CCIE Routing and Switching

CCIE Routing and Switching

Course Description:

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Routing & Switching certifies and validates the skills required by experts for configuring and troubleshooting complex and converged network infrastructure. CCIE Routing and switching training bundle at NETWORKERS HOME offers cost effective and renowned training resources to meet the industry standards and make the students market fit.

To achieve this certification training of CCIE in Routing and Switching, Cisco presently expects you to clear the following two exams:

  • Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam: Here, it is expected that the candidate must pass two hour written exam, which in turn validates to have expertise in configuring and troubleshooting complex network infrastructures. It tests the understanding level of the candidate on the topic as to how infrastructure components inter-operate.
  • Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam: The eight-hour lab exam tests the practical knowledge of the candidate and one’s ability to configure actual equipment and troubleshoot the network in a timed test situation. The candidates are expected to have thorough knowledge of troubleshooting and are expected to diagnose and solve all issues which are a part of the CCIE lab exam. The candidates are responsible for fixing all issues of devices residing in the network.

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The expert level CCIE Routing and Switching certification recognizes ones knowledge and experience in network infrastructure technologies. The training at NETWORKERS HOME allows the participants to work on the Racks, real time CISCO devices. CCIE R&S ensures the trainees to gain technical expertise to help improve network uptime, increase user productivity and provide for business agility in the organization they get employed for.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Routing and Switching certification wasintroduced to assist the industry in identifying the top stratum of internetworking experts worldwide and to assess Expert-level infrastructure network design skills worldwide. CCIE is a reputed and most prestigious certification one can ever possess in the field of networking domain.

This certification holds its value world-wide. The certification program and pattern continues to be updated and upgraded as recommended by CISCO. This is the reason why it is amongst the widely demanded and accepted certification in the IT industry. The testing methodology, unparalleled program quality, relevance and value of CCIE routing and Switching certification is the reason to choose and desire to earn this certification.

What I will learn?

Upon course completion the candidate would be able to:

  • Develop a deep understanding on:
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Switches, HDLC and PPP
  • Configuring and troubleshooting VPN (DMVPN)
  • Learn to filter all types of BGP Updates using as Path Access Lists, Communities, Prefix Lists, and Route Maps
  • Learn to control IGP Updates with the help of Route Maps and Distribute Lists
  • Develop detailed understanding on the following concepts:
    • Label Switching (Multiprotocol) & Layer 3 VPN
    • Manipulation of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Attributes
    • PIM Sparse and Dense Modes used for IP Multicast Routing
    • QOS for Routers
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), First Hop Redundancy Protocols, Network Service including Network Address Translation (NAT), Network Time Protocols

Labs on Real Cisco Device

Layer 2 Technologies

  1. 1) VLANs & Trunking
  2. 2) VTP
  3. 3) EtherChannel
  4. 4) STP, RSTP, and MSTP
  5. 5) QinQ Tunneling
  6. 6) Advanced Spanning Tree Features
  7. 7) Storm-Control
  8. 8) SPAN and RSPAN
  9. 9) HDLC
  10. 10) PPP and PPPoE
  11. 11) PPP Authentication and Advanced PPP Features
  12. 12) PPP Troubleshooting
  13. 13) Layer 2 Troubleshooting

IGP Routing

  1. 1) OSPF Configuration
  2. 2) Advanced OSPF: Area Types, Summarization, Authentication, Virtual-Links, etc.
  3. 3) EIGRP Configuration
  4. 4) Advanced EIGRP: Authentication, Summarization, Metric Tuning, etc.
  5. 5) RIP Configuration
  6. 6) Advanced RIP: Timers Tuning, Authentication, Summarization, etc.
  7. 7) Route Redistribution
  8. 8) Additional IGP-Related Topics
  9. 9) General Routing Troubleshooting (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF)
  10. 10) Advanced OSPF Troubleshooting
  11. 11) Advanced EIGRP Troubleshooting
  12. 12) IGP Troubleshooting


  1. 1) BGP Configuration
  2. 2) BGP Router Reflectors and Confederations
  3. 3) Route Aggregation
  4. 4) Community Signaling
  5. 5) BGP Best Path Manipulation: AS_PATH, Local Pref, Other Attributes
  6. 6) Route Filtering Features
  7. 7) Advanced BGP: Conditional Advertisement, ORF, etc.
  8. 8) Additional BGP Features
  9. 9) Advanced BGP Troubleshooting


