CCNP Data Center

CCNP Data Center

Course Description:

Total Five Exams are associated with CCNP Data Center Certification.

  • Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID) (Exam Code: 300-160)
  • Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCII) (Exam Code: 300-165)
  • Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (DCVAI) (Exam Code: 300-170)
  • Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI) (Exam Code: 300-175)
  • Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT) (Exam Code: 300-180)

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Cisco Data Center Infrastructure Design v6 (DCID) includes deployment requirements and options for network connectivity, infrastructure, storage network, and compute resource parameters.

It is good to have your DCID cleared before starting your preparation for Cisco Data Center Infrastructure v6 (DCII) curriculum. DCII mainly focus on Implementing Cisco Data Center infrastructure. It includes implementation of key routing and switching protocols, maintenance, management, operations, security, and storage. CCNP DC course also include Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation v6 (DCVAI). Virtual Implementation of Cisco Data Center infrastructure comprises of brief introduction of Virtualization, Automation, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Application Centric Infrastructure network resources, and Application Centric Infrastructure Management and Monitoring. Furthermore, implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing v6 (DCUCI) covers Unified Computing, Unified Computing Security, and Unified Computing Storage. Finally students will be familiar with Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure v6 (DCIT) that covers troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure including Network Protocols, Network Virtualization & Automation, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Storage.

What I will learn?

Our CCNP Data Center Program aims at building strong theoretical knowledge along with Labs on Real Cisco Device for the following topics:

  1. 1. Evaluation of L2 Connectivity (Endpoint Mobility, Redundancy, Convergence, Services Insertion)
  2. 2. Evaluation of L3 Connectivity (IP Mobility, Redundancy, NSF, Convergence, Services Insertion including Load Balancing & Security)
  3. 3. Fabricpath (Segment ID, Distributed Gateway, HSRP, Multiprotocol BGP)
  4. 4. Overlay Transport Virtualization
  5. 5. VXLAN (Distributed Gateway, Multiprotocol-BGP-EVPN)
  6. 6. Locator/ID Separation Protocol
  7. 7. Virtual Port Channel: VPC/VPC+
  8. 8. Orchestration & Automation
  9. 9. License Management
  10. 10. Virtual Device Contexts
  11. 11. Virtual Route Forwarding
  12. 12. FCID, FCIP
  13. 13. Fibre Channel &FCoE (Dedicated & Shared Mode, Port Types, ISL, Oversubscription)
  14. 14. iSCSI Deployment: Multipathing& Addressing Schemes
  15. 15. Fabric Redundancy
  16. 16. NPV, NPIV, FCF
  17. 17. Service Profile Templates, vNIC, vHBA
  18. 18. In-Band & Out-of-Bath Management
  19. 19. VIC Adapters
  20. 20. OSPFv2 & OSPFv3
  21. 21. IS-IS
  22. 22. PIM
  23. 23. HSRP, VRRP
  24. 24. STP, RSTP, MSTP
  25. 25. LACP, Port Channel
  26. 26. FEX, VNTAG
  27. 27. Infrastructure Monitoring (Logging, SNMP, Call Home, NetFlow, SPAN)
  28. 28. Time Synchronization (PTP & NTP)
  29. 29. ACLs
  30. 30. AAA & RBAC
  31. 31. Keychain Authentication
  32. 32. Dynamic ARP Inspection
  33. 33. DHCP Snooping
  34. 34. uRPF
  35. 35. MACSec
  36. 36. Port Security
  37. 37. CoPP
  38. 38. Fabric Binding
  39. 39. Zoning
  40. 40. FCNS
  41. 41. Virtual Storage Area Network
  42. 42. FSPF
  43. 43. Storage VDC
  44. 44. FIP
  45. 45. DCB
  46. 46. Virtualization Tools
  47. 47. Infrastructure Automation
  48. 48. POAP
  49. 49. ACI: Policy Group
  50. 50. ACI: Protocol Policy
  51. 51. ACI: Domain
  52. 52. ACI: Pool
  53. 53. ACI: Profile
  54. 54. VMM Domain Integration
  55. 55. Tenant Based Policies
  56. 56. ACI: Network Integration
  57. 57. ACI: Packet Flow
  58. 58. ACI: Service Insertion
  59. 59. ACI: Management & Monitoring
  60. 60. Cisco Unified Computing (Stand-Alone, Modular, Server Integration)
  61. 61. Server Abstraction Technologies
  62. 62. Firmware Upgrade, Package Insertion, Interoperability
  63. 63. Different Scripting Tools
  64. 64. Unified Computing Security
  65. 65. Unified Computing Storage
  66. 66. Troubleshooting Data Network Protocols
  67. 67. Troubleshooting Network Virtualization & Automation
  68. 68. Troubleshooting ACI
  69. 69. Troubleshooting Data Center Storage
  70. 70. Troubleshooting Data Center Management & Operations

