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Reasons to get selected for a job

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Whenever we apply for a job, we always know what we are looking for. We want great company, decent salary, learning environment. But, to secure that dream job, you have to think like the person making the final decision.

What traits do the managers look for in their ideal employee?

Here are 10 of the most common reasons people to get selected and hired.

A Brilliant Resume

At times even average candidate gets hired, and all because of a brilliantly drafted resume. Your first impression is created through your resume. Without meeting or knowing about you and your skill sets, you get a call from a great organization, only on that basis. Always draft your resume wisely. You can pick a template relevant to your industry and get help from experts before you send anything out. Remember that your resume has to be updated consistently and it is a living document.

Your online personal branding

Personal branding is a must in this era. These days’ social media and networking has a wider reach. They are preferred method of communication these days. Professional personal branding through LinkedIn is highly famous. Employers find you directly if they find you fit for their organization.

Candidates should make sure your public profiles are employee friendly and up to date. Create your brand and online presence by either starting a blog, moderating a forum or jut being active in a LinkedIn group for instance.

Apt skills and experience

Today companies hire trained candidates. They hardly are willing to make investment in training the new employee. Put your feet in employer’s shoes and think- Would you want somebody learning your work and asking questions for the first 6 months? Or would you want somebody who knows the art and gets busy contributing to your business from day one? Possessing the right skills and experience is more important than ever. Unfortunately that’s not something you can work on overnight.

Multitasking Abilities

Today organizations require people who can work over multiple projects simultaneously thereby, projecting their talent and skills. As business today progresses at supersonic speed hence, management requires people who can work on variety of different projects. If an individual is passionate towards learning new things and enjoys a variety of work, chances are of being ambitious and inquisitive as well — two qualities that are critical to success and advancement.”

Long Term Association with business

It is important for employers to retain experienced and qualified people in their company. They are ready to invest more if they find people who will stay long with them and will work their way up the corporate ladder. Employers seek for people who have multi-dimensional personalities, meaning who can work in different departments, projects or even locations one day. Your longevity with the business and personal characteristics will be the deciding factors here.

How you get along with people

It is significant from the employer’s viewpoint to have people who enjoy spending time at work and with colleagues. They highly appreciate the people having a sense of belongingness at work. And in general our ability to work well with lots of different people is the key to your success over time within any company.

How you add value to Organization

Business is all about making money. If you can make money or save money for the company you become an asset to the organization. Every manager has a budget and they have to find a way to either increase sales or reduce costs. If you are able to do so, you are fit for the organization. If you can showcase and project how much you will put on his or her bottom line, they will be tempted to hire you.

Attitude is 100%

Positive vibes can be felt even if you don’t utter a word. Your positive approach to the situations and questions can leave an eminent impression onto the employers. It’s is rightly said that it is your attitude which is 100% responsible to decide if you make it or not to a job. Everyone is attracted to have positive people around. So if you have it in you, you will definitely be picked. This can work as your trump card.

Enthusiasm and initiative

If you showcase constant enthusiasm and take initiative on the job, you will definitely get noticed and rewarded. Every business puts their most enthusiastic people forward with important clients and customers .By taking initiative; you convey a true team spirit. Build onto these traits.

Being Culture Fit

Employers are asked to look for those matches that would be fit for the organizational culture. Relatively, applicants are under pressure to creatively differentiate them and demonstrate a desire to succeed. Hiring managers are particularly interested to test and know as to how a candidate is going to adapt to their unique organizational culture.

So time has come to imbibe the required qualities if you are really looking forward to serving your dream company.

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