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CISM CERTIFICATION – Know all of it here

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CISM certification provided by ISACA is designed specifically for information security managers. The certification intends to lay emphasis on the relationship between information security and the business goals of the enterprise.

Importance of CISM Certification

CISM certification is just the best in case you have plans to improve your security management skills or you want to give a boost to your professional career. The career graph of CISM shows a steep upward shift, without doubt as it is highly demanded due to increased spending in the security domain. It is designed not only to improve your management skills but also helps you gain an insight on system security design thereby enabling you to secure enterprise’s information system.

As we all are aware of the fact that that every information system is always at risk if they do not adopt apt measure to secure their system. This need gives rise to the requirement of CISM certified professionals as their expert knowledge ensures the system security of an organization. Their knowledge surpasses the level of Excellency related to designing and devising a security plan upon analyzing the situation.

CISM - One of the highest Paying Certification

If we consider the stats available on the official website of ISACA, it clearly enlists CISM as one of the highest paying certifications. In total we have 32,000 plus certified professional all over the world since its incorporation (although demand today is much higher). Out of these 32000, 8000 are employed as security directors of mangers and approximately 4000 are employed as IT managers or directors or at relative positions working for the enhanced security levels of the Organizations.


The above chart displays the average salary drawn by CISM certified professionals based on different designations. This has been taken from authenticated website of This I believe is enough to suffice the above stated fact that it is highest paying certification as on date.

Employers Always Prefer CISMs

Government agencies and large enterprises sometimes make it mandatory for their IT and IS managers to hold a CISM under their belt. Most even pay the cost of the certification to get their employees trained and certified in the above. Many high level employees undergo this certification to upgrade their skills and prove their expert hands on information system security analyses and design. By this they not only fulfill the current needs of the organization but also get ready to face and analyze new risks to which the organization might get exposed to.

CISM professional are supposed to bring credibility to the enterprise they are employed for. They are experts to identify key risk areas rather the weak points in the current security systems and stay responsible for devising stronger measures to control security breach.

Information Security Managers are high in Demand

With technological advancement, the demand for security professionals has shot up to a great extent. But same is the case with the risk associated with them. The computer networks deployed can connect to each other easily, thus the chances of information leak gets higher. Today the chances of security threat are so high that you never know anyone can anytime access unauthorized data or information.

Then it becomes the duty of the Information security managers to secure data and encrypt the communication messages to ensure leak free pass on of information to authorized receiver. This is why the demand of IS manager is increasing day by day and many organizations require a CISM certification for this position.

Earning this certification no doubt benefits your career advancement but then it is not everybody’s cup of tea. It requires hard work and efforts to study for it and gain expertise. Dedication and focus is required in everything you do to excel in it. So if you have decided and chosen it for yourself then pull your socks and get ready to give your 100%.

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