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CCNA online training

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CNA Online Training - Better than classroom

NETWORKERS HOME offers Online training for CCNA ONLINE Training and almost all other Cisco and Multivendor IT Certifications .Our training programs are delivered in English and no other language at this time .

  • CCNA R&S Certification : Duration 1 Month (40 Hours -2 Hours a day classes)
  • CCNA Course fee : USD 350 for group training
  • CCNA Fast track One-one-One : USD 750
  • CCNA  Exam Fee: USD 325 for exam code 200-125 (directly payable to testing center)
  • CCNA Training available in Online Mode
  • Live instructor led classes
  • Recording of each class is given to students same day after live class is over
  • Regular classes available (Weekdays Mon-Friday)
  • Online classes available
  • Weekend classes available (Sat, Sun)
  • Group discount of 30% on group of 3 or more candidate
  • Fill inquiry form for Demo 

Online Training has changed the way we learn .We offer both instructor led training programs as well as recorded training programs as part of learning process .We have created a dedicated channel to help students prepare for CCNA exam .

NETWORKERS HOME which started 12 years back as Classroom training company has moved into Online training opportunities .We transitioned to live and recorded Online training program in year 2016 and now our 40% revenue comes from Online training from India ,United states and Middleast east .

We offer Certification training in online mode:

We offer following type of Online training

  • All Cisco Certifications
  • Live instructor led
  • Group Training -Instructor led
  • One on one Training -Instructor led
  • Recorded Videos access

In todays time , students need to find a balance between job and learning .Today you can choose to persue your career with our different options .Most indian students prefer group training while most international students prefer online training .

Some major benefits of Online training :

1. Provides access to learning content anytime, anywhere 

An e-learning solution allows employees to access material from anywhere, anytime. Because e-learning materials can be accessed anywhere, employees can access relevant resources any time they encounter a question or difficult situation at work. And no matter what shift an employee works, the training content is always available, on-the-go.

2. Facilitates better, long-term retention of information 

To be honest, hand-written notes taken during a training session are not the most effective way to retain knowledge. Notes taken in a hurry may not be legible later, or learners may lose the notes altogether. Knowledge retention has always been a challenge but with the dawn of online learning, however, things have changed.There have been many studies which showed e-learning helps employees retain the knowledge to a significantly greater degree than face-to-face instructor led training (ILT).

The Research Institute of America, for instance, reported that e-learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%. This is due to employees having more control over the pace at which they can learn, and as well as the opportunity to revisit the training as needed. In addition, the video and audio materials used in e-learning can also make the whole learning process more fun, yet effective.

3. Is adaptable to various learning styles 

Not every employee learns the same way. You don’t need to look further than yourself or your immediate circle of colleagues to notice the differences in our learning styles. Not everybody feels at ease learning in a large group, especially if they find something hard to understand that their co-workers have no trouble with.

E-learning allows learners tackle the course at their own pace. It allows them to take the course in an environment that is more favorable to their learning style. If employees find it difficult at times to learn new concepts, e-learning gives them the freedom to learn the same concept repeatedly until they’re satisfied.

4. Requires very less employee time 

A Brandon-Hall Study reported that e-learning requires 40% to 60% less employee time than the same material delivered in a traditional classroom setting. With e-learning in place, employees don’t have to travel long distances to take training. There’s also no need to schedule rooms or travel to another city. Online training is immediate – employees can complete courses and take assessments from the comfort of their living room, or even in transit on their Smartphones or tablet PCs.

Unlike the instructor-based training, where employees lose valuable work time to attend long training courses, online training improves worker productivity since it’s considerably quicker than the ILT alternative.

5. Offers constructive feedback

E-learning provides real-time feedback during an online training assessment. Providing constructive feedback (instead of a mere “Well done” or “Wrong answer”) can be influential in improving a learner’s competency and motivates them to participate in the learning process. A proper form of feedback basically facilitates the development of self-reflection in learning, as it closes the gap between current and desired performance. (Here are some best practices of giving feedback for e-learning assessments.)

And because everything takes place online, management can also get an up-to-date analysis on how the training’s going on, and track the progress of individual employees.

Online training has quickly come to the forefront of offering solutions to various corporate training needs. For learners, it has proven to be a great enabler of learning by yielding wider access and facilitating continual learning. E-learning provides an “infrastructure” through which corporate organizations can develop interactive and engaging platforms for their employees and deliver effective skill-building and performance-enhancing training.

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