Khawar Butt Hexa CCIE Trainer

Khawar Butt Hexa CCIE Trainer

Mr Khawar Butt has carved out a prestigious position in the IT Industry as a Top-Notch Engineer. He is one of the very few Networking engineers that hold 6 CCIE’s [CCIE # 12353] and the CCDE Certification [CCDE # 20110020]. He has been in the industry since 1992. He started his professional career as a Network Consultant in Los Angeles, California. He has since worked on prestigious network implementations around the world.

Khawar has been delivering seminars and training sessions all around the world for the past 26 years. Some of the countries that Khawar has delivered training in are the US, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Australia and Mauritius.


Some of Khawar’s clients include:

  • US Army – USA
  • Boeing – USA
  • NASA – USA
  • Northrop Grumman – USA
  • Cisco Systems – Globally
  • HBO – USA
  • Verizon – USA
  • Ministry of Interiors – UAE – UAE
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] – UAE
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce – UAE
  • King Abdullah University of Science & Technology [KAUST] – Saudi Arabia


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