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Understand levels of AWS certification for professionals


Understand levels of AWS certification for professionals

Big giant organisations are moving their software environments into the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud, and the count is still going on. This is the big reason cloud certifications are becoming vital skills in the IT domains, and mostly all organizations, whether they are small businesses or large corporations, need people like cloud engineers, cloud administrators, cloud security, and many more.

Anyone who wants to take certification has a big reason for doing so. It helps to add value to their resume and gives them chance to get a better salary, and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge should consider getting certified.

Likewise, AWS certification helps them enhance their knowledge and develop a good understanding of the cloud services offered by AWS.

This blog provides a brief understanding of all levels of AWS certification, who can take the certification according to the level, and after completing the certification, what kind of job are available for them.

AWS Certifications of Various Types

The AWS cloud service offers three levels of certification based on the required experience.

  • Foundation
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Foundation Level

    An AWS cloud practitioner is the foundation level certification. This certification is not mandatory; it’s an optional foundational-level certificate. This is a basic-level certification that anyone can take, whether they are newcomers to industry or starting their journey in the cloud domain.

    The AWS cloud practitioner certificate provides basic knowledge such as:

  • AWS core services
  • Basic AWS architecture
  • Basics of compliance functions
  • Basics of security
  • Cloud computing infrastructure fundamentals
  • Jobs after completing AWS cloud practitioner certification:

  • Cloud sys Administrator
  • Cloud engineer
  • Cloud developer
  • The exam cost is $100, and the duration of the exam is 90 minutes with 65 multiple-choice questions.

    Associate Level

    The associate level consists of three different certifications. At the associate level, each certification covers broad concepts of cloud computing. Those who wants to take associate level certification they can choose any certification of AWS associate. So let’s check out what the three different AWS associate level certifications are:

  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Certified Developer

    This certification mainly provides a basic understanding of AWS core services and the architectural concept of best practices. This certification provides benefits such as:

  • Teach about how to develop, deploy and design AWS cloud solutions.
  • Implementation of the correct architecture for development
  • Help to understand the various tools used in AWS, which can be used to develop databases, messaging, workflows, and manage notification.
  • Which AWS services are appropriate to use based on the application environment.
  • Write code to improve performance and increase application utilization.
  • After clearing the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam, there are numerous job opportunities available to start a career in the cloud computing domain, such as cloud developer, cloud architecture, cloud devops engineer, cloud network engineer, cloud data architect, and many more.x

    The exam cost is $150, and the duration of the exam is 130 minutes, with 65 questions of multiple choice.

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect

    This is an advanced-level certification for professionals with decent knowledge and experience in cloud computing and its features. The benefits of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification among others:

  • Understanding best architectural practises and cost - effective architectural design
  • Provides a better implementation of necessary security protocols.
  • Utilising a range of AWS tools and services
  • Design and deploy fault - free AWS systems with security and scalability.
  • Identify and estimate AWS costs with perfect control methods.
  • Choose an appropriate AWS service based on database design and security.
  • After successfully completing this certification you will be ready to enter in cloud computing domain as professional AWS associate. There are same job opportunities available after clearing this certification such as cloud architecture, cloud devops engineer, cloud data architect, etc.

    The exam cost is $150, and the duration of the exam is 130 minutes, with 65 questions of multiple choice.

    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

    This certification is also an associate-level certification, and those who having experience working as system administrators, working experience in AWS services, strong IT experience, and an understanding of cloud services are eligible to take this certification exam.

    A certified SysOps administrator also has benefits related to the administrator level, so let’s see what the outcomes are after taking this AWS certification, such as:

  • Provides a hands - on experience in managing, deploying, and operating workloads on AWS.
  • Familiar with security controls and compliance.
  • Provides a brief understanding of command - line interface use in AWS and the AWS management console.
  • A clear concept of AWS networking and architectured framework
  • Those interested in taking the AWS Associate SysOps Administrator exam should be aware that it costs $150 and lasts 180 minutes. The exam will be multiple-choice or have an exam lab.

    Professional Level

    AWS professional-level certification provides AWS Certified Solution Architects. This is an expert-level certification of the same associate level, and only those who have had previous working experience in AWS and also cleared the AWS Solution Architect – Associate exam can take this exam.

    This exam is $300 and lasts 180 minutes with 75 multiple-choice questions.

    There are numerous advantages to taking this certification exam, and it also improves skills and knowledge. Let’s look at some of the outcomes of taking this professional exam, such as:

  • Provides a hands - on experience in monitoring, migration, and deployment of AWS services.
  • Helps to implement real - world architecture solutions.
  • Use of AWS tools and services.
  • Implementation of cost - effective protocols and security.
  • Provides a clear concepts of an architectural framework
  • Wrapping up!

    Certification, from the fundamental to the professional level, can help anyone advance in their career. Each certification requires dedicated study and proper guidance to be cleared, which is why once cleared, they have a lot of value.

    So according to their experience level, a person can choose any AWS certification and try to clear it.


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