Syllabus and session plan for Intermediate English course

Intermediate English course

The intermediate course will focus on enhancing the four competencies, required to communicate effectively in any language i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening. The task for those with a “weak to moderate” knowledge of the language is less arduous, given the objective, and the methodology of the drill, a big part of which is:

Conversation Situational conversations, impromptu speech, group story building, and storytelling.
Writing Short passage writing, essay writing, email writing, and creative writing.
Reading Passage reading, and script/play reading, delivering the news,  and reading and encapsulating
Listening Listening and responding to questions.
Reinforcing Infusing through every session, pronunciation, syntax, articulation, stylistics, and enunciation.

Following which a participant, with an aptitude for learning will communicate with confidence in written and spoken English.

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