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What’s the Future and Scope of DevOps Certification

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DevOps refers to the combination of “Development” and “Operations”. It is a revolution and the latest buzz in the software industry. It is a unique software engineering culture that integrates and bridges the gap between the software development and operation teams in an organization. It concentrates on enhancing the level of collaboration, integration, communication amongst the development and the operations department in the organization. The primary objective being constant monitoring and automation at every phase of software construction. The seamless integration of DevOps into the enterprises has led to the transformation of the team of engineers, developers, system administrators, QA testers into DevOps engineers. Holding the designation of a DevOps engineer is perceived as the hardest tech jobs, that the industry is flooded with. There are numerous factors that contribute to the said fact, the primary one being the rapid inclination of IT giants towards DevOps, hence they require engineers with expert coding, testing, configuring and managing infrastructure skills. There is a huge demand for DevOps engineers and expert professionals as pioneer organizations have made a move to adopt the DevOps culture.

Due to the increased span of the DevOps culture and philosophy in the software industry, you can find ample opportunities to align your career goals. With DevOps certification mapped training

You can qualify for the following job roles:

  • DevOps Architect
  • Software Tester
  • Security Engineer
  • Integration Specialist
  • Release Manager
  • Automation Engineer

The next question that strikes our mind is that How can you benefit by earning a DevOps Certification credentials?

There are infinite benefits to earning the highly reputed and globally recognized certification. You can aim to rise high in your software development and operations career. The DevOps career path has a lot in store for you. It is not a highly profitable career, in view of high salaries, but also it is the most challenging role available in the software industry. Taking the salary stats under consideration, a DevOps engineer can mint an average package ranging between $104,000 and $129,230.

Certainly, the designations and the career path varies with the level and other academic qualifications. To gain the entry-level DevOps roles, you must be a graduate in computer science, having basic knowledge of coding, QA, testing etc. For senior roles, you must have advanced level certifications and a degree in software designing and systems architecture.

80% of Global Fortunes organizations are expected to adopt DevOps by 2019


DevOps Certifications have been designed to prepare you for two levels:

DevOps Foundation: DevOps Foundation level course lays the foundation for the DevOps basics, concepts and focuses on communication, collaboration and automation of the software development and operations processes.  It helps in bridging the gap between the development and operations team and enhances productivity by improving the workflow.
DevOps Practitioner: DevOps practitioner courses are designed to best fit the requirements of the IT roles in modern enterprises. It encapsulates emerging trends of the It industry and addresses the growing needs of the IT software and operations professionals across the world.

By 2019, over 70% of routine development-life cycle tasks will be automated, with an agile DevOps pipeline driving and incubating life cycle and application development intelligence

– IDC Future Scape: DevOps 2018 Predictions

With the overwhelming growth in the adoption of DevOps technology culture, it has been predicted that by the year 2021, more than 50% of the fortune companies would have the huge demand for DevOps certified professionals for the leading profiles like Delivery Heads and PMOs. All this to match the expansion and adoption of DevOps practices and implement the new technology smoothly, accelerating the industrial automation and innovation. The industry has observed a tremendous growth of 75%, from last year, in the demand for DevOps professionals.

If you are aiming to get through the entry level profiles in the software industry, then DevOps foundation certification and training course can help you achieve that milestone. But if your target is to achieve more in less time, then certainly you should go for DevOps practitioner level certification. Combining the credentials with the trending technologies of cloud computing and virtualization, you can always stay ahead of the competition and corner lucrative packages.

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