CCIE is never about jobs-Its about top jobs in IT Industry 

NETWORKERS HOME is  known as placement gateway to some of the top Networking companies in Bangalore which is also the largest IT City in india and 2nd largest IT City in the world .Bangalore offers highest salary packages as per Payscale and other prominent companies like Naukri.com .Bangalore also has almost 5 times more IT Companies and job opportunities for Networking Professionals as compared to any city in India .In last 10 years , We have placed 2 times more candidates in networking companies as compared to any institute in india  . At the end ,its the best quality of training which helps in getting break into great IT Companies . In last 10 years in Bangalore ,we have placed over 12000+ candidates majorly into top MNC brands like Cisco ,CSS,Cable and wireless ,Velocis ,Dimension data ,Accenture and other top brands .Please donot believe in just placements ,we believe in Top brand placements .

Before your read further about Placement details, let us clarify that

We donot provide placement assistance for basic level programs like CCNA .However many organizations contact us on regular basis and we keep posting all job opportunity on notice board .You will get an opportunity to appear for the interviews once .You can expect  a package within range of 2 Lakh -4 Lakhs depending on which company hiring etc .

We do not provide placement support to international candidates as they are not alllowed to work in india due to very strict regulation .However we allow international students to attend communication skills and personality development classes .

We offer limited support to CCNP students who do high end CCNP certifications like CCNP Security,CCNP Data center ,CCNP SP etc .No placement support available for CCNP R&S programs .Over 40 companies hire CCNP level professionals from NETWORKERSHOME .Some of the major names are Dimension Data ,Cisco Systems ,Aricent ,CSS and accenture etc .You will get an opportunity to appear for the interviews once .You can expect 2.5 Lakhs to 5.5 Lakhs .

We offer 100% support for all CCIE Written or Lab certified candidates in various CCIE Tracks like CCIE R&S, CCIE Security and CCIE Data center . Passing Lab is not mandatory ,we will provide support just for written certified candidates in some of the best MNC companies in India .Over 40 companies hire CCIE level professionals from NETWORKERSHOME .Some of the major names are Dimension Data ,Cisco Systems ,Aricent ,CSS and accenture etc .You will get an opportunity to appear for the interviews once .You can expect 4.5 Lakhs to 6.5 Lakhs .

Now as you have right information available ,let us explain our placement process further .Our students are well prepared for their beginning into the IT world. The quality training and placements along with assistance in resume making, mock interviews and pre placement sessions. The recruiting IT companies associated with us are top MNCs and reputed IT giants which ensures a great career.

7 Steps to a Successful Career for NH Students

  • Background Evaluation
  • Pre Placement Sessions
  • Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Mock interviews sessions
  • Guidance for improvement
  • Interview at Campus
  • Successful Placements and Career begins



Recruitment Partners @ NH

Few Questions About Placement

  • What do we mean by placement guarantee?
  • The course modules are prepared in NH such that students will get accompanied with real touch of various networking devices, fully interactive class and lab sessions, dedicated course materials consisting of theory and lab manuals prepared by highly experienced CCIE Certified trainers along with personality development and communication sessions. Students will become confident enough for any interview, not only that NH gets job requirement from various IT giants every day. "Success doesn't come to you. You go to it." Cheers!!!
  • How do we achieve great placement?
  • A CCIE course training provides Imperative skills which are learnt and polished at NH. Thus, creation and union of interpersonal skills required in workplace is developed. The courses are designed in a pragmatic way to highlight experiences of previous students on interviews and provide with valuable tips to have advantage in your chance. From the very beginning, we provide complete interactive batches followed by dedicated interview sessions that helps all of the aspirants to clear both technical and HR round.Acquiring a decent job is the most fascinating bit of each CCIE course.
  • Who is heading the placement in NH?
  • An IIM Alumnus will guide you in all aspects required for HR round of selection through Personality development and communication excellence sessions. Experienced CCIE Certified trainers will guide the candidates for technical rounds. NH will also provide practice material related to these.
  • What kind of companies have hired NH candidates in past?
  • There is an unending list of companies like Cisco, Juniper, Orange, IBM, Infosys, SAP, Dell, Oracle, Google, TCS, Capgemini, GE, HP and CSS Corp to name a few.
  • What would be ideal qualification for placement?
  • The qualification requirements mainly dependupon the company openings. They expect expertise in networking i.e. thorough knowledge at CCIE level for higher packages but a lot of big IT giants also require CCNA and CCNP candidates for an appropriate positions.
  • What is the scope of various CCIE programs?
  • .Cisco is the bigger umbrella covering 90% of the Networking needs of the entire IT industries worldwide. There are a few questions bothering those new in this industrysuch as whatCisco isand what all Certifications are available with Cisco. Well, we would answer at least the two prime questions in the section below:

    Cisco certifications are a way of authenticating you as an expert with thorough knowledge of the Cisco technologies who is able to work with the Cisco devices in SMEs or Large Enterprise Network.

    Cisco has several tracks and many levels in each track of Certification. Some of the available tracks are:

    • Routing and Switching (Build up Fresh Networks and Maintenance)
    • Security (Firewalls, VPN, Identity Management, Web Security, Mail Security, Cloud Security)
    • Data Center (Uninterrupted and secure data sharing and fetching)
    • Collaboration (Voice and Video Calling, Messaging over IP Network)
    • Wireless (Data Communication and Security enforcements over Wireless Media)
    • Service Provider (Candidates with expertise in BGP, IS-IS, MPLS & QOS)
    • Design (Feasible and acceptable Network Architecture build-up)


    The levels and their hierarchy belongingness:
    • Associate - Entry Level Certification
    • Professional - Mid Level Certification
    • Expert - Expert Level Certification


    Confused? Well, here is an example to help you. Say your chosen track is Routing and Switching. So the first certification which you should appear for will be CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) in R&S; after that you will appear for the mid-level exam i.e., CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) in R&S and final the expert level certification i.e., CCIE (Cisco Certified Network Expert) in R&S. All the Cisco Certification exams have a separate exam code.

    For more details related to the certifications you can visit the link.

    The last thing we would like to discuss here is the Salary. To be honest the Cisco Certified candidates are welcomed everywhere around the globe. Depending upon your certification track and expertise level your salary is decided. But, one thing which can be guaranteed is that – Cisco Certified people are the most highly paid Network Engineers/ Technicians around the world. Hope this note helped you in some way.

  • Which CCIE Track has the best placement opportunity?
  • For a Fresher, basics of networking, concepts of routing and switching, familiarization with firewalls and load balancers are expected for which CCIE R&S along with CCIE Security would be an ideal course. Candidates having industrial exposure may boost up their career with DC and/or Collaboration domains.
  • Do you offer Placement only to CCIE Certified candidates only?
  • CCIE Course is organized in such a manner that will prepare the future marshals of networking. But students are encouraged to sit in interview even after completion of CCNA course, depending upon company requirement.
  • Do you offer placement to students from other institutes as well?
  • Students from other institutions may enrollat NH to attend various interviews. A Preliminary test is conducted at NH to assess the knowledge level of candidates before recommendation.
  • What would be ideal placement ratio?
  • A student with attendance 80% or above are more likely to get placed in recognized job roles.



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