CCNA Course online and Classroom training

CCNA Course online and Classroom training

Course Description:

CCNA course (Routing and Switching Certification ) is the first and foremost step in leading toward your Network Engineer career in Cisco domain. Cisco provides two paths to get your CCNA certification: a 2-exam path, and a 1-exam path,  Cisco names each exam, and gives each exam a number as well. Each time Cisco makes a revision to the certificationCisco re-numbers the exams. 

NETWORKERS HOME is known as best institute in the world for Cisco Certification training .Having won 22 Awards of excellence in last 11 years ,we are continuously evolving in our training methodology and workbooks etc. CCNA  Course R&S program has great universal demand and candidate can expect a good salary package as per various companies reasearch .

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Benefits of studying @ NETWORKERS HOME

  • Instructor Led Bootcamps
  • Recorded Bootcamps given free
  • Study guides /PPT given free
  • Support till you pass your exam
  • 100 Hours of Rack access
  • Purchase more rack access at discounted Price
  • Group discount for 3 or more
  • Company discount for our regular clients employees like Cisco ,Intel etc
  • 100% Devotion to student success and we mean it
  • Dedicated Lab instructors to teach Lab portion
  • Free re-attempt to our Bootcamp upto 1 year
  • Won 22 awards of excellence
  • Institute run and owned by Ex Cisco TAC employee

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The Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching course curriculum at NETWORKERS HOME has been designed in accordance to the official announcements and amendments made by CISCO technologies from time to time. It specifically targets participants who aspire for entry level jobs in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry or wish to keep pace with fast paced implementation of ICT in their industry. For individuals looking to build and validate Cisco networking fundamentals, the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification focuses on foundational IP networking skills required to deploy, operate and troubleshoot network layers 1-3.

CCNA  course (Routing and Switching) offers an integrated and comprehensive coverage of networking topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services, while providing opportunities for hands-on practical experience and career skills development.  

In this course, one gets an insight to figure out how to introduce, work, arrange, and investigate essential IPv4 and IPv6 systems, including designing a LAN switch, arranging a L3 switch, recognizing fundamental security dangers, understanding excess topologies, investigating basic system issues, associating with a WAN, arranging EIGRP and OSPF in both IPv4 and IPv6, seeing wide-territory organize advances, and getting comfortable with gadget administration and Cisco authorizing.

CCNA course ( Routing and Switching certification) and curriculum is aligned with the rapidly changing global job market and trends. Key increments to the most recent update was to  incorporate a comprehension of Quality of Service (QoS) components and their materialness, how virtualized and cloud administrations will collaborate and affect venture systems, and a review of system programmability with the related controller sorts and instruments that are accessible to bolster programming characterized arrange structures.

During the course journey you get to find out about the co-operations and system elements of firewalls, remote controllers and get to focuses, alongside extra concentrate on IPv6 and essential system security.

A full suite of labs have been produced with adaptable topologies that fortify ideas with hands-on, guided revelation and test labs that adjust to every lesson module.

Course Objectives:

Upon course completion, participants would be able to:

  • Have deep knowledge and awareness of programmable network (SDN) architectures
  • Develop insights to the topic like DMVPN, site-to-site VPN, and client VPN technologies
  • Have increased knowledge on IPv6 routing protocols, configuration, and knowledge
  • Develop understanding of cloud resources deployed in enterprise network architectures
  • Obtain Knowledge of QoS concepts

     Top 5 Reasons to be CCNA Certified 

What I will learn?

  • Network Types and Build simple LANs
  • Establish Internet connectivity, Concept of NAT and ACLs
  • Hardware of Cisco Router and Switches including Bootup process
  • Configuration of Terminals
  • IOS Upgradation
  • Manage and Secure Network Gadgets, How Device Management can be implemented using the Traditional and Intelligent ways.
  • Operate a medium-sized LAN with multiple switches, supporting VLANs, Trunk, and STP
  • Troubleshoot IP connectivity (Subnets and Supernets in brief)
  • Describe how to configure and troubleshoot EIGRP in an IPv4 environment, and configure EIGRP for IPv6
  • Configure and troubleshoot OSPF in an IPv4 environment and configure OSPF for IPv6
  • Characteristics, functions, and components of a WAN
  • QoS, virtualization and cloud services, and network programmability related to WAN, access and core segments.

