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Penetration Testing

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The IT infrastructure at organizations is becoming complex matching pace with the technological evolution, turning the networks and systems more exposed to threats and attacks from intruders. There is a huge requirement of professionals who can handle and operate the complex IT infrastructure and maintain utmost security.

To achieve the objective, the security specialists resort to penetration testing technique more often.

What is Penetration Testing

When security analysts simulate the attacks, to look for vulnerabilities and test the security status of the deployed security systems, the process is termed as penetration testing. Conducting a pen test requires proficient hacking skills to analyze the IT infrastructure and seek for loopholes that can cause damage to the network, systems, data and confidential information, on ethical grounds.

About Penetration Testing Program

Penetration testing is high in demand skills as on date, owing to the current cyber security trends. To defeat the hackers, you need to strategize and think on the same lines to provide for the stringent security standards, leaving no scope for breakthroughs.

Penetration testing program has been designed keeping this objective in mind. It offers hands-on exposure and in-depth knowledge of the hacking tools, latest attack trends, network strata, and the best practices for vulnerability identification and assessment. The program stands out as it is focused to impart far-reaching skills and the ability to test the security systems and plan to defend the systems, post-exploitation analysis.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the participants would learn about:

  • Planning and scoping compliance-based security assessments
  • Gathering information and vulnerability identification and assessment
  • Understanding attacks and exploiting network and application
  • Penetration testing tools
  • Documenting and reporting the discovered vulnerabilities

Pre-requisites: Basic IT skills

Intended Audience: The penetration testing program is ideal for:

  • All those who are interested in hacking
  • All those who wish to learn about security hacks to extend protection against hackers
  • Network admins so that they can ensure the security of the IT infrastructure.

Focused Career Roles

With proficient skills in conducting penetration tests to ascertain vulnerabilities and possibilities of attacks, can land you into the following job roles:

  • Penetration Tester
  • Vulnerability Tester
  • Security Analyst (II)
  • Application Security Vulnerability Analyst
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst
  • Network Security Operations Tester/Analyst

Course Benefits

The penetration testing program will help you to:

  • Bridge the skill gap between security testers and ethical hacker.
  • Stay ethical in your security conducts
  • Think beyond the identifying vulnerabilities to thump the hackers
  • Gain hands-on expertise through extensive lab sessions and have real-time exposure to maintaining network security on the go.

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