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Free Exposure workshops by NETWORKERS HOME

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Here is NETWORKERS HOME to help you in turning the challenges faced by students in deciding about their careers by giving them exposure to trending technologies of IT industry.  Correct guidance to a career should be the utmost priority of an Alma-mater. We understand this and take measures in this direction regularly.

We know that a young mind is full of passion and enthusiasm but sometimes lacks the direction in which his efforts are required. If only they get a career direction their efforts prove to be successful.

Key to being successful is being resourceful enough to turn your challenges into opportunities.

Entering the dynamic IT industry and to keep your skills current you got to keep learning upcoming technologies. Trust me! It is highly important to grow and advance to great heights in your career.

NETWORKERS HOME – India’s # 1 CCIE Training institute in India has undertaken an initiative to provide for “Free Exposure Workshops on Multi vendor Cyber Security” for college and University students across India. The idea behind these workshops is to enlighten the students on the hot topic of all Industries, which is “Cyber Security”. In this workshop we ought to brief them over the threats and challenges being faced, by taking up real world examples. We make them aware regarding

Learning from Free Exposure Workshop:

Our primary purpose of conducting these free exposure workshops is to edify young and vibrant minds about the hot buzz in the IT security domain- “Cyber Security”. Today, all organizations have realized its importance; hence they all are investing hugely into Cyber Security projects to secure their networks and maintain their data integrity.  It is the most flourishing sector.

NETWORKERS HOME provide an overview to students as to what is Cyber Security? Why is it so very in demand? What are its implications in future? It also throws light on the future prospects and career opportunities that one can have in this domain.

The major topics that our experts cover in this workshop are:

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security
  2. Need and importance of Cyber Security
  3. Types of Security: Email Security, Mobile Security, Social Networking sites and Security- Real life examples quoted
  4. Overview of Multi Vendors
  5. Cyber Security as a career
  6. Job roles and options available in market
  7. Current industry trends
  8. Scope of Cyber Security

Our workshops are an eye opener. To have a real time experience and real feel of the devices and hacking tools, students are invited to visit our campus to get the actual exposure.

Benefits to attending our Workshops

Let’s pen down few benefits of attending our workshops:

  1. Increased Know-how: Our workshops are designed and intended to increase the generic and technical know how of the students. It aims to provide the basic overview of the topic thereby creating awareness about the technology. It leads to interest creation and thereby acts as a guide for some to identify their career goals.
  2. Expert Knowledge: Through our workshops you get a chance to interact with the industry experts. You can ask your doubts and queries to him. Not only this, our experts encourage you to share your knowledge during the session as well. These participation sessions can help you get familiar with the industry and the experts thereby helping you to get acquainted with the latest industry trends.
  3. Networking: Along with having access to experts, Workshops help you to be in a group of like minded people, with similar interests. A discussion conducted in such an environment gives you a platform to share and learn from each other’s experiences relative to the topic. Meeting new people can put forward encouragement, solutions to common problems and advice for how to handle challenges. These relationships can continue into professional connections even after the workshop is over.
  4. Improved Motivation: Workshops are targeted to not only create awareness amongst students on a particular topic or technology, but it concentrates on improving the motivation levels. For some may be highly confused about their career, then the workshop acts a guide. Some might have lost their motivation level in the daily grind of their routine studies, then the expert speaker is able to rekindle the motivation through his experiences.  All this ultimately leads to higher productivity and fulfillment of professional and academic goals.

Hence, to conclude we can only suggest you to be a part of our workshops to gain free exposure and insight. Who knows your professional life and attitude might change drastically and constructively.

Avail the benefits of the myriad free workshops being held at your campuses!!!

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