Labs on Real Cisco Device

  • Lab 1: Cisco CLI
  • Lab 2: Basic Switch Configuration
  • Lab 3: How a Switch Operates
  • Lab 4: Troubleshoot Switch Media and Port Issues
  • Lab 5: Inspect TCP/IP Applications (Wireshark and Debugging)
  • Lab 6: Start with Cisco Router Configuration
  • Lab 7: CDP
  • Lab 8: Concept of Default Gateway
  • Lab 9: Exploration of Packet Forwarding
  • Lab 10: Configure and Verify Static Routes
  • Lab 11: Configure and Verify ACLs
  • Lab 12: Configure a Provider-Assigned IP Address
  • Lab 13: Configure Static NAT
  • Lab 14: Configure Dynamic NAT and PAT
  • Lab 15: Troubleshoot NAT
  • Lab 16: Configure VLAN and Trunk
  • Lab 17: Troubleshoot VLANs and Trunks
  • Lab 18: Configure Root Bridge and Analyze STP Topology
  • Lab 19: Troubleshoot STP Issues in Depth
  • Lab 20: Configure and Verify EtherChannel
  • Lab 21: Configure a Router on a Stick (Inter VLAN Routing)
  • Lab 22: Configure a Cisco Router as a DHCP Server and DHCP Relay Agent
  • Lab 23: Troubleshoot DHCP Issues
  • Lab 24: Configure and Verify HSRP
  • Lab 25: Troubleshoot HSRP
  • Lab 26: Configure and Verify RIPv2
  • Lab 27: Troubleshoot RIPv2
  • Lab 28: Configure Basic IPv6 Connectivity
  • Lab 29: Configure IPv6 Static Routes
  • Lab 30: Use Troubleshooting Tools
  • Lab 31: Configure and Verify IPv4 Extended Access Lists
  • Lab 32: Troubleshoot IPv4 Network Connectivity
  • Lab 33: Configure and Verify IPv6 Extended Access Lists
  • Lab 34: Troubleshoot IPv6 Network Connectivity
  • Lab 35: Enhance Security of Initial Configuration
  • Lab 36: Limit Remote Access Connectivity
  • Lab 37: Configure and Verify Port Security
  • Lab 38: Configure and Verify NTP
  • Lab 39: Configure External Authentication Using RADIUS and TACACS+
  • Lab 40: Configure and Verify EIGRP
  • Lab 41: Configure and Verify EIGRP for IPv6
  • Lab 42: Configure and Verify Single-Area OSPF
  • Lab 43: Configure and Verify Multiarea OSPF
  • Lab 44: Configure and Verify OSPFv3
  • Lab 45: Troubleshoot Multiarea OSPF
  • Lab 46: Configure Serial Interface and PPP
  • Lab 47: Configure and Verify MLP
  • Lab 48: Configure and Verify PPPoE Client
  • Lab 49: Configure and Verify GRE Tunnel
  • Lab 50: Configure and Verify Single Homed EBGP

Future JOB Scope

Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA Course ) is an unavoidable certification if you wish to start your career in Networking Domain. Course includes basic understanding of concepts of OSI & TCP-IP Protocol Stack, Switching & Routing, Access Control List, Network Address Translation and WAN. Course includes brief introductory Lab expertise.

Upon completion of which one can target the career pathways to become:

  • Network technician
  • Support engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Network Designer
  • Network Engineer and more….


Course does not have any prerequisites. It is meant for those who are interested to acquire skills and earn the most prestigious certification offered by CISCO technologies. It is the first step for individuals wishing to obtain their CCNP Routing & Switching certification.

Training & Learning

To advance their career and continue with their learning candidates can go for the following certification programs in different tracks:

Fee Structure




CCNA R&S 11800/- (including GST) $400
CCNP R&S 30000/- + 18% GST $800
CCNA & CCNP COMBO + PALO ALTO 30000/- + 18% GST $1,200
CCIE R&S LAB only 60000/- + 18% GST $2,000
CCIE WRITEN & LAB  135000/- + 18% GST $2,500
CCNP R&S + CCIE R&S 110000/- + 18% GST $2,500


Please contact us to know about upcoming weekend or weekdays Batch.

We also have Online bootcamps on one-on-one and group basis.

Top Benefits of joining NETWORKERS HOME

  • Certified Cisco Trainers
  • Latest Workbooks
  • Video Solutions for our workbooks
  • 100% First Attempt passing guarantee
  • Check Results 
  • Instructor Led Bootcamps
  • Recorded Bootcamps given free
  • Study guides /PPT given free
  • 100% Devotion to student success and we mean it
  • Dedicated Lab instructors to teach Lab portion

CCNA R&S Frequently Asked Questions

 What is CCNA Certification?

 CCNA full form is Cisco certified network Associate . It is an associate level IT certification offered by Cisco. There are regular updates in the pattern and course syllabus of the Certification exam that can be learnt in 6 weeks course training program at Networkers Home.

