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Obviously if I am the owner of the company, I would love to hire people who can reflect their skills and validate them through their certifications. Tenet of employers also increases because earning the valued Cisco certifications is not a child’s play. It requires huge investment of hard work and time.

Reasons why Employers favor CISCO certified

Recent study where Cisco surveyed employers of Cisco certified professionals to gain a view of the actual value of their certification, they were able to unveil the truth that 75% of the 200 network engineers who were surveyed firmly believes that their employees who are Cisco certified are in possession of better skills and advance knowledge than those who don’t possess it.

Network managers in the survey affirmed that having Cisco certified employees on board with them, has lead to significant support costs reduction, narrowed network downtime, improved ability to take on additional departmental project load, and better customer satisfaction.

Here we are penning down the reasons why certified employees are favored:

1. Speedy completion of Network Projects: The survey results clearly reveals that the Cisco certified employees are capable of completing network projects quickly than those who are non- certified. The speed of certified ones is 30% more than the non-certified ones.

2. Speedy resolution of technical issues: Considering the parameter as to who can address technical issues better and give a quick resolution to it, the study shows that again certified ones are 30% much faster than the others in this case. They have better insight to the addressal of such issues.

3. Promptness in coming up to speed: The survey shows that 78% of network managers are of the view that the certified staff is 20% faster than the non-certified employees in coming up to speed during on boarding.

4. Efficacy in project completion: Considering this parameter, the network managers were of the view that those holding the Cisco certifications under the belt are more effective and efficient, when it comes to completion of the projects. The percentage of increased efficacy is 40%.

5. Successful resolution of technical issues: CISCO certified professionals were voted to have the success rate of 42% more than the non- certified ones when it comes to successful addressal and resolution of technical problems.

6. Better Overall performance Indicator: Network Managers rated their certified employees to be 37% better while considering the overall key performance indicators, in comparison to their uncertified staff.

What’s in it for you

After going through the employers view point, it becomes necessary to understand and boost yourself with the benefits it has for you:

1. Fill the knowledge Gap: Cisco certification helps and forces you to fill in the knowledge gaps that arise if you stay out of touch and if you don’t upgrade your skills.

2. Investment in yourself: Certifications are means by which you invest in yourself and your technical skills. The need is to understand the importance and make you industry fit.

3. Stay in line with Technological advancement: In IT industry you cannot afford to lag behind otherwise you and your knowledge is considered obsolete. Hence to stay in line with it you have to upgrade yourself with the latest certifications.

4. Know the best practices: To know the Best practices of the industry being in touch of the latest certifications, technological advancements it is important to hold certifications under your belt.

5. Better Recognition: As proved above, it is definitely a better recognition that gives you a competitive edge in the market and above all, Cisco certifications opens the door to the world as it is globally recognized.

CISCO certifications by NETWORKERS HOME

NETWORKERS HOME is the “Best training institute in India” for considering CISCO certification. It has the following advantages over the other key players in the market for the same:

  1. All Training on CISCO Official curriculum.
  2. Biggest CISCO Training Lab in Asia.
  3. 24×7 Lab Access to students.
  4. Lab administrator guidance.
  5. Modern Rack equipments.
  6. Certified Trainers with remarkable industry experience.
  7. Produced 4000+ CCIEs over the years.
  8. We offer Best value for Money. Our service too is exceptional.
  9. We offer different Tracks (Regular and Fast ) to suit the beginners as well as experienced OT professionals.
  10. You have a choice of four great locations – Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR and Bangalore
  11. 1-on-1 training with dedicated attention of trainer for the entire duration of course.
  12. Live Virtual Classes option also handy at the convenience of students.

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