rich diversity in Monuments, Languages, Literature, Arts & Architecture, Festivals, Handicrafts, Food, Fashion and Spices. A unique form of architecture can be found on the historical monuments located in India. One of the 7 wonders of the World – Taj Mahal in Agra, JantarMantar, Red Fort and Lotus Temple in New Delhi and world famous for its magnificent paintings and well-carved sculptures, the Ajanta and Ellora caves are unique legacy of Indian historical existence. The rich diverse culture and co-existence of 6 major religious groups comprising of Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and various other minor religious groups.

India is home to more than 100 festivals encompassing all religious beliefs which are celebrated all over India every year. With over 22 major languages spoken and their sub-dialects being spoken in India, it represents the diversity and co-existence of various culture and the evolution of history. India is also famous for its Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and various other mythological and historical books and records. A lot of other art and writings are known to have originated in India.

The co-existence of various religion is also a reason for the same. Apart from above mentioned arts, Indian culture is known for its Intricate craftsmanship in wood, stone and metal, Jewellery, Textiles & Silks, clothing differs on various ethnicity, geography, climate and traditions.


The ethnic wears includes sari, dhoti, kurta and a lot more. The details about the vast culture of India with all the required information about its culture, tourism and visa related information is available on website (at present,an international version is available in Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, German, Italian and Dutch). The day-today facilities available at affordable price has made India one of the world’s most sought after IT-training hubs. It would definitely be enthusiastic for students to enjoy the help and assistance while visiting India. This would help you focus and attain your goals.

We at NETWORKERS HOME are willing to help both the International and Domestic candidates at each step with anything they require for attending, participating and completing the training programs successfully. We enjoy a vast group of trained and experienced personnel available for required assistance for an enjoyable and safe stay during pursuing of course. India is emerging as a rapid- growing economy in Asia Pacific because of its high level of education. The pool of highly-skilled IT professionals is reaching to several millions who are putting the country in the forefront of the current global digital age.

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