 What are the benefits of doing CCNA Certification?

 A CCNA Certification has enormous benefits associated with it. Some of them could be

  • beginning of a successful career
  • hands on skills gained along with problem solving skills
  • an industry ready candidate with least training requirement
  • Quick promotions is expected along with salary & other employer benefits
  • Scope of improving skills and learning with wide area of opportunity for career growth

 What is the course fee of CCNA Certification?

 The course fee for CCNA Certification course training program highly depends upon the track a candidate is willing to undertake. There are currently 4 tracks offered in CCNA certification – Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center and Collaboration.

Please find below table for the fee for CCNA Various Tracks fee and duration

 What study material is referred for CCNA R&S Training?

 NETWORKERS HOME provides Printed copies of CCNA R&S Cisco Press Books by Author Todd Lamle along with CCNA Lab workbook -hands on guide which is written by our Founder and MD Dual CCIE #22239 Mr Vikas Swami .

 What are the topics covered in CCNA Routing and Switching  Certification?

 Topics are given below

  • Unit 1: OSI Layer ,IP Addressing
  • Unit 2: Campus Network Design
  • Unit 3: VLANs and Trunking
  • Unit 4: Spanning-Tree
  • Unit 5: Spanning-Tree Advance
  • Unit 6: Etherchannel
  • Unit 7: Switch Virtualization
  • Unit 8: Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Unit 9: Gateway Redundancy
  • Unit 10: Switch Security
  • Unit 11: Network Management
  • Unit 12 :SDN Introduction

 Which companies are hiring CCNA Candidates?

 CCNA candidates are in great demand for entry level jobs by thousand of Cisco partners in india who implement networking gear for all size of companies .Cisco is a world leader networking gear company and all companies which need reliable internet connectivity and further high end services like firewall,Voip,Switches ,Servers etc .Cisco is one of the leader in telecom domain and has rolled out one of the largest 4G Network for reliance Communication .Reliance Jio is powered by Cisco systems and have over 1000 engineers just for 4g network .Reliance and other big companies are planning to roll out biggest broadband network and this will require huge number of engineers to implement ,manage and support India wide network .Over 1 million IT Companies in india are involved into providing remote support to various BIG Companies and these IT Companies high CCNA candidates in big number .

 What is the average salary for CCNA Certified candidate?

 The average salary for the candidates after successful CCNA certification could be anywhere in range of 2.8 to 4.1 LPA. There are a lot of other factors that contribute such as hands on skills, demographics, knowledge and experience.You can find more details on which is one the most trusted survey company in the world .

 What is the fee for CCNA Certification exam?

 The fees for CCNA Certification exam vary with country and its currency. Though you should first check the Cisco website to confirm the fee before applying, an approximate cost in India would be between 300 to 330 USD.

 What are different tracks in CCNA Certification and which one to choose?

 Currently there are 8 tracks available to choose for CCNA Certification. These are

  • CCNA Routing & Switching
  • CCNA Security
  • CCNA Data Center
  • CCNA collaboration,
  • CCNA Cloud
  • CCNA Industrial
  • CCNA Service Provider
  • CCNA Wireless

Basically, R&S (Routing & Switching) track is recommended for a fresher candidate to begin their career. You may proceed to Security track later for wider career scope in Future.

 Does NETWORKERS HOME offer CCNA Training on weekends for working professionals?

 Yes. NH does provide CCNA training on weekends for professionals. The classes are mostly carried on Sundays only for duration of 6-7 hours. Any further detail on upcoming batches with timings may be obtained at Institute.

 Does NETWORKERS HOME offer CCNA online training for working professionals?

 Yes. NH provides CCNA online training for professionals in both weekend batches as well as weekday batches in 4 tracks: R&S, Security, Data Center and Collaboration. Any detail on batch timings and other training facility may be obtained at Institute.

  Does NETWORKERS HOME have workbook of its own for CCNA Certifications?

 Yes. We have now the most updated CCNA V3 Lab workbook based on new content of CCNA Certification .Book is authored by Mr Vikas Swami Dual CCIE R&S,SEC 22239 who is also Founder and MD of .

 Do you offer placement assistance with CCNA Training?

 We do provide limited support for CCNA Candidates as demand is more for high end certifications .However we provide almost 10 companies opportunity in a quater for CCNA level opportunities . For 100% job ,one much focus on doing high end programs like CCIE .

 Do you offer a chance to attend Demo class?

 NETWORKERS HOME provides demo class for classroom and online trainings .First 2 classes are 100% free for any candidates .As a company policy ,you donot need to pay anything during demo and if you like the classes ,you can pay further for the class .

