March 2020

CCNA2nd March08:00am To 10:00am
CCNA (Weekend)8th March10:00am To 05:00pm
CCNA9th March11:00am To 01:00pm
CCNA16th March02:00pm To 04:00pm
CCNA23rd March05:30pm To 07:30pm
CCNP Enterprise2nd March8am-10am
CCNP Enterprise09th March11am-1pm
CCNP Enterprise09th March02pm-04pm
CCNP Enterprise [ weekend ]8th March10am-5pm
CCNP Enterprise16th March2pm-4pm
CCNP Enterprise9th March8pm-10pm
CCNP Enterprise23rd March05:30pm-07:30pm
CCNP SEC9th March8am-10am
CCNP SEC16th March10am-12pm
CCNP SEC (Weekend)21st March10am-01pm
CCNP SEC18th March8pm-10pm
CCNP SEC18th March11am-1pm
CCNP SEC23rd March2pm-4pm