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To keep up with automation, network engineers need methods and tools to programmatically control equipment. This is where languages can come into play. If your organization is using software-defined networking (SDN), keep in mind the networks offer interfaces to scan and monitor automatically. Fully understanding the language these programs are speaking gives you an upper hand.Automation tools like Chef can handle some of the grunt work, freeing up time for your networking pros. But admins should still understand the process of writing their own scripts. Whether you take on Python, Java, or Ruby, programming is growing more essential to IT.

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Python Automation

This 14 Hours course to help you automate any Networking object on any device. Simple and easy Lab guide to implement real World excercises.

Puppet and Chef

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Leveraging DevOps using Ansible to automate your network and perform information gathering .Get Workbook to solve real World Problems .


SD-WAN is hottest technologies to have in your resume today .Learn from industry leaders -All rights reserved