All our instructors are top rated trainers with years of experience and we have no doubt that you will like the demo .We are confident of our trainers,training methodology ,quality of instructor and hands on lab which is state of art and consists latest equipment .

 Do you offer refund in case, somebody does not like the class?

 The refund facility is available for CCNA programs .You can visit the management with valid reasons like transferred out of city and cannot continue etc . This is applicable if you have not attended any class etc.

16. Do you offer free retaking the class in case somebody misses out?

 One time free repeat is available to every candidate within duration of one year .

 Do you offer accommodation facility near to your training facility?

 Yes. The accommodation facility is available nearby the institute at a very affordable pricing. Single sharing is available at Rs 10000 per month while Double sharing is available at Rs 6000 along with breakfast and dinner .

 Do you offer personality development classes along with CCNA Training?

 We donot offer any Personality development class for CCNA level programs however we do provide placement classes for CCIE level programs which are also 100% placement programs .

 What are various branches of NETWORKERS HOME in India?

 Currently there are two branches of Networkers Home in India located at Bangalore and Delhi . These are physical centers with access to real Cisco devices. The facility for online training may also be availed at the institute.

 Do you offer 100% job guarantee for CCNA Training program?

 We provide basis assistance for CCNA level programs which are assocaite level programs .We keep on getting requirements which we keep on posting on our notice board .

 What is minimum qualification required to do CCNA training?

 There are no prerequisite to begin the CCNA training. However as the job market is very competitive ,we recommend polytechnic or BTECH candidates to pursue career .

 What are various job roles does a CCNA Certified candidate gets?

 The job roles vary for all the candidates depending upon the tracks undertaken by them. A fresher begins with R&S track and is expected to get the job roles such as Network Technician/ Administrator/ Designer, Support Engineer and a lot many other roles.

 Does NETWORKERS HOME have real equipment required for CCNA Training?

 Yes. We offer lab practical sessions on real Cisco devices.NETWORKERS HOME CCNA R &S Lab consists of modern routers and switches like Cisco 2911,2811 Routers ,Cisco 3850 and Cisco 3750 switches etc.

Here is a glimpse of our Lab .

 What books do you recommend for CCNA preparation?

 There are many standard books available for Fresher candidates. A study guide by Todd Lammle is very famous for its detailed explanations of the topics covered in Certification exam.

 Do you help in passing CCNA Certification?

 Yes. Actually this is what we do. We help candidates gain theoretical knowledge, hands on skills to better understand the subject and availability of Certified trainers make our candidates apt for a CCNA Certification.

 Where is the nearest location in Bangalore and Delhi for CCNA Examination?

 There are a lot of Pearson Centers conducting CCNA examination for the aspirants in both the cities Bangalore & Delhi. The nearest location can be seen online as per the location of candidate.

 Do you have accommodation facility for International students?

 Yes. The details on accommodation facility are available on our website in the International Students section. The details on visa issuance are available on website along with a brief about India.

 Do you offer Fast track CCNA Training programs?

 Yes we do .The Fast track training programs are designed and delivered to the candidates at Networkers Home depending upon their current level of knowledge and skills.

 Do you offer One-on-One CCNA Training?

 Yes. The one-on-one training facility is available at Networkers Home. You may contact institute for details on the available batch timings and the fee structure as per particular course.

 Do you offer Online Lab facility for International students?

 Yes. The lab facility is available for the International students. An aspirant may opt for the 24×7 accessible lab facilities as per the track chosen by him/ her. The details on fee structure & the lab timings may be discussed at the institute.

 Why should I choose NETWORKERS HOME for CCNA Certification training?

 NETWORKERS HOME has been one of the most reputed institute known for the success achieved by its candidates. The institute offers tremendous training experience of 12 years, Certified trainers, latest lab facility (biggest in Asia), Placement oriented sessions, updated workbooks and training materials among other key features.We have won over 22 awards of excellence in our domain of Cisco training .

 Do you provide participation certificate after the training is over?

 Yes. The course completion certificate is issued to the candidates the next day through a ceremony that helps candidates achieve success & bring confidence for future career growth.

 Do you offer discount for a group of students?

 We donot offer any further discount as the fee offered is very reasonable .Our training fee for CCNA R&S program is Rs 8000+Tax .

 Do you offer discount for financially poor background students?

 We provide upto 50% discount of any program to people from extremely poor background .We are there to help even more and will offer upto 100% discount to deserving candidates who have passion for growth and want to learn new technologies .Send an email to our founder to .He has supported and helped thousand of people from poor background and will go out of his way to support more and more deserving candidates .

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