  1. 1) MPLS LDP
  2. 2) MP-BGP VPNv4
  3. 3) Route Target Filtering
  4. 4) PE-CE Routing: OSPF and RIP
  5. 5) Inter-site Connectivity
  6. 6) Advanced Features: Summarization, Internet Access, etc.
  7. 7) MPLS and MPLS VPN Troubleshooting

Ipsec VPN

  1. 1) Site-to-site IPsec Tunnels
  2. 2) Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTI)
  3. 3) Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)


  1. 1) Addressing and Tunneling
  2. 2) Routing: OSPFv3, EIGRPv6, and BGP
  3. 3) Advanced OSPFv3 Features: Area Types, Summarization, etc.
  4. 4) OSPFv3 Troubleshooting
  5. 5) Additional IPv6-Related Topics
  6. 6) IPv6 Troubleshooting

IP Multicast

  1. 1) PIM Sparse and Dense Mode
  2. 2) Auto-RP and BSR
  3. 3) RP Filtering Techniques
  4. 4) PIM and IGMP Access Control
  5. 5) RPF Failures
  6. 6) Tunneling Multicast Traffic
  7. 7) PIM over NBMA Networks
  8. 8) Inter-domain Multicast (MSDP)
  9. 9) Additional Multicast Features
  10. 10) Basic and Advanced Multicast Troubleshooting


  1. 1) QoSDiffServ and InterServ Theory
  2. 2) Classification and Marking
  3. 3) Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR)
  4. 4) Policing and Shaping
  5. 5) Queuing Techniques: Legacy and CBWFQ/HQF
  6. 6) Congestion Management Techniques
  7. 7) Congestion Avoidance Techniques
  8. 8) Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)


  1. 1) Access-Lists in Routers and Switches
  2. 2) Port Security
  3. 3) Private VLANs
  4. 4) DHCP Snooping
  5. 5) IP Source Guard
  6. 6) Dynamic ARP Inspection
  7. 7) IPv6 First Hop Security
  8. 8) URPF
  9. 9) TCP Intercept
  10. 10) Managing Router Access: Privilege Levels, RBAC
  11. 11) Additional Security Topics

IP Services

  1. 1) First Hop Redundancy Services: HSRP, GLBP, VRRP
  2. 2) IOS Features: Menus, HTTP server, DHCP, etc.
  3. 3) Management Features: SNMP and RMON
  4. 4) NAT
  5. 5) SLA and Object Tracking
  6. 6) Embedded Event Manager (EEM)
  7. 7) Additional IP Services
  8. 8) Troubleshooting

NOTE: All the students enrolling for the CCIE R&S course will be undergoing intensive lab training on all of the above mentioned topics.

Future JOB Scope

Below are a few job roles for which CCIE Routing and Switching certified candidates can apply and opt for:

  • System Integrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Consultants
  • System Engineer


This expert level certification is intended for the following:

  • Network Managers
  • Network Professionals
  • Senior Network Engineers
  • Network Architects

CCIE Routing and Switching Certification is meant for all those who are entrusted with the responsibility of implementing and troubleshooting complex converged networks in organizations networking environment.

Training & Learning

To advance their career and continue with their learning candidates can go for the highest level of Cisco Certification that is CCAr. Thorough understanding of network infrastructures & principles and avalid Cisco CCDE certification can act as a prerequisite for appearing for CCAr. This exam should be attempted by candidates who already have years (minimum 10 years recommended) of industry (large production network) experience. For more details related to CCAr you can follow this link The candidates interested in increasing their knowledge domain can also opt for any of the following certification programs in different tracks:

Fee Structure




CCNA R&S 11800/- (including GST) $400
CCNP R&S 30000/- + 18% GST $800
CCNA & CCNP COMBO + ECH 30000/- + 18% GST $1,200
CCIE LAB only 60000/- + 18% GST $2,000
CCIE WRITEN & LAB SUPPORT 95000/- + 18% GST $2,500
CCNP + CCIE 110000/- + 18% GST $2,500


