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CCNA Certification – Unique hands on learning Certification

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CCNA Certification has proved to be life changing for at-least 20 thousand students trained by NETWORKERS HOME in last 11 years. 10 Years back, CCNA Certification was one of the most demanded IT Certification. Anybody who just did CCNA Certification alone without certification will also get job. CCNA Certification demand has not gone down however today employer expectations have become higher. Let us understand internet 10 years back to understand demand for Internet professionals. Internet connectivity 10 years back was a new thing and security was not a major concern as Internet basic connectivity itself was big thing. Cisco was a clear market leader in the world in internet connectivity device manufacturing.

CCNA Certification became the most ultimate certification in demand by all Telecom, ISP, Enterprise, Medium size businesses and BPO’s. Internet connectivity was most basic requirement and Cisco was pioneer of the same. So whats changed. Nothing but time has changed. CCNA Course can be anything but foundation today because internet connectivity and associated threats have become too complex technologies. Cisco is much more bigger today and demand for professionals is also multi-fold. But as the products became advance so is the demand for it. For example today, cisco has over  300 different internet connectivity products including different Series of routers like IOS Routers, XR series products and Nx-OS based Switches etc.

CCNA Certification FAQ's

Does this mean CCNA Certification has no value ?

In fact CCNA today has enormous value but not alone. Today Cisco routers, for example, are much more than just routers, they can act as full stateful firewalls, IPS and more. Routing protocols are more advance along with more security and WAN features being address. CCNA Certification has become the most basic first step and companies are looking for more advanced engineers who possess high-end certifications like CCNP and CCIE in various tracks. CCNA price has also become affordable in the last 10  years as it uses to be a very expensive program to do.

Which certifications should be done along with CCNA for Jobs?

CCNA program needs to complement some other advance level certifications like CCNP and CCIE. We recommend Candidates minimum CCNP security, CCNP Datacenter or CCNP Collaboration. If financially you can afford CCIE is a much better career option.

Do I need to do Certifications to get a job?

You do not need Certification to get a job in Industry. CCNP Security level engineers are in high demand and companies are not asking for any certification as technical rounds are conducting to verify the knowledge of a person.

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