Future JOB Scope

Below are a few job roles for which CCNP Security certified candidates can apply and opt for:

  • Data Center Administrators
  • Data Center Support Specialists
  • Data Center Engineers
  • Data Center Consultants


Training & Learning

To advance their career and increase their knowledge domain candidates can opt for any of the following certification programs in different tracks:

Fee Structure




CCNA DC 25000/- + 18% GST $1,000
CCNP DC 100000/- + 18% GST $2,000
CCNA + CCNP COMBO 100000/- + 18% GST $2,500
CCNA + CCNP + CCIE 185000/- + 18% GST $4,000
CCIE LAB ONLY 100000/- + 18% GST $2,500
CCIE WRITEN + LAB 150000/- + 18% GST $3,000
CCNP + CCIE 175000/- + 18% GST $3,500

Regular Batch Schedule (Saturday / Sunday)

Course Name



CCNP DC 15th Jan 4 – 6 pm

Online Batch Schedule (Monday – Friday)

Course Name



CCNP DC 15th Jan 4 – 6 pm

Weekend Batch Schedule

Details on CCNP Data Center for Weekend Batch can be obtained by contacting branch

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  • Live Virtual Classes option also handy at the convenience of students

CCNA R&S Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCNP Data Center Certification?

CCNP Data Center is a Professional level Certification offered by Cisco that equips a candidate with ability to focus on Data Center solutions, technologies and best practices to design, implement and manage a modern data center infrastructure. There are 4 exams 300-175 DCUCI, 300-165 DCII, 300-170 DCVAI, 300-160 DCID or 300-180 DCIT exams that require success for getting certified.

What is the scope of CCNP Data Center?

The Scope of CCNP Data Center covers unique value addition to increase the value of the Data Center Network. A CCNP Certification aims to develop Cisco trained IT practitioners who are qualified for key roles in complex environments of Data Center with expertise to utilize tech that includes policy driven infrastructure, virtualization, automation & orchestration, unified computing, DC Security & cloud initiatives integration.

What all topics do CCNP Data Center program covers?

We cover complete syllabus covered under the Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification as included by Cisco. We offer 100% Practical training on real Cisco devices that trains a candidate for Certification exam and also makes him aware of real Job scenarios.

The complete details on topics covered are available on our institute website.

What are the prerequisites to appear in CCNP Data Center Certification?

The prerequisite to appear in CCNP Data Center Certification is to hold a valid Cisco CCNA Data Center Certification or any Cisco CCIE Certification.

We recommend aspirants to begin their learning in R&S track and then proceed with Data Center track. The candidate may or may not go for all the individual Certifications.

What unique features does Networkers Home offer to achieve CCNP Data Center Certification?

We train the candidates in latest technology covered in CCNP Data Center Certification course by Cisco that brings knowledge and equips the aspirants with skills required for success.

Some of the major benefits of enrolling with us are mentioned here

  • 100% Practical Training on genuine real Cisco Devices
  • 24×7 Lab access facility of appropriate batch size
  • Classroom & Online training available in Regular as well as Fast track programs
  • CCIE Certified Trainers for every track and dedicated Lab instructors
  • Latest workbook with updated information on each track

What is the exam code for the ones included under CCNP Data Center Certification?

