CCNA Security

CCNA Security

Course Description:

CCNA Security validates knowledge of security infrastructure, threats, and vulnerabilities to networks and threat mitigation. Required skills include installation, troubleshooting and monitoring of network devices to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices. To earn this certification one must pass the 210-260 IINS (Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security) exam, as well as hold a current CCNA certification. The CCNA-Security is a prerequisite to the CCNP Security certification.[19] It represents the required exam to earn the certification and for continuing the security certification path to the CCNP

CCNA Security (210-260) – An associate level certification helps you acquire skills to design, implement, and support security for networked devices. CCNA security validates the skills and knowledge required to secure Cisco Networks. CCNA Security certification empowers network professional the essential skills required to come up with a security infrastructure, diagnose network vulnerabilities and mitigate security threats.

CCNA Security certification is beneficial to build on your skills and prepares you for Cisco Security certification. It is meant to add a specialty to your CCNA Security and networking skills and expand the career opportunities.

CCNA Security program has great universal demand and candidate can expect a good salary package as per various companies reasearch .

Payscale CCNA SECURITY Salary research

Our alumni’s are hired by top brands
Hundreds of employers — have maximized their talent with us.

In the journey of this course one learns how to design and check an essential IPv4 and IPv6 network. Likewise, you get to outline, execute, and check a thorough security strategy thereby utilizing Cisco IOS Security elements and advances. This course enables a security professional to perform fundamental assignments to secure a system utilizing Cisco IOS security highlights, which are accessible through GUIs on the Cisco ASA, and the command line interface (CLI) on Cisco routers and switches.

In addition, the National Systems Security (INFOSEC) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) recognizes the Cisco CCNA Security courseware meets CNSS 4011 training.

The training offered at NETWORKERS HOME is designed to make you ready for the upcoming opportunities in the job roles of Network engineer, Security specialist and security engineers. We have technical experts CCIE certified who are responsible to deliver the CISCO official curriculum to the aspirants.

The CCNA Security curriculum emphasizes core security technologies, the installation, troubleshooting and monitoring of network devices to maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and devices, and competency in the technologies that Cisco uses in its security structure.

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Course Objectives:

Upon course completion, participants would be able to:

  • Execute and create security policies and measures to protect the network infrastructure.
  • Manage threat control for perimeter security of the network.
  • Deploy secure connectivity using VPN, implement remote access and site-to-site VPNs using Cisco IOS functionalities.
  • Maintain and deploy Cisco ASA security appliance device management and connectivity features.
  • Learn to configure and manage network integration in Cisco ASA.
  • Gain insights to install and maintain Cisco ASA security appliance policy.

Earn the certification to learn core fundamentals of network security, identifying network security devices and technologies.

What I will learn?

  • Common network security concepts
  • Secure routing and switching infrastructure
  • Deploy basic authentication, authorization, and accounting services (AAA)
  • 802.1x authentication and BYOD
  • Deploy basic firewalling services
  • Deploy basic site-to-site and remote access VPN services
  • Advanced security services such as intrusion protection, content security and identity management
  • Develop a comprehensive network security policy to counter threats against information security
  • Configure routers with Cisco IOS software security features, including management and reporting functions
  • Bootstrap the Cisco ASA Firewall for use in a production network
  • Configure the Cisco ASA Firewall for remote access to a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN
  • Configure a Cisco IOS zone-based firewall (ZBF) to perform basic security operations on a network
  • Configure site-to-site VPNs using Cisco IOS features
  • Configure security features on IOS switches to mitigate various Layer 2 and Layer 3 attacks
  • How a network can be compromised using freely available tools
  • Implement line passwords, and enable passwords and secrets
  • Examine authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) concepts and features using the local database as well as Cisco Secure ACS 5.8
  • Configure packet filtering on the perimeter router

Labs on Real Cisco Device

  • Lab 1: Exploring Cryptographic Technologies
  • Lab 2: Configure and Verify AAA
  • Lab 3: Configuration Management Protocols
  • Lab 4: Securing Routing Protocols
  • Lab 5: VLAN Security and ACLs on Switches
  • Lab 6: Port Security and Private VLAN Edge
  • Lab 7: Securing DHCP, ARP, and STP
  • Lab 8: Explore Firewall Technologies
  • Lab 9: Cisco ASA Interfaces and NAT
  • Lab 10: Access Control Using the Cisco ASA
  • Lab 11: Exploring Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall
  • Lab 12: Explore IPsec Technologies
  • Lab 13: IOS-Based Site-to-Site VPN
  • Lab 14: ASA-Based Site-to-Site VPN
  • Lab 15: Remote Access VPN: ASA and AnyConnect
  • Lab 16: Clientless Remote Access VPN