Batch Schedules

Details on CCIE R&S for all Batch-Schedules can be obtained by contacting branch

Top Benefits of joining NETWORKERS HOME

  • All Training on CISCO Official curriculum
  • Biggest CISCO Training Lab in Asia
  • 24×7 Lab Access to students
  • Lab administrator guidance
  • Modern Rack equipment
  • Certified Trainers with remarkable industry experience
  • Produced 4000+ CCIEs over the years
  • We offer Best value for Money, Our service too is exceptional
  • We offer different Tracks (Regular and fast) to suit the beginners as well as experienced professionals
  • You have a choice of four great locations – Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR and Bangalore
  • 1-on-1 training with dedicated attention of trainer for the entire duration of course
  • Live Virtual Classes option also handy at the convenience of students

CCNA R&S Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCIE R&S?

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. A CCIE in R&S certifies an expert for configuration and troubleshoot of complex and converged network infrastructure. It recognizes knowledge & experience in Network Infrastructure Technologies. At Networkers Home, we allow participants to work on real Cisco devices along with online access to facility.

The program is divided into 6 tracks currently viz. Routing & Switching, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, Service Provider and Wireless.

What is the Scope of CCIE R&S?

Innumerable benefits are there of being a CCIE in R&S. The salary would be highest in industry, job role opportunities are better, great reputation and respect among co-workers & within company, highly rewarding career and a highly skilled Networking background. Later to improve in career, an aspirant may choose CCAr after 8-10 yrs of experience. A candidate experienced in job roles such as Network Managers/ Professionals, Network Architects/ Engineers may take up this Certification exam most suitably. A fresher candidate may learn at all the three levels of CCIE training.

The complete details on theoretical and lab training is available on link: Learning CCIE R&S

What are prerequisites to CCIE R&S Certifications?

There are currently no prerequisites for a CCIE R&S Certification exam. Instead there are candidates who choose a CCIE Certification instead of going for their graduation. Even graduates with different background may choose CCIE course training programs and they have an equal opportunity in the Networking domain. The Certification is a 2-step process and the first part is a 2 hour written exam upon successful completion of which an 8 hour lab exam is to be cleared within 18 months of success.

Can a non-B. Tech candidate opt for CCIE R&S certifications?

Yes. An engineering degree is not required by the candidates to take up CCIE R&S Certifications. A candidate with graduation in any stream may take up CCIE R&S course certification training who may later proceed with Certifications. Though graduation is not a prerequisite for the Certification exam but there are many reputed IT giants who prefer selecting graduate candidates. The CCNA, CCNP and CCIE course training program may be undertaken directly by an undergraduate candidate. 

How useful CCIE R&S certification for fresher candidates?

A fresher candidate is always advised to begin their Networking career with Routing & Switching track course training program. This holds true even for the candidates who wish to build their career in other tracks. Further a Certification success helps to begin with job roles such as System Security Engineer/ Integrator, Network Security Engineer/ Consultant and similar other roles for long term success. The salary of a certified candidate is highest and the growth opportunity is maximum at workplace. It also opens an opportunity for further advancement in career through CCAr certifications after an experience of 8 – 10 years.

Is CCIE R&S worth when other Vendors and technologies are emerging in industry?

CCIE R&S possess a distinct position in the Networking domain and in spite of other vendors in industry; the course training program on Routing and Switching will always have its own importance. The Cisco devices and technologies are present all over the world and the CCIE is always worth to pursue as the certification will always be in high demand. A CCIE is known for his/her skills required for configuration and troubleshooting of complex and converged network infrastructure. S/he is well versed in the network infrastructure technology.

What topics are likely to be covered under CCIE R&S program details?

CCIE R&S Program covers a deep understanding on configuring & troubleshooting Switches, HDLC, PPP, VPN along with learning to control IGP updates with Route maps & distribute lists. A candidate develops detailed understanding on multiprotocol label switching, manipulation of BGP attributes along with a lot more details about which is available on the CCIE Program page.

How Networkers Home can give an edge over other training institutes?

With 12 years of experience in CCNA, CCNP and CCIE course program training, Networkers Home provides real Cisco devices for lab practice; CCIE certified trainers with a lot of experience and updated learning materials for all the candidates. The quality of training is very high with 24×7 accesses to biggest lab facility with 100% assistance for placements for all candidates. There have been more than 4000 candidates who have trained at NH under the CCIE Certification course training program and got successful through their Certifications and Job role experience.

