CCNP Collaboration Training FAQ’S

What is CCNP Collaboration Certification?

CCNP Collaboration is a professional level Certification offered by Cisco in Collaboration track. This helps develop advanced skills such as designing, deploying, configuration & troubleshoot Cisco Collaboration & unified communication apps, devices and networks.

What is the scope of CCNP Collaboration?

The scope of Collaboration at this level covers the knowledge to lead transformation and increase the effectiveness of collaboration experience. Candidates training at this level are highly able to expand their skills with increased ability to deliver value.

What topics are covered under CCNP Collaboration Certification program?

We cover complete syllabus covered under CCNP Collaboration Certification offered by Cisco. We offer training as per the latest syllabus by Cisco with access to real Cisco devices. The complete details on topics covered are available on our website.

What are the prerequisites to appear in CCNP Collaboration Certification?

To appear in a CCNP Collaboration Certification exam, you require a valid CCNA Collaboration certification or any Cisco CCIE/CCDE certification. You should have expert training on the technology covered to have surety of success in the Certification exam.

What unique features does Networkers Home offer to achieve CCNP Collaboration Certification?

We offer 100% practical training on real Cisco devices for the candidates enrolled with Networkers Home.

  • Some of the key features may include
  • 100% Practical Training on genuine real Cisco Devices
  • 24×7 Lab access facility of appropriate batch size
  • Classroom & Online training available in Regular and Fast track programs
  • CCIE Certified Trainers for all track with dedicated Lab instructors
  • Latest updated workbook on each tracks

What are the exam codes for the ones required for CCNP Collaboration Certification?

There are four exams required for becoming a CCNP Collaboration Certified candidate. They are 300-070 CIPTV1, 300-070 CIPTV2, 300-080 CTCOLLAB and 300-085 CAPPS. After becoming successful in the 4 exams given, you will become a CCNP Certified candidate.

What is the course fee for CCNP Collaboration Certification training?

The course fee for CCNP Collaboration Certification can be obtained from the institute. If you are fresher or enrolling for other courses for your expert learning and training, you may get good discounts on the various combo courses available with us. So, you may visit our institute for more information on training and Certification.

What is the process for the CCNP Collaboration Certification exam?

The CCNP Collaboration Certification exam requires you to hold either a valid Cisco CCNA Collaboration certification or any CCIE/CCDE Certification to appear in Certification exam. You must pass the following four exams: 300-070 CIPTV1, 300-070 CIPTV2, 300-080 CTCOLLAB and 300-085 CAPPS to become a certified candidate.

How much will I earn after getting CCNP Collaboration Certified?

A CCNP Collaboration Certified candidate may earn an average salary package of 4.5 LPA which may vary depending upon the job roles, skills gained in work experience, geographical location and knowledge. The peak salary package could be somewhere 2.5 to 3 times of the median which can be achieved after proper dedication in role.

What are the benefits of being an active CCNP Collaboration Certified?

There are innumerable benefits of being a CCNP Collaboration Certified candidate.

  • There are innumerable benefits of being a CCNP Collaboration Certified candidate.
  • We would mention some of them here as
  • Great learning on the technology for long run career benefits
  • Various reputed job roles open only for CCNP Collaboration candidates
  • Very bright future opportunities with industry best salaries for the candidates
  • Certification brings reputation in your organization too
  • A prospective employer doesn’t have to wait to proof your skills

Is online mode available for the CCNP Collaboration training? Are Fast track programs effective?

The online mode of CCNP Collaboration training is available which can be enjoyed with similar facilities to the regular Classroom sessions. The study material, training workbooks, lab access facility and certified trainers are among few of the key features we provide our candidates for enhanced learning experience.

The Fast track programs are very effective but we recommend the experienced candidates only to take upon these programs.

Is placements guarantee offered for CCNP Collaboration candidates?

We offer 100% Placement support to all the candidates with us and all of them get equal opportunity to prove their skills and worth to the hiring companies. We focus on delivering technology that helps candidates in getting through Certification and Job role interviews.

Can we request Demo sessions for CCNP Collaboration Certification program?

We have our Demo sessions for CCNP Collaboration Certification program published on our YouTube Channel. The videos are very informative and consist of valuable content that can give you a clear idea on our training delivery.

What would be various job roles for a CCNP Collaboration candidate?

There are various reputed job roles that are offered only to the CCNA Collaboration candidates. Some of them are System Collaboration Engineer, System Collaboration Administrators, Network Collaboration Specialists, Network Collaboration Engineer and Network Collaboration Consultants among a lot of other major roles offered after CCNP Collaboration Certification.

The CCNP Collaboration Certification would be valid for what duration? How will I re-certify in the Certification? Is it necessarily required?

The CCNP Data Center Certification has is valid for 3 years from the day of Certification. You can re-certify passing any one of CCNP exam 642-xxx or 300-xxx or any CCIE written exam. You may also pass the CCDE written or lab exam or clear your CCAR interview for re-certification.