Future JOB Scope

Upon course completion, the job roles that are offered to the certification holders are as below:

  • Network Security Specialist
  • Security Administrator
  • Network Security Support Engineer
  • Information security professionals

Audience to the course:

Course does not have any prerequisites. It is meant for those who are interested to acquire skills and earn the most prestigious certification offered by CISCO technologies. It is the first step for individuals wishing to obtain their CCNP Security certification.

Training & Learning

To advance their career and increase their knowledge domain candidates can opt for any of the following certification programs in different tracks:

Fee Structure




CCNA SEC. 25000/- + 18 % GST $600
CCNP SEC. 75000/- ( including GST ) $1,500
CCNA + CCNP COMBO 75000/- + 18% GST $2,000
CCIE SEC. LAB ONLY 90000/- + 18% GST $2,000
CCIE SEC. LAB + WRITEN 125000/- + 18% GST $2,500
CCNA + CCNP + CCIE SEC. 150000/- + 18% GST $3,500
CCNP + CCIE 135000/- + 18% GST $3,000

Regular Batch Schedule

Course Name



CCNA Security 8th Jan 8 – 10am
CCNA Security 22nd Jan   12 – 2 pm

Online Batch Schedule (Monday – Friday)

Course Name



CCNA Security 15th Dec 8 – 10am

Weekend Batch Schedule (Saturday / Sunday)

Course Name



CCNA Security 14th JAN 10 – 6pm

Top Benefits of joining NETWORKERS HOME

  • All Training on CISCO Official curriculum
  • Biggest CISCO Training Lab in Asia
  • 24×7 Lab Access to students
  • Lab administrator guidance
  • Modern Rack equipment
  • Certified Trainers with remarkable industry experience
  • Produced 4000+ CCIEs over the years
  • We offer Best value for Money, Our service too is exceptional
  • We offer different Tracks (Regular and fast) to suit the beginners as well as experienced professionals
  • You have a choice of four great locations – Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR and Bangalore
  • 1-on-1 training with dedicated attention of trainer for the entire duration of course
  • Live Virtual Classes option also handy at the convenience of students

CCNA R&S Frequently Asked Questions

What is the future Scope of CCNA Security?

CCNA is very important in today’s Network Security domain and the future scope of CCNA Security is very vast as the data security is very critical for any organization. There are numerous job opportunities in roles Network Security Specialist, Security Administrator, Network Security Support Engineer and many others after getting certified as CCNA Security specialist.

What does CCNA Security Program cover?

We cover complete detailed syllabus covered under Cisco 210-260 IINS Certification. This Certification validates skills to secure Cisco Networks and help acquire skills to design, implement & support security of Network devices. A detailed info on topics & labs are available in the CCNA Security of our website.

Where does Networkers Home stand in CCNA Security training?

With more than 12 years of experience in Cisco Certifications course training, Networkers Home is best institute for an aspirant to take up CCNA Security training in both online and the classroom mode. The institute has experienced trainers, 24×7 accessible Lab facility, latest training material and Placement sessions for all the enrolled candidates.

What is the course fee of CCNA Certification training?

The course fee for CCNA Security (210-260) IINS Certification training may be obtained from institute. You may visit the institute physically or give a call at +91-9611027980. You may also visit website and may find the details of same.

What study material is referred for CCNA Security Training?

Here at Networkers Home, we provide best study material for CCNA Security training. The workbooks are updated regularly by our R&D team at the institute. There are dedicated lab trainers who impart additional knowledge and skills to the trainees.

Which companies are hiring CCNA Security candidates?

A lot of reputed IT giants Cisco, Iopex, TAC and many others pick the CCNA Security candidates from the institute. There is huge demand for a knowledgeable and trained CCNA Security candidate in IT industry.

How much am I expected to earn once I complete CCNA Security?