When do I become eligible for CCIE R&S Certification?

There are no prerequisite to the CCIE R&S training and certification. A candidate willing to take up CCIE R&S Certification doesn’t even require other Certification successes such as CCNA or CCNP. Although an aspirant must not skip the training and learning part at both these lower level. This helps not only in getting success at the Certifications but also helps in performing the Job roles at the organization.

How much time would it take to become Certification ready for CCIE R&S?

Generally, it takes somewhere around 6-7 months for a new candidate to become CCIE Certification ready. The Certification exam is a 2 step exam with a 2 hr written exam followed by an 8 hr lab exam. A fresher candidate begins at CCNA training that takes approx 4 – 5 weeks of training followed by 8-9 weeks of CCNP training. After CCNP course completion, it takes approximately 2.5 – 3 months training under CCIE R&S Course training program.

Which one is better, CCIE R&S or CCIE SP?

Both the tracks R&S and SP along with all the other tracks are considered good for the aspirants. But as per current industry requirement, student’s interest and future career scope, we at Networkers Home recommend Routing & Switching track to the CCIE aspirants. This track has its own benefits as it can be taken by a complete fresher candidate in Networking. Further a candidate taking up CCIE Certification course training in R&S may further opt for training and certification in other tracks in future.

What features should an aspirant consider while choosing a training institute for CCIE certification course preparation?

There are various important features to be considered while choosing the best institute for CCIE Certification course preparation. First of all, a candidate should visit the training institute physically to verify the facilities. Some of the key features I recommend would be

  • 24×7 Lab access facility
  • Real Cisco Devices for training
  • CCIE Certified trainers who can share experience and learning with candidates
  • CCIE success results
  • Expert Lab administrator guide is present
  • Reviews from existing candidates

Is getting a CCIE Certification success difficult?

No. It is absolutely not. We at Networkers Home suggest a candidate to take up training beginning at CCNA level before moving to CCNP level training and finally to CCIE level training. Be it R&S track or any other track, we recommend you to move step by step towards your Certification which leads you to a successful career. At NH, students are guided through complete certification process and we train them exhaustively for both the lab exam and written exam success. The candidates must be hard working and dedicate their 100% in the direction of training and success. There are two steps in the Certification where a 2 hr written exam is undertaken upon successful completion of which an 8 hr lab exam is taken to become a CCIE Certified candidate.

There are dumps available promising CCIE Certification successes? Is it viable to use them?

We suggest that training for a fresher candidate may take a time duration of 6-7 months but it always promises a better future both while the Certification exam and the future job role successes. The most important portion that a candidate should focus upon during Networking training is getting thorough understanding of the technology part. This part is absent for the candidates utilizing dumps for their Certification successes. Thus NH does not suggest any use of dumps for its own candidates and for any other aspirant willing to take up Networking as their career.

Is CCIE a better option than AWS and SDN?

CCIE is a great option to take up in the long term success of the career and possess a great reputation for the Networking related roles. The CCIE DC Certifications is the SDN offering from Cisco and the networking technologies have a lot of scope in years to come. SDN and AWS are important for candidates for their learning and career growth but the CCIE course training and certifications have their own benefits and importance in Networking industry.

Is online mode effective for CCIE R&S course training?

The online mode of CCIE training is very famous among current Networking aspirants. At Networkers Home, we provide complete assistance with the course material, online lab access facility, recorded sessions of lectures for future references and other important training in soft copy for future references. The effectiveness also improves with increase in the ease of a candidate.

What are some of the benefits of being a CCIE R&S?

There are a lot of tangible and intangible benefits of being a CCIE Certified in Routing & Switching track. Some of the benefits of being a CCIE in Routing & Switching track could be listed as

  • The salary is high as per market standards. The range may differ for different countries but the CCIE certified candidates are paid well.
  • A CCIE certified candidate is always in demand and thus s/he always has a great demand in industry.
  • CCIE candidates possess good reputation and a lot of respect among peers and whole Networking Industry.
  • CCIEs are known for their intelligence, good communications skills and a lot of hands on skills.
  • The career domain is evergreen and has a lot of scope with improvement in other technologies such as SDN (Software Defined Networks) & emergence of Cloud technologies such as AWS among a lot others.

