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How We Achieve 100% Placement

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NETWORKERS HOME is not only a training institute but it assists and shapes the career of students like an Alma mater. We not only provide students with high end technical training but even ensure that the students become industry ready as we understand that anyone who pursues a professional course has placement as the ultimate goal, and we work in accordance to that. Our teams work cohesively to achieve the ultimate goal of getting placed in a great company. Our Technical team, Management team and Placement team duly understand their responsibilities which they have towards our esteemed students.

Following is the process at NETWORKERS HOME to get you well placed :

We at NETWORKERS HOME provide students with industry specicific, high end technical trainings which lays the the foundation of strong practical and theoritical knowledge. But that’s not where our responsibility ends, we groom the overall personality so that they can fit into the culture of the organization. To achieve this objective we work on:

Communication Skills : We strongly assist and work with our students to polish their communication skills. We guide students on their accent neutralization and way of presenting their thoughts in front of the interviewers. Improved communication skills have a great impact on the overall personality and confidence level of a person. It works as a weapon to confidently face the interview process.

Personality Grooming : We support our students and aim to make improvements in the overall presentability of their personality. Which includes guiding them on their dressing etiquette, body language, gesture correction, interviewer addressing methodology. All this is to polish the personality of students to make them ready to face the interviews in MNCs.

Resume Writing Our placement team and experts guide students in creating and building a strong resume. That’s the most important step, because resume is the only tool that works at the first step to make you eligible for a face to face round. If resume is not built in a proper format then it doesn’t seem impressive to the interviewers and sometimes even very technically sound people are unable to get a call for the f2f round.

Group discussions and Mock Interviews: Interviews are never a one door entry. Interviews in MNC’s are always a process. Before you get a job offer you have to face tough rounds. It includes Group discussion round that judges your abilities to work in a group and team. They ought to judge your style of working with people and how well you get along with the group thereby maintaining a lead in it. We give you tips on facing GD round.

We even give you a feel of the real interview environment by making you drill through the mock interview sessions. We prepare for 2 rounds – HR and Technical phase. Our technical experts prepare you for the toughest technical questions so that when it comes to reality you are prepared to face it confidently.

Technical Sessions : We brush up the technical concepts of the students and make them industry ready and job ready. Technical interviews are supposed to be the toughest to crack. Still, as it is rightly said that nothing is impossible as the word impossible says “I’m Possible”. These rounds are conducted by Mr. AjaY Garewal CCIE certified to provide his expert advice as to which topics require more attention from the perspective of cracking the interview.

Initial Screening After providing assistance in all of the above. We grill the students through the initial rigorous screening round,which is based on theparameters set by the industry.Through this, students are able to gauge their skills and work on the gap if any. Post completion of this round we provide feedbacks to the students so that they get time to work over their skills, analyse their strengths and weaknesses. After this they get the right direction to direct their efforts.

Booster Sessions: After analyzing the gap between the actual knowledge and the company requirement, we give booster sessions to the students. It constitutes polishing the required technical concepts, doubt clearing sessions. It focuses to give one to one attention to the student to improvise on his skills to enable him crack their dreams.

Placements: After accomplishing the objectives of the process, then NETWORKERS HOME collects CVs and resumes from the students and sends it across to thevarious companies. We take regular follow ups to allign the needs of both the parties and send our students to the company for the job roles matching their skills and technical know how.

Our assistance does not end after the student gets a job. Later, after joining if he/she feels that the job role is not according to the level of technical knowledge they have, we again help them find a better opportunity. We never take a back step from fulfilling our promise to our students.

Placement procedure followed at NETWORKERS HOME is always student oriented and directed towards student welfare and satisfaction. Our placement team remains with the student at all times and works complicatedly to find and the best openings for our students to help them live their dreams. There is no limit that we have defined for our placement process. We feel happy to help our students and find the best even after years of passing from our institute.

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