As per the famous research platform Payscale, a security networking engineer earns 3.5 LPA on an average. This may surely grow with gain in experience that may grow somewhere up to 8.5 LPA while in Senior Network Engineer profile the salary may reach up to 13 LPA.

Who are leading trainers in Security track at Networkers Home?

The trainers at Networkers Home are certified and possess a lot of training experience. The details on trainers may be obtained from institute while enrolling for the program. Also demo sessions of all trainers are available on our YouTube channel that will help in gaining fair idea about training facility.

How is CCNA Security when compared to other CCNA Tracks?

CCNA Security will always be in a leading position because of various reasons. The need of data security comes first for any organization. This course certification may be taken by a fresher candidate while the salary packages and future career growth opportunities are highest with Security track.

Does Networkers Home have appropriate infrastructure for CCNA Security training?

Yes. The training facility at Networkers Home is among one of the best and it includes availability of equipment, 24×7 lab access, dedicated lab trainer, real Cisco devices and much more.

What is the expected fee for CCNA Certification exam?

The CCNA Certification exam fee changes at regular interval and may be currently obtained from the Cisco website. As for now, the fee for the Certification exam currently is USD 300 but may get changed later.

What is difference between CCNA R&S and CCNA Security?

The CCNA R&S is an associate level Certification in Routing & Switching track covering OSI Model, IP Addressing, Routing & Switching protocols among a lot other important topics while the CCNA Security is also a Certification at same level in Network Security that teaches to design and check IPv4 & IPv6 network while outlining, executing and checking a thorough security strategy.

Is weekend training available for CCNA Security 210-260 IINS Certification?

Yes. The weekend training is available for the working professionals and the batch details may be obtained by contacting the institute for further information. The duration of weekend training is slightly more than weekdays sessions and they are conducted both in Classroom and Online format.

Is online facility available for CCNA Security 210-260 IINS Certification training?

The online training is available in both morning and evening timings in weekdays & weekends. The details on batch timings and training fees may be obtained from the institute. The online students get all the access on the study material in soft copy format and the lab facility 24×7 similar to regular candidates.

What are the prerequisites while joining CCNA Security program?

A CCNA Security aspirant may get his/her CCNA R&S training and certification done before joining the program. If you plan to get certified immediately you must first get a valid CCENT, CCNA R&S or CCIE certification success.

Is placement guarantee offered to candidates while enrolling for this program?

We provide 100% training and placement assistance to candidates enrolling for this program. All the candidates get equal opportunities to display their skills and knowledge and thus they are required to devote their time and attention in the ongoing lab and learning facility.

Are Demo sessions available for candidates enrolling in CCNA Security program?

The sessions from trainers are available on YouTube website and an aspirant may view the training videos online. There are various topics that a candidate may refer for evaluating their interest in the domain. For any further queries, you may contact institute to clear their doubts with trainers.

What are various job roles offered to a CCNA Security candidates?

A CCNA Security Certified professional may get great opportunities to begin their career with job roles such as Network Security Specialists, Support Engineer, Security Admin, Information Security professionals and a lot of similar other job roles. Some companies may not require Certification and requires expert knowledge so you should dedicate more time on learning the technology and gaining more skills.

What equipments are available for CCNA Security Training?

 The details include all the topics covered in theory along with the labs covered in the program. We have biggest lab facility in Asia with Real Cisco devices for which we provide 24×7 lab access facility.
A detailed description of CCNA Security training equipment is available on our website in the respective section.

Is fast track program in CCNA Security course available?

The fast track course program for CCNA Security 210-260 IINS Certification is available at our institute. The program is very beneficial for the experienced candidates in long run. There are various different course schedules offered under this program and we advise the experienced candidates to continue with this model.

What features does Networkers Home offer for CCNA Security Certification training?

There are innumerable benefits that a candidate experiences by enrolling at Networkers Home:

  • Largest Lab training facility with Real Cisco Devices
  • 24×7 lab access to all the students with modern Rack equipment
  • Lab administrator guidance & Certified Trainers with remarkable experience
  • 1-on-1 training facility available for entire duration of course
  • Classroom & Online training available in Regular & Fast track programs
  • Certified Instructors and dedicated Lab Trainers
  • Latest workbook with updated information on the track
  • World class Infrastructure facility
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