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Networking Courses | Certifications – Future and Scope

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Networking Courses are the shortcut to success specially due to massive demand for internet in all type of organizations .Networking engineers are the most important part of all organizations  these days as they manage internet connectivity of organization as well securing the digital assets including Data and Devices .NETWORK Engineering is a vast field so it becomes very important to choose right networking course or certification as some options pay better as compared to others in long run .

So the big question is which networking course to choose ,however before we reach to that we should know the depth of networking industry and various roles available in networking industry .

Within Network engineering, there are lots of fields and job roles like

  • Hardware and System administration
  • Network engineers
  • Networking Monitoring engineer
  • Network analyst
  • Network Consultant
  • Storage Engineer
  • Virtualization Engineer
  • Collaboration/Voip Engineer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Consultant
  • Network Design Engineer
  • Network Automation Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer

Network Engineering is really vast field and it includes even more domains including testing and protocol designing .However i will keep the focus on core of Networking which is Network Engineering .

So whats the demand now and what will be demand in the future ?

Well the truth is that demand is much higher as compared to engineers produced however quality of skills are a big issues .Institutes and students in India are hell bent of achieving the IT Certification by hook and crook .This approach kills the original learning desire and struggle to become better . Other major barrier to a lot of people is communication skills .Most jobs in Networking industry requires good English speaking skills and if you want to work for Infosys ,Wipro ,Cognizant ,TCS, HCL ,Cisco ,IBM ,VMware ,Palo Alto ,Checkpoint or any big Networking company ,you need to have good communication skills .

Let us say that you are good in communication skills . Further there are 3 major things which will pay big role in deciding your success or failure

  • Choice of program
  • Constant updation of skills
  • Market yourself well

Let us not be shameful about last 2 items which is market yourself well and updation of skills .This is required in every field these days so change is the only constant .My focus will be to help you choose right program for your skills .

Next 3 years following Networking courses|Certifications will rule networking industry

  • Cisco Certifications
  • Microsoft certifications
  • AWS Certifications
  • Cyber Security certifications
  • Cloud security certifications
  • Google Cloud Certifications
  • Microsoft Cloud certifications
  • Devops Certifications

All these certifications require solid understanding on networking concepts before your start into any track .A CCNA level knowledge is much have before your decide to pursue a career into above given certifications .

So next question you have in mind is “how long these certifications are valid for job industry and which will help most in 2020-2030 .

So things are going to change for sure in next 3-5 years and i believe the new order of priority or demand will be like this

  • AWS Certifications
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Cloud security certifications
  • Cyber Security certifications
  • Cisco Certifications
  • Devops certifications

Each of these certifications are divided into 3 levels

  • Associate or Basic level
  • Professional or Mid level
  • Expert or Top most level

Of course salaries are always higher for expert level of anything like in Cisco CCIE engineers are the highest paid among other low level certifications .

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Author : Mr Vikas Swami (R&S,SEC CCIE*2#22239) is founder and MD of NETWORKERS HOME and constantly writes articles to help students and working professionals make right career moves .You can reach to him through writing to

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