There are four exams required for becoming a CCNP Data Center Certified candidate in the latest version offered by Cisco. The exams codes are 300-175 DCUCI, 300-165 DCII, 300-170 DCVAI, 300-160 DCID or 300-180 DCIT that are mandatory to become CCNP Certified. These codes are latest and all the four parts are mandatory for success in Certifications.


What is the course fee for CCNP Certification training?

The course fee for CCNP Data Center Certification course training can be obtained at the institute. The training fee may include other program fee details too and may get discount too if enrolling in more programs at the institute. So it would benefit you to visit the institute physically for updated information on the training and lab facilities or you may also give a call on +91 9611027980.

What is the process for the CCNP Data Center Certification exam?

The CCNP Data Center Certification success comes through succeeding in 4 exams viz. 300-175 DCUCI, 300-165 DCII, 300-170 DCVAI, 300-160 DCID or 300-180 DCIT. The Certification is valid for 3 years and requires a valid CCNA DC Certification or any CCIE Certification to appear in this Certification.

What materials do you provide for CCNP Data Center Certification training?

For CCNP Data Center Certification training, we provide standard learning material, 24×7 Lab training facility on real Cisco devices, lab trainers dedicated in training labs, latest revised workbooks regularly updated by experts are some of the materials that we offer for great learning of candidates.

How much am I expected to earn once I get CCNP Data Center Certified?

An average salary for a CCNP Certified candidate in Data Center track is somewhere around 6 – 10 LPA for various job roles in the industry. The minimum and maximum salary received by a candidate may vary as per the geographical location, work experience and technical skills which may increase significantly with gain in work experience, improved hands-on skills and related factors.

Who are the leading trainers in Data Center track at Networkers Home?

We have big pool of CCIE Data Center Certified trainers at Networkers Home with vast experience in training candidates through Certification syllabus with great expertise in Networking domain. The details on trainers and the ones who will be training you can be obtained from institute along with other details on learning.

What are the benefits of being an active CCNP Data Center Certified?

There are many benefits of being a CCNP DC Certified candidate, some of which I would mention here

  • Adds another level to the knowledge and skills
  • Brings seniority in your position
  • The average salary package for fresher candidate could be 4.5 LPA
  • Roles such as Data Center Admin, Data Center Support Specialists, Data Center Engineer, Data Center Consultants and many more are open to the candidates

Is online mode available for the CCNP Data Center training? Are Fast track programs effective?

The online mode of training is very effective where we provide all the facilities such as study material, lab facility with real Cisco devices, batches in weekdays & weekends and updated workbook available for training and learning.

The Fast track programs offer similar efficiency in training and learning and is recommended for the candidates with experience.

Which companies are hiring for CCNP Routing & Switching candidates?

The reputed IT giants such as Cisco, Oracle, HCL, Accenture, CSS Corp and many such MNCs hire CCNP Data Center candidates in campus. There are lot of other companies that hire candidates with given skills. A candidate may also opt for job roles offered and then go for Certifications later.

Is placements guaranteed for CCNP Data Center candidates?

We offer placement opportunities equally for all the candidates training with us. CCNP Data Center helps you gain skills for the roles such as Data Center Admin, Data Center engineers, DC Support specialists, Data Center consultant and a lot of other roles after training successfully in CCNP Data Center.

Can we request Demo sessions for CCNP Data Center Certification course program?

We have published our demo sessions on our YouTube channel online. You may view them at anytime at your own pace. The videos are very informative and any additional doubts may be clarified by visiting at our institute.

What would be various job roles for a CCNP Data Center candidate?

There are numerous reputed job roles such as Data Center Administrators, Data Center Consultants, Data Center Engineer, Data Center Support Specialists and a lot of other related roles are available for a CCNP Data Center certified candidates. There are many other significant roles that are available after getting trained at CCNP Certification course program.

The CCNP Data Center Certification would be valid for what duration? How will I recertify in the CCNP DC Certification? Is it necessarily required?

The CCNP Data Center Certification has validity of 3 years. You may get recertified by passing any one of the levels of CCNP exam 642-xxx or 300-xxx or any CCIE written exam would also serve the purpose. You may also pass the CCDE written or lab exam or clear your CCAR interview to extend your lower Certifications.

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