International English language testing system

International English language testing system

International English language testing system (IELTS) is a program offering aspirants the scope for scaling-up their grasp of the English language with the purpose of taking the IELTS test.

IELTS assesses four competencies, reading, writing, speaking, and listening giving you a band (score) that is the clincher for your study or migration overseas. The band you notch is a reflection of your proficiency and how you will communicate in English in your new life overseas.

The IELTS assessment standards are respected and endorsed by teachers of English around the world, not to mention a large number of organizations in over 140 countries worldwide that value and implement the IELTS band in employee selection criteria.

At Networkers Home we customize our coaching process to meet the needs of learners whose needs are as diversified as the number of languages we speak in India.


Coaches bring with them rich, varied, institutional and corporate exposure, in India and from overseas and are well equipped to mentor aspirants to their fullest potential.

Special features

  • Daily drill on each of the competencies
  • Familiarization with the types of formats and types of tasks in each section
  • Familiarization with understanding what is expected in each section of the test and how to go about meeting those expectations
  • Greater focus on areas of opportunity, in preference over preponderate areas (of the 4 competencies)
  • Corrective measures to improve pronunciation
  • Emphasis on widening vocabulary – for greater comprehension and usage
  • Ways to enhance and sustain good conversation – ideas and proven techniques
  • Exhaustive reading and comprehension activities – suggested methodologies
  • Ways to build up on your writing abilities- practice
  • Transition from hearing to listening – activities

Duration, Schedule and Course fee

Weekday classes Four weeks, (Mon thru Fri) , 20 sessions, 40 hours
Weekend classes Ten weeks ( four hours Sat) 40 hours
Course fee: INR 10,000 + 18% GST (Inclusive of course-ware)

Additional Information

In a comprehensive course familiarization session prior course initiation you will be given a complete understanding of the:

  • Types of formats and types of tasks in each section
  • Understanding what is expected in each section of the test and how to go about meeting those expectations
  • And implication of the band system, in greater detail

Understanding types of formats, tasks, and expectations of each

Listening: Duration for the test is sixty (60) minutes; you have forty (40) minutes to listen to the recording, thirty (30) minutes to answer and an additional ten (10) minutes to transfer your answers to the answer paper. You have four (4) sections, 1 & 2 are social situations and 3& 4 are academic. Everyone takes the same test. Reading questions first is important.

Reading: Duration for the test is sixty (60) minutes; you have 3 passages to read, and forty (40) questions to answer, plan your time wisely. The academic and general reading tests are different. There are many different types of question one needs to practice all types.

Writing: Duration of test sixty (60) minutes. The general and academic aspirants have different papers. Task one, general aspirants need to write a letter, and academic aspirants will write a report. In part two both general and academic aspirants will write an essay.

Speaking: Duration of test is eleven to fourteen (11-14) minutes, three (3) parts to the test which are an interview, a talk, and a discussion.


  • Scores are between 1 and 9. You can also get a .5
  • Your overall score is rounded up or down to the nearest .5
  • Each skill is given a score and the aggregate of those scores is your resultant BAND.
Reading Writing Speaking Listening Average Band
8.5 7.5 8 7 7.75 8

Implications of the Band

The scoring and resultant bands 9-1 imply to you as well as screening officials the following:

  • Band 09: You are “an expert”, absolutely fluent, and have a complete understanding of the language.
  • Band 08: You are “very good”, with a complete operational command over the language. You handle complex information well, and rarely have misunderstandings, usually on unfamiliar ground.
  • Band 07: You are “good”, with operational command, able to handle detailed reasoning and complex language fairly well. Misunderstandings and inappropriateness in certain situations expected.
  • Band 06: You are “competent”, and can assimilate fairly complex language usually in familiar situations. Inappropriateness in use and misunderstandings can occur.
  • Band 05: You are a “modest user “who can cope with overall meaning and when on familiar ground very basic interaction.
  • Band 04: You are a “limited user”, who is proficient with basic interactions in English, and hampered with any complex language.
  • Band 03: You are “an extremely limited” user  and only when on familiar ground. You can understand and convey only the general meaning.
  • Band 02: You are labeled an “intermittent user”, able to meet immediate needs.
  • Band 01: You are tagged a “non-user”, capable of only a smattering of words.

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