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Cloud Computing Certification

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Looking for a next-gen job opportunity.Right move leads to right career and wrong move will lead toward wrong career options. NETWORKERS HOME pioneer in networking industry brings first of its kind Cloud computing diploma program which covers the best of cloud technologies in IT Industry.

Advance Diploma in Cloud computing (ADCC) is one of the most advanced cloud certification designed for freshers. The program is designed to trainer freshers students and make them ready for employment opportunities tomorrow. Its a bundle of 5 most demanded Technology programs bundled with 100% placement guarantee.


As of now, the program is designed for BE/B.TECH/BCA and other graduates.Undergraduate students are strictly not allowed in the program.

Career opportunities

Cloud computing jobs are going to reach to millions in each country while replacing traditional jobs of today’s time like Network engineers, system admins, and other networking/hardware related jobs. Cloud computing professionals requirement will be manifold in next 5 years as per all global research companies study.

3 Types of Cloud specializations will rule the industry.

  • Cloud computing – Networking
  • Cloud Computing – Security
  • Cloud computing – Devops

We have designed 3 different Cloud Computing certifications keeping in mind the demand of the program. Each program is bundled with 100% placement guarantee.

Cloud computing will transform the way business is done. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will directly be benefited across the country. This sector employs 40% of the workforce and is growing at a rate of 8% per year; it will also dictate the future course of Indian development. According to Zinnov, which a leading consulting company, the cloud computing market in India is expected to reach $4.5 billion by this year with most users being SMBs.

The latest market analysis by Cisco* shows that within next three years more than four-fifths of all data center traffic, 83 percent, will be based in the cloud. Wherein most of this will be going to public cloud services, thus there will be more workloads (56 percent) in the public cloud than in private clouds (44 percent).

According to Cisco, there will be over 50 billion devices connected to the Internet, by 2020. Cisco’s strategy is to invest in solutions of hybrid data centers to create an optimized IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure.

The above are just a few situations in which cloud is growing, and how all industries are benefitting from, thus making it clear that there is going to be a substantial increase in the demand for cloud computing professionals.

Cloud Computing opportunities in India:

Opportunities in the cloud are increasing day by day, IT Architects with Cloud Computing skills can earn as high as INR 2,000,000*. According to the survey by Computerworld, 25% of the hirers interviewed would be looking out for individuals with Cloud Computing skills.

Following are the jobs where Cloud Computing skills are used, and the median salary earned by the employees:

  • Solutions Architect: ₹ 1,549,417
  • Technical Architect: ₹ 1,720,354
  • IT Architect: ₹ 1,846,893
  • Senior Architect Consultant: ₹ 1,265,381

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