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Internet of Things (IoT) – Buzz of the IT Era

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Today wherever you go, you’re likely to hear about “Internet of Things” popularly known as IoT. But what is it or what it means? That becomes a question which leads to scratching your head at times.

IoT is the connection of devices to the internet. Not only computers and smartphones but anything like cars, appliances etc can be connected through IoT.

Hard to digest!!! Right??

Yes, but it is true. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been labeled as “the next Industrial Revolution” as it would change the way people live, work, entertain, and travel, as well as how governments and businesses communicate with the world.

Trend Prediction about IoT

With the increasing landscape of internet growing at such an exponential rate, that we have multitude of devices connected to the internet like washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, door locks, toys and even toasters. All of them are now becoming “smart.” The science fiction that we used to fantasize is finally starting to show up. The result is “Internet of Things,” the new umbrella term for anything that connects to the internet.

As per IoT Trend Prediction in next 5 years, by 2020, it is estimated that there will be 21 billion connected devices. In 2016 there were over 3.9 billion connected devices were in use in 2016, whereas in 2015 the number was, 4.9 million. Interestingly the number grew from million to billion in just one year. More cities are heading to become “smart”. Consumers are not the only ones to use IoT devices. Companies and cities targeting to save time and money are also trying to get efficient by adopting “smart” technologies. Ultimately in future, cities will automate, remotely manage, and collect data through surveillance systems.

Scope of IoT

According to the report published on by deloitte and Nasscom, The Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to reach $ 9 billion by 2020. By the end of 2020 more than 1.9 billion devices are expected to be connected in India which leads to grow this market 31 times from the current market share of 5.6 this year.

Indian IoT market has vast potential and is likely to grow across industries in manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics. IoT is all set to develop into a major differentiator in driving the next generation of services and products.


Market Share

Companies Working

Consumer IoT40%100+
Smart Cities10%50+

Internet of Things Applications:

Smart Wearables: Wearable stands out and has huge potential to grow and nurture as smart wearable is in demand these days. Number of well established companies and startups are working to take profit of this growing segment in IoT.

Healthcare: Increased demand in smart health care products has become a boon to smart healthcare product market. Numbers of companies are working in the market to manufacture and deliver smart health product like Smart wheel chair, medicine alarm, health monitoring etc are the leading products.

Farming and Agriculture: India is an agricultural country and smart farming has replaced traditional farming to reduce the losses and increasing productivity. Animal movement tracking, soil humidity checker, animal tracking devices are some of the applications being used in Agriculture.

Smart Cities: Smart city projects have become popular in India which has widened the scope of IoT. From sensor manufacturer to traffic controller everyone is ready to take profit of this growing IoT segment in India.

Automobile: Automobile sector is also not untouched from this. Connected cars, driverless cars are the next big market that’s going to change the future of automobile industry. Company like Google has even started working on this project and has launched successfully tested product in live environment.

Smart Electric Grid: Smart Metering system in the electricity and water supply is everything that can be controlled through sensors and Internet

Career Prospects

IoT has lot of relevance in almost all industries touching lives of people and society. Let’s understand the sectors where are the implications of IoT:





Oil, gas, and miningInsuranceConnected HomeFood Services
UtilitiesHospitalityHealthcareSmart Buildings

IoT Platforms

One IoT device connects to another to transmit information using Internet transfer protocols. Knowledge of protocols is necessary to maintain and build that connect. Over all it acts a as a bridge between devices’ sensors and data networks.

The following are some of the top IoT platforms on the market today:

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. ThingWorx IoT Platform
  4. IBM’s Watson
  5. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect
  6. Salesforce IoT Cloud
  7. Oracle Integrated Cloud
  8. GE Predix

IoT Security & Privacy

With more device connects the security becomes an issue. Protection of sensitive data ranked as the top concern. Cyber attacks are also a mounting threat as more connected devices are popping up around the globe. Hackers could break through connected cars, critical infrastructure, and even people’s homes. This is the biggest threat. As a result, several tech companies are focusing on cyber security in order to secure the privacy and safety of all this data.


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