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Effective and Innovative Training Methodology at NETWORKERS HOME – To WOW the students

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What makes NH #1 IT training institute?

NETWORKERS HOME is a known brand in the training industry to impart best Technical training, as it is the Best CCIE training institute in India.

There are numerous factors that account for it like –

  • Multi-Vendor ultra modern Lab Infrastructure
  • Technical Experts
  • Just Right Locations- Bangalore and New Delhi
  • Record breaking placement results
  • 22 Awards of excellence
  • 100% Placement Job guarantee and assistance
  • And much more…

But one that forms an inevitable part is “Effective and Innovative training Methodology”.

Lets understand how important is it and what all techniques form a part of the training methodology followed at NETWORKERS HOME.

Grabbing student attention: for any trainer to hold students attention is really essential. Effective trainer is expected to hold their Students’ Attention So Powerfully They’ll beg you to Stay Longer in Class. NETWORKERS HOME have a pool of such highly experienced and remarkable trainers with them that they have made a mark in the training industry. NETWORKERS HOME has 19+ CCIE trainers with them who take care of the students’ learning. They involve the students in a batch to such an extent that the students’ brain automatically starts probing different angles to a described technical concept. That I believe is the best trainer quality one can possess.

Take the pain: The trainers at NETWORKERS HOME are ready to take the pain with the students. They understand their responsibility towards the career of the students and hence they continue with the concept unless and until the student gets it right in his head. These days it is quite tough to find teachers and trainers like this that put in so much efforts and time for the benefit of the students. Our trainers understand the value of loss in case the student misses out on a topic. Hence, to make up for this loss our trainers dedicate themselves and don’t proceed without clarifying the previous concept.

Brainstorm: The trainers at NETWORKERS HOME make time for brainstorming sessions into their classrooms. These sessions are a great way to get the creative output from the traditional classes. When you have multiple brains focusing on one single idea, you are sure to get numerous ideas and will also involve everyone into the discussion. These sessions offer a great platform to students to voice their thoughts without worrying about right or wrong. Some ground rules are required to be set before they start with a brainstorming session. Such a session can be formed in a group or it can even be a paired activity. Mostly students get a real time situation to make them think from all the angles.

“Real-World” Learning: Trainers at NETWORKERS HOME, based on their experiences, always present the topics in front of the students through analogies and real world examples. Infusing real world experiences into your instructions makes teaching moments fresh and enriches classroom learning. Relating and demonstrating through real life situations, makes the material easy to understand and easy to learn. It tends to spark their interest and get the children excited and involved.

Introducing concepts innovatively: Like we teach small kids about the same thing in different ways, similarly, it is proven that mind is able to register the things better if it is properly co-related with simple ways or examples. The trainers at NETWORKERS HOME keep the patience and give their best to provide clarity on the technical concepts. If the student is unable to get it in one way, they try to explain it in 2nd way, if that also doesn’t work then they try in a different manner, but ultimately they only switch to a topic once they get a green signal from the student that they have understood the topic. This attitude and passion towards teaching make them great mentors and they are able to share a great bond with the students and derive a lot of respect from them in turn.

Welcome new Ideas: The trainers at NETWORKERS HOME have a very positive approach and great passion for teaching. They are open-minded in terms of accepting and encouraging new ideas to resolve a particular problem related to technology and networks. It is my tenet that a trainer who does not show reluctance in accepting fresh ideas is prone to get more respect from the students’ end. Although developing such a mind frame takes time and experience.

Online Training Facility: NETWORKERS HOME provides facility for online learning and training as well. This again constitutes to give a great learning experience to students who lack time to avail the classroom training facility. Beside this fact the students get to choose the timings based on their preference and time zone (considering International Students). This method was evolved underlying the fact that the student really has to suffer if he misses out on any of the technical topics.

Hopefully, by now you must have got an idea that innovative training methodologies adopted from time to time are highly crucial. And that becomes the reason for NETWORKERS HOME, not only to survive but to lead the IT training industry and owning the title of “Best CCIE training institute in India”.

Therefore, my advice to the students always is, to choose your mentors wisely. Never go by the masses and make your decision making skill strong.

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