Cisco certified Network Professional -2020

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Course Information

CCNP Enterprise is program designed for CCNA level candidates to update the skillset .CCNP Enterprise is perhaps most updated Networking certification which covers most latest technologies in details like SD-WAN ,Wireless ,BGP and MPLS

Please note our CCIE ENTERPRISE program covers full syllabus including ENSDWI SD-WAN Module .Most institutes donot cover SD-WAN as part of CCNP however we have it covered for full 32 Hours indepth within CCNP Enterprise training

Modules Covered 350-401 ENCOR

300-410 ENARSI


Covers concepts for Next Gen Network Engineers

Modules covered

As per the new exam blueprint of CCNP Certification charter

We will be covering following Modules in our CCNP Training programs

350-401 ENCOR Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies

300-410 ENARSI Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI)

300-415 ENSDWI Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI)

Yes SD-WAN Training worth 25000/- is included as part of our CCNP Enterprise training package

Program Scope

CCNA Certified Candidates can expect following opportunities

Mid Level Career track

2.5 Lakhs -6.5 Lakhs package

Jobs in all Metro Cities in India

Can further upgrade to CCIE level Tracks

Most opportunity on passing the exam of CCNP

Online Training

  • All Programs are now available in classroom mode through Zoom Video conferencing software .Each class recording is shared with candidates

Classroom Training

  • Learn in person in our classroom . We have a full fledged training facility located in Bangalore and Noida india

On demand Training

  • We conduct corporate training for customers all over the world .Let us know your requirements and our sales will be in touch with you .

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Modules Covered

350-401 ENCOR (CCNP Module 1) 

350-410 ENARSI (CCNP Module 2)

350-410 ENSDWI (CCNP Module 3)

Ladder to a secure and high end career in India and around the world.

The requirement of CCIE certified engineers in the networking industry is huge. Keeping the stated fact in mind, there would hardly be an effect of recession on the holders of esteemed CCIE certification.

For IT giants- government or private – there is an immense requirement of properly built, implemented and highly secured Networks. Any disturbance in the network or even a little hindrance can cause huge losses. Whole economy gets

affected and comes to a standstill in that case. Hence, network specialists have become inevitable in IT companies. That’s how one can say that CCIE is a ladder to a secure and high end career in India and around the world

Keeping in mind the fact that the Expert CCIE Security

certified professionals are the highest paid IT professionals. The fact is that

even for Fresher the salary packages are quite attractive. So, if you are

conscious of choosing a career based on this fact? Rest assured of a bright

future by bagging the hard earned certification of CCIE Security.

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All devices as per latest Exam blueprint

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