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Cyber Security -2 Million Experts required

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Cyber security demand is increasing at very fast pace . Almost every day ,corporations are getting hacked and there is very strong need for perfectly trained engineers .Keeping this demand in mind ,we have launched 2 programs  to prepare next-gen engineers .

Both programs come with 100% written placement guarantee . Cyberx Masters is designed for recent year passout students .It covers amazing content in terms of technology like Cisco FTD,Palo Alto firewall ,Checkpoint Firewall etc.

On the other hand CCIE Security +Cyber security is designed for professionals who want to switch career from different streams and want to earn best packages being offered in Cyber Security .These programs are taught and designed by Hexa CCIE +CCDE Certified instructor Mr Khawar Butt .

What do we cover in Cyber security content ?

We cover Cisco FTD ,Palo Alto Firewall ,Checkpoint R80.10 as well as Certified Ethical hacker training along with Real life scenario project work .

Which company hire Cyber Security experts ?

Almost 15000 companies in IT industry as well as every bank ,every big industry segments which relies on internet for its working . Some of the corporations which got hacked recently are very big corporations .

What will be future of Cyber Security industry ?

Cyber Security industry is going to grow manyfold in next 3-5 years as demand for professionals is 20 times hire than production .

Who can switch to Career in Cyber security ?

Anbody who has a desire and passion . Companies are very open to hire new talent and has relaxed norms like age etc for hiring due to low availability of trained resources . We have trained and placed candidates in age group of 30-40 years as well as freshers .
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