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Palo Alto corp has established itself as leader in Network security industry through its innovative firewall solutions and many other products .

This training guide will help you fully understand what tools, features, and options your Palo Alto firewalls can offer to protect and enhance visibility in your network traffic. It has been developed by someone who understands that learning every possible aspect of a technology platform can consume precious time.

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Palo Alto Training Duration : 32 Hours

Price : 10K +GST 18%

Detailed Syllabus

Chapter 1 -Introduction

This will introduce you to the Palo Alto Networks Operating System version 8 (PAN-OS 8) web graphical user interface. It will also provide the end user, web management interface familiarity, with navigation through tools and settings.

•  Review dashboard tab and object tab

•  Analyze the policy tab, network tab, and device tab

•  Explore ACC tab and monitor tab

Further we will explain the PAN-OS 8. 1.0 home dashboard. It guides on how to customize the dashboard in favor of the firewall administrator’s benefit, and interpreting system logs and adding widgets to the dashboard.

An overview on how we can effectively delegate and control access to a management interface. Also, shows how to provide management attributes to an interface and delegate custom rights to local administrators.•  Review the physical interface location•  Configure a management profile•  Configure an administrator role for management purposes

Chapter 2 - Firewall Objects ,Service ,Groups ,Authentication -Ldap

Chapter 3 - Security Zone ,Interface types ,V-wire

Chapter 4- Security policy ,Routing content ,NAT

Chapter 5- Next Gen Firewall Features -Url-Filter ,Ddos ,Anti-virus ,IPS

Chapter 6- Firewall Clustering ,High Availability

Chapter 7 -IPSEC Tunnels and Global Protect

Chapter 7 -Management and Maintenance operations

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