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Top 5 IT Security Certifications That Are High-In-Demand

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Digitization and globalization of businesses have increased the chances and instances of cybercrime. Battling and reducing the impact of the cyber-attacks has emerged as the biggest challenge for all organizations. Keeping cyber security on highest priority, enterprises are investing hugely on secured IT infrastructure and hiring IT security professionals. Businesses are preferring candidates with renowned IT security credentials on their profiles.

The top 5 certifications encompassed in the list of highly preferred credentials include:

CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an expert level certification for experienced professionals from (ISC)2 that tops the list. It is a globally recognized certification and tops the list when it comes to cyber security domain and careers. It validates your expertise in designing, implementing and managing a flawless and secured IT framework. Companies tend to leverage secured networks, data and information from CISSP certified professionals on board, therefore they prefer this certification for their existing information security teams. Having it already qualifies you for the lucrative careers on the roles including CISO, Security analysts, security consultants, security manager and much more.

CISA: ISACA’s Certified Information Security Auditor(CISA) certification recognizes your expert understanding on IS audit control and assurance tools and techniques. CISA certified professionals on board can demonstrate their proficient capabilities to identify and assess vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with the IT security standards within the enterprise. CISA is a gold standard, favored by companies to drive excellence with IS audit controls and assured security of the IT infrastructure, data and information. It is ideal for professionals involved with auditing, controlling and monitoring enterprise IT infrastructure.

CISM: ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager(CISM) is an advanced level certification that is renowned across the globe.  It is not restricted to information security expertise but also validates knowledge and experience in developing and managing the holistic information security program for the organization. It has been observed that organizations duly recognize, expect and require their onboard staff to possess CISM certification credentials because of their expertise in IT governance and ensuring strict security compliance, aligning information security programs with the organizational goals.

CEH: EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacking certification aims to get you acquainted with advanced ethical hacking techniques and tools essential to think like hackers and defeat them on the go, ensuring security and integrity of organization’s data. CEH certification is desirable by global organizations as it validates the proficiency in computer security assessment, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and identifying and addressing security concerns on diverse levels and defeating the hackers to safeguard the organization.

CHFI: Observing significant rise in cybercrimes, the demand for forensic investigators has risen extensively. EC-Council’s Computer Hacking and Forensic Investigator(CHFI) certification is a vendor-neutral, globally recognized credential that is designed to fulfill the industry requirements.   It empowers forensic experts to apply computer investigation tools and techniques in view of determining the potential legal pieces of evidence, presentable in the court of law. Organizations prefer forensic experts to be on board with them such that they can help and resolve cases of data tampering and information leaks caused due to internal or external hassles. 

The above-mentioned certifications are surely a gate pass to success in the information security domain and acquiring competitive roles in the cyber security industry. Organizations prefer them while considering applications for hiring, as they lay importance to maintaining information and data integrity to the core.

Career-wise, the cyber security certifications are a must-have to pave your way to leading positions in information security.

It’s time to move ahead and stay ahead!!!

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