CCNA Data Center Training FAQ’S

What is CCNA Data Center Training ?

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in Data Center is an associate level Certification offered by Cisco in Data Center track. It equips an aspirant with knowledge and skills required to install, configure and maintain Data Center technology. The Certification possesses very high reputation in Networking industry and validates the professional in DC technology.

What exams are required to become a CCNA Data Center certified?

There are two exams 200 – 150 DCICN and 200 – 155 DCICT exams required to be cleared for getting CCNA Data Center Certified. There are no prerequisites in taking up the exams. The validity of the Certification is for three years and then you require recertifying the Certification.

What does the scope of CCNA Data Center Training cover?

The scope of CCNA Data Center training includes good clarity in Data Center infrastructure, Data Center Networking Concepts, Storage networking, Network Virtualization, Unified Computing, Data Center automation and ACI. The CCNA level Certification fulfils the prerequisite for higher level CCNP Data Center Certification and also forms base for CCIE Data Center Certification.

What are prerequisites to appear in CCNA Data Center Certifications?

There are no prerequisites to appear in the CCNA level Certification in Data Center track. The candidate should be well thorough through the technology involved in the track and a fresher may begin learning the technology in R&S track while opting for Certification would be the responsibility of candidate.

How valuable is CCNA Data Center Certification for fresher?

A CCNA Data Center opens up a lot of great career job roles such as Data Center Admin, Data Center Engineer, Cisco Data Center engineer, Data Center Support Specialist along with lot of other roles. It is better if the aspirants possess a little experience in networking domain before opting Data Center domain. The DC track is very valuable and consists of great opportunities in Future.

What topics are included in the CCNA Data Center Certification program?

Our training program consists of all the topics required for the Data Center Certification as per Cisco Curriculum. If there are any changes in the topics then we follow the same and deliver candidates the most recent technological advancement in the industry. DC Physical Infra, Basic & Advanced Networking Concepts and DC Storage and much more are currently included in course curriculum.

How would Networkers Home help me in my CCNA Data Center Certification preparation?

Networkers Home offers various important features required for appropriate Cisco CCNA Data Center training. Some of the features we would mention here as

  • Real Cisco Devices with 100% Practical Training
  • 24×7 Lab access facility in modern infrastructure facility
  • Classroom & Online sessions in both Weekends and weekdays
  • CCIE Certified Trainers for all the tracks
  • Latest revised information in workbooks

How much time will be required to prepare CCNA Data Center Certification?

It almost takes somewhere between 30 – 35 days in completing the CCNA Course training in Data Center track. Further if candidate is fresher then they may begin the training at CCNA level in R&S track which would take another 30 days to get the training completed. A candidate may or may not go for the CCNA R&S certification as the CCNA DC has no prerequisites.

How good is CCNA Data Center when compared to same level Certification in R&S or Security?

Data Center is a new technology and it always has an advantage over other tracks offered by Cisco. As you take the training towards the higher level CCNP and CCIE programs & get Certified there and so you have vast opportunities of good paying jobs are coming for you in Future.

Does the institute provide dumps for CCNA DC Certification preparation?

No. We rely on the training part of the technology covered in Data Center track at all the three levels CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. The learning helps candidates not only through the Certification but later throughout the career and the job role opportunities. The two exams 200-150 DCICN and 200-155 DCICT is required to be cleared for getting a CCNA DC certified.

Is online mode effective for CCNA Data Center Certification training? How efficient are Fast track boot camp programs?

Yes. The effectiveness of the online CCNA program is same as the Classroom training. The instructors are themselves CCIE Certified ones with high experience in training and industry. All the study material and workbooks are provided in softcopy with 24×7 accesses to lab facility and all the sessions recorded such that they may be viewed by candidates as and when required.

The Fast track Boot camp programs are very efficient and allow a candidate to cover the vast syllabus in a mere span of few days. We recommend this module for experienced candidates only since a fresher candidate or the one with less experience in the domain should choose the regular Classroom or online training for complete duration.

What would be the benefits being a CCNA Certified in Data Center track?

There is huge number of career options that a candidate has after getting certified in Data Center at CCNA level. Some of the benefits being a CCNA Data Center Certified are

  • Innumerable Job opportunities
  • Recognition in Networking domain
  • Deep knowledge in latest technology
  • Very high confidence in technology training

Which is best city in India for CCNA Data Center Certified professionals?

If you can you should surely choose Bangalore City for CCNA and higher level Data Center training, Certification and huge number of job opportunities. The scope of growth is very high in Bangalore and a lot of reputed IT giants are already established player here. Also there are new startups emerging here at tremendous rate that opens up big opportunities for you in the new technology.

What are future career opportunities for a CCNA Data Center Certified candidate?

The future career opportunities for CCNA Data Center Certified candidates are very bright and they get to perform in job roles such as Data Center Admin, Data Center Engineer, Data Center Support Specialist and a lot of other similar roles. A certified candidate also fulfils the prerequisite to appear in higher level CCNP Certification and the knowledge forms a base for CCIE level Certification exam.

How frequent would the lab facility would be available for practice?

The lab facility is available 24×7 for all the candidates training in Classroom as well as those enrolled in Online sessions. We offer real Cisco devices for practice & learning and this is very beneficial for the success in CCNA Certification.