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Splunk Training

Basic information

Exponential growth in machine data over the decade was a result of increased number of machines and increased use of IoT devices. Machine data holds a lot of value as it’s capable of driving efficiency, productivity for the business. The purpose of Splunk was:

To draw meaning out of the machine generated log data

Need For Splunk

The need for Splunk arose due to the following reasons:

It was observed that Machine data is:

  • Complex to understand
  • In an unstructured format
  • Unsuitable for drawing analysis

Then Splunk came as a handy tool. The entire machine data once entered into Splunk gets processed for you automatically. It extracts the relevant data that can later be used for analysis and identifying the problem areas.

The beginning was in this manner, later it became more prominent with advent of Big Data. Splunk started off this way, but it became more prominent with the onset of Big Data. Dashboards which are meant for visualization, was a surprise and in a very less time Splunk was extensively used in the big data domain for analytics.

Splunk Developer and Admin Certification @ NETWORKERS HOME

Training course content delivered at NETWORKERS HOME is in line with the certification program that makes you ready for certification exam and prepares you for the MNCs.

In this training you would be exposed to real time projects and assignments that have enormous implications in the real world industry. It can actually help you fast track your career effortlessly.

The training has been designed to cover Splunk architecture as a whole. It even trains you on how to search, analyze, monitor and visualize machine data. We help you learn how to work on alerts, tags, lookups and events through real world projects. The training on Splunk is delivered by highly experienced who align their training as per the official curriculum and intends to provide you thorough knowledge of the related concepts and processes.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, the participants get to:

  • Learn about fundamentals and architecture of Splunk
  • Develop an insight on How to search applications in Splunk
  • Attain knowledge on Splunk enterprise security
  • Understand the concepts of Splunk cloud and log management
  • Have hands on on Spluk reports and charts
  • Acquire knowledge of Splunk syslog and syslog server
  • Develop understanding of Data analytics and formatting through Splunk
  • Learn and gain insight on Data enrichment, Splunk monitoring and Splunk lookups


The course can be successfully taken up by:

  • Software developers
  • System Administrators
  • Analytics Managers
  • Other interested aspirants wanting to learn the software and analyze machine data.

Note: There are no specific prerequisites for pursuing this course.

Splunk Opportunities in India

India is a country following the trend of technological advancement. It is a nation that’s developing on this front immensely and in a speedy manner. It is the hub and is known as IT outsourcing destination in the world. The increased competition in market gives birth to the need for a smarter technology that can analyze the machine-generated data and extract meaningful insights from them. Today organizations in India look for Splunk certified professionals who can help them with logical analysis of machine data.

Market Trend in India

Strongest sector is Indian Economy is the IT Sector. Companies increasingly make efforts to keep track of user activities. Splunk has gained the popularity in Indian market over the period of time thereby providing lucrative career opportunities to beginners and experience holders in this domain.

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