MADHURI PATLE CCIE DC #49781,Chandana Srinivas CCIE DC#49529,Eshwari R CCIE DC#49507,SARVANTHI CCIE DATA CENTER #49491,SHARDHA BHASKAR CCIE DC#48147,Sunitha Nair #Dual CCIE 38313 ,Bhagyashree Patle CCIE DC#48640


Stephane Kouame CCIE SECURITY# 50057,VIRUPAKSHI RAJAPUR CCIE SECURITY #49907,PAVAN KUMAR CCIE SECURITY#49813, Karthik Dudipala CCIE DC#49812 ,Saurabh Atri CCIE DC #49773 ,Vijay Gupta (R&S,DC#42136),MADHURI PATLE CCIE DC #49781,Ajeet Rohilla #49799,Achinthya sharma#49695,Bharat Jain CCIE DC#49562,Brijesh Patel CCIE Security#49566,Chandan Gosh CCIE Security#49535

CCIE Number Candidate Name CCIE Number Candidate Name CCIE Number Candidate Name CCIE Number Candidate Name
49532 (DC) Ritesh 49314(DC) Gopal M 48572(DC) Epari Thongam 48146(DC) Akash Kumar
49529 (DC) Chandana 49304(DC) Affouke 48571(DC) Raghav RAKESH 48030(DC) Siddarth Dave
49507(DC) Eshwari 49203(DC) Vishal Tank 48570(SEC) Mohamad Musthib 48061(DC) Byju VM
49506 (DC) Selvam 49062(DC) Syed Adnan 48550(DC) Ashutosh Yadav 47933(DC) Siba Sankar
49396 (DC) Rajath 49060(DC) Praful 48526(DC) Kuntak Vyas 47877(DC) Parambir Bhullar
49395(DC) Nishchith 49052(DC) Ron Ferriolo 48394(SEC) Syed Meraj Ul Haq 47426(DC) Mateen Walizada
49374 (DC) Chiranth 49024(DC) M Sheikh 48318(DC) Gautham Mamidi 47575(DC) Sunil Rodham
49317(DC) Adnan Ahmed 49017(DC) CVL Shriram 48253(SEC) Ashwin Vijay 47479(DC) Krishna Dodi
49012(DC) Rahmat M 48169(SEC) Ghuman Barinder 47506(DC) kushal Gowda 47506(DC) kushal Gowda
48147(DC) Shraddha Bhaskar 47306(DC) Mr. Boniface AA 47224(SEC) Hamad Altaf    


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logo11 The Ultra-Modern CCIE Lab facility at Networkers Home is one of the Largest private infrastructure facility to train students on Long term Cisco and Juniper Certification.We produced over 2500+ students pass CCIE Certification examination . Fully equipped with the most advanced equipments as per CCIE  checklists; our lab facility also includes Juniper Netscreen, Checkpoint, Bluecoat devices and it is the only one lab in the world which has full software licenses which enable the students practice on real devices with all concepts and features, leaving nothing to compromise.The motive is to make the students work in an international environment with students coming from all across the globe. The Huge Campus provided By Networkers Home consists of Labs, classrooms, Library, Students Area, Faculty Area, Pantry & the office premises. The students are provided the latest devices as per the curriculum and these are updated regularly as and when required.The Massive campus is completely Wi-Fi enabled in order to enable the students to get the latest contents and reading materials from the internet & to stay in touch with their families & friends.World class hostel facility is also provided by Networkers Home for the students coming from abroad or outside Bangalore or Delhi. Students stay together & share their knowledge and develop new ideas as there is always a learning environment. The Labs for all the courses are open 24 x 7 so the students have enough time to practice various and utilize the resources to their potential.  Demand for Certification is so high that exam dates are booked 6 months in Advance .