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Reasons to increasing popularity of IT Certifications for College Placements

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As soon as you step out of your teens, one major concern that keeps bothering you every now and then is “CAREER”. Normal routine studies which when about to get over, the tension of future takes over the nerves. Technical students those doing B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Sc IT or M.Sc IT start to discuss amongst themselves what next?

The reason for botheration is due to the fact that colleges give everyone the same platform for acquiring knowledge and skills. So when it is time for placements the heart starts pumping fast due to nervousness as to what one will say to justify the question “What should we prefer you over others?”

Here comes the only weapon at your aid: IT Certifications

If you hold certain reputed certifications it becomes very easy to convince and prove your worth in front of the employer in campus drives.

Certifications help prove you have the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done…

HOW certifications help you in campus Placements?

  1. Certifications make a great first impression: When you appear for a campus interview, and you present your resume that mentions the certifications that you hold under your belt, trust me!  It creates a powerful impact on the interviewer. The first impression leads the interviewer to take more interest in the candidate. The chances of rejection reduces and the employer starts finding reasons to employ you with him; unless you totally ruin that chance by not able to answer his questions based on the acquired certification.

As it is rightly said “First impression is the last impression” , so if you want to make the most of the opportunity, then you must think of enhancing your skills and earning a certification of your interest that can help you land into a great job and grow professionally.

  1. One of the basic criterions:  Sometimes, while a company accepts an invite from the college for campus drive, they clearly set the sitting criterion. In other words, they make it mandatory to hold certain specific certifications. If that’s the case and you don’t possess them, then you might land up losing an attractive opportunity of getting placed. Remember campus placement in a reputed brand is the dream of every college student. And it actually gives a kick start to your career. Hence, do not waste your precious time and one should diligently search for a training partner and successfully complete the certifications of his interest and as per his planned field.

Never forget “Time and tide waits for no man.”  So it’s now or never. Campus drives are really not easy to crack as there is tough competition. So prepare yourself accordingly that at least you fulfill the basic criterion and avail the opportunity to sit for your dream company.

  1. Certified IT students Make Great Employees:That’s the perception of the employer when they land up in the campus of a college to pick and choose their future employees. Everybody comes with a mindset. And they select only those who fit into the parameters that they have in mind. Out of their experience, they have unearthed the fact that certified people are keener to learn new things. Employers are of the view, that certified students are more serious about their career and know the importance of investing in their learning. And if you, at the time of interview, are able to prove that to the interviewer then your selection is 100% sure. Put your feet into employer’s shoes and decide – whom would you prefer: One who has knowledge of routine curriculum or one whom you feel is more skilled as he has advanced knowledge of the technologies being implemented and used in the modern IT era??
  1. Selection aligned with growing importance of IT certification:Sometimes, employers really want someone who is ready to get on board, rather than hiring someone who just has generic knowledge and you are required to make investments in order to train him and make him organization fit. Hence, in today’s era as we have huge resource of youngsters in India, they are flooded with choice, and it’s really not bad to think on the cost perspective when they go for campus drives. If they get trained and certified people, obviously they become their first choice.

So one can conclude that, certification is a good baseline validation of the learnt skills and will definitely prove to be beneficial for the hiring organization in turn.

  1. One can expect success with IT certifications:Students, who have that extra in them, can really expect success. Now this extra is the added advantage of earning a certification. Those who are certified in the trending technologies are expected to properly validate their knowledge and skills. Certifications, undoubtedly increase the value and credibility of that candidate. The candidate is able to demonstrate his abilities in a better and confident manner. And the learned skills, because of the practical exposure, remain with the holder of certifications for long.


The above diagram is sufficient to sum up the above points. It is hard to think that 72% employers require it as basic requirement to fill the position. 67% relate the certifications to the candidate’s willingness to work hard and 60% believe that certified candidates have the expert knowledge from the course in which they are certified.

After all the above discussion, it is quite clear that it is highly important to be certified in trending technologies, if you really looking forward to bright career in IT domain. Because of its dynamic nature, you got to keep yourself updated and in line with the market trends. So is from the view of the interviewers coming to your campus.


So, before your dream company visits your campus, get certified now!!!!

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