Is lab exam easier than the written exam while getting Certified in Routing & Switching track?

The ease of a particular exam entirely depends upon the hands – on skills of the candidates. But the general trend is that the first step written exams are easier compared to the 8 hour lab exam. The candidate along with the theoretical preparation of exam should dedicate a lot of time upon the lab practice training from beginning itself so that the complete technology is well learnt by candidates.

What is a typical day of a CCIE Certified expert at their workplace?

The work profile affects a lot on how a typical day would be for a CCIE Certified Expert. The job role could be in Operations, Design and in many other domains. Further you could be working in an Enterprise Networking or you could be working on an ISP and be a part of Service Assurance team or some new office could be coming up that requires design, POC, devices along with preparation of config, test and implementation.

Is CCIE R&S good for a girl candidate in their long term career?

Yes. There are a lot of candidates who are girls and also a CCIE and have been successful in their career domain. There are many girl aspirants who completed their CCIE in multiple tracks and are pursuing a successful career.

Here is a link for blog where the details about the girl candidates being successful in CCIE as their career may be obtained. CCIE girl candidates successful in Networking

What should be process for R&S course training? Can we skip CCNA and CCNP part after 2 yrs of work experience?

No. You should not skip the training part in CCNA and CCNP levels of Routing & Switching course training. Though you may directly appear for CCIE R&S certification exams. After having a relevant work experience, you may be well aware of technology but the complete training from basics helps a candidate in structured training ensuring that no topic remains unattended. The training at all the three levels in a sequential manner is required for the success in Certification and job role opportunity.

Are there any prerequisite for CCIE lab exam?

There are generally no prerequisites to appear in a CCIE exam but to appear in a CCIE Lab exam, a candidate requires being successful at the 2 hour written exam that consists of about 90 – 110 questions. Also the lab exam can be undertaken with 18 months of successful completion of written exam. During this time a candidate may take multiple attempts as per the Cisco Guidelines.

Which city is better for CCIE preparation? Bangalore, Delhi, Pune or Hyderabad.

Bangalore is a preferred location when compared to any other location mentioned above. (To be modified)

Which is the best network simulator for CCIE R&S?

There are many famous network simulators that can be accessed for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE training.

Some of them are GNS3, Packet Tracer, VIRL, Boson and build own lab. These simulators are good at different levels but the real Cisco devices have their own importance and you may contact Networkers Home for more details on training.

How to prepare for CCIE R&S job interviews?

A right mindset is what comes first during a CCIE R&S job interviews. Be positive for the situation and also be grateful for the opportunity of testing your skills and knowledge. You may take upon various approaches such as you may sort down various issues and solve them in steps. Further you may choose to answer in such a manner that your troubleshooting skills are well displayed to the interview panel.

What would be best hardware (Laptop/Desktop with features) suggested for CCIE course training?

A laptop with latest configuration such as I3 processor, 500 GB hard disk, 8 GB RAM and similar other features should be there at minimum for training at the level of CCIE Course program.(To be modified)

What are future career opportunities for a CCIE R&S certified candidates?

A CCIE R&S certification has a lot of great opportunities for the aspirants choosing this program. First of all, highest number of jobs is present under this track and there are numerous job role opportunities such as System Security Engineer/ Integrator, Network Security Engineer/ Consultant and a lot of other similar reputed roles.

Will I get a recording of the sessions for future references?

Yes. For all the online programs, you get recorded training sessions for all your future references. Further, for all the programs you get material for learning in softcopy along with online training. The lab facility is available online and can be accessed 24×7. This helps in learning of the candidates and is also useful for your future career opportunities.

Can I access lab facility as per my suitability?

The lab Facility at Networkers Home is accessible 24×7. The online lab access as well as physical access is both available for the entire duration. Any candidate may take on the rack facility and other services anytime. The lab facility is such vast that each student gets ample amount of time for lab access. There are no upper limits to the time allotted for the lab practice. A candidate may come anytime and practice as much as s/he can. The lab admin guide is always present for helping in training under various tracks.

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