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What is the future Scope of CCIE Security?

CCIE Security is considered to be one of the most stable and ever-growing certifications in the IT Industry. There is an incessant demand for Security due to increasing number of Cyber Attacks and more technology adoption in our everyday life. This scenario was not imagined 20 years back but today you can Book Taxi, Order food online and control bank account through internet. The Internet is still in a nascent stage and in next 10-20 years, we will be seeing the much bigger adoption of Internet technologies. Keeping this in view, demand for CCIE Security engineers is expected to grow manifold. CCIE Security Certification exam is one of the strongest and most complicated Security exams in the world. For those who hold this certification under their belt have enormous opportunities knocking at their doors. In United States and other developed nations, it can fetch highest Salary in IT Domain.

What does the CCIE Security Program cover?

CCIE Security Certification covers the following technologies in-depth:

  • Cisco ASA firewall
  • Cisco Sourcefire
  • Cisco Fire Threat Detection
  • Cisco ACS
  • Cisco ISE
  • Cisco Wireless Technologies
  • Cisco Switching Infrastructure Protection
  • Cisco Routing Infrastructure Protection
  • Cisco Voice over IP infrastructure Protection
  • Enterprise Data Protection
  • Enterprise Data Center Protection
  • Enterprise Server Protection
  • And Much More

Where does NETWORKERS HOME stand in CCIE Security training?

I would first like you to have a look at NH CCIE RESULTS Now this is the largest list of CCIE Security Engineers produced by any institute in the World. It’s one of the most comprehensive lists of CCIEs given by NETWORKERS HOME to the world. Let me say this with absolute clarity and authority that we are the largest producer of CCIE Security Lab results all over the world in past 10 years. No institute in India would come even 20% closer to our results. I do agree that there may be a few institutes which have produced more number of CCIE R&S than us but we are much ahead, almost 80% more, than everyone else. We are the leaders in this domain.

How much Money can I make once I do CCIE Security?

CCIE Security Certified candidates package differ from country to country. If you are in United States, you can make around 100k-150k USD per year. In India, salary levels are in range of 10-25 Lakhs/annum for 4-10 years experienced professionals. A Fresher may begin their career at 6 Lakhs/annum or more. Even non-certified candidates with just CCIE Written success may get over 4.5 Lakhs/annum as fresher with no experience whatsoever.

Who are leading Trainers in NETWORKERS HOME?

NETWORKERS HOME has 2 permanent Trainers for CCIE Security who are also Founders of the company Mr. Khawar Butt, Hexa CCIE #12353 and Mr Vikas Swami, Dual CCIE R&S,SEC #22239. For Junior CCNP Security level classes, we have Senior trainers and for CCNA Security level Certifications we have Junior Trainers. All the trainers hold remarkable training experience and knowledge in their relative fields.

How is CCIE Security when compared to other CCIE Tracks?

CCIE Collaboration and CCIE Security tracks are the most stable and highest Paying tracks for past 15 Years. Security being one of the most popular tracks tends to offer roles like:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Specialist

Does NETWORKERS HOME have infrastructure for CCIE Security?

NETWORKERS HOME  has massive infrastructure for CCIE Security Training Program. We have all physical equipment required for running CCIE Security V5 Program. The lab infrastructure includes latest real time CISCO devices (Routers and Switches). The ultramodern Lab Facility can be availed and accessed for 24×7 by CCIE students at NETWORKERS HOME.

 Where can I find more information on various programs available?

Please find various links for more information

Do you offer online training programs?

Yes we offer CCIE Security program in both online and classroom format on weekend and weekdays formats.

What is the Fee for various Programs?

Please find Fee for various Programs

  • CCIE Security Bootcamps
    • Duration: 40 Hours
    • Fee: 1 Lakh INR + Taxes
  • CCIE Integrated Programs
    • Duration: 8 Months
    • Fee: 1.50 Lakhs INR + Taxes

What modules are covered in CCIE Security Integrated Training Program for Fresher candidate?

Here is the list of Modules covered under CCIE Security Integrated Training Programs

  • CCNA R&S – Duration 1 Month
  • CCNP R&S -Duration 2 Months
  • CCNA Security -Duration 1 Month
  • CCNP Security -Duration 3 Months
  • CCIE Security Lab Prep: 1 to 2 Months
  • Palo Alto -Parallel to be Program
  • F5 LTM – Parallel to be Program
  • Juniper JNCIA – Parallel to be Program
  • Splunk – Parallel to be Program

Do you offer placement guarantee on CCIE Security program enrollment?

Yes we offer 100% Placement guarantee for each CCIE Security Integrated Integrated program admission. The candidates after passing their written exam are provided with opportunities to appear in various interviews. We have a long list of top companies that have visited our Campus in past. This includes Vodafone, CSS Corp, IOPEX, Dimension Data, Accenture, Virtela, Cisco systems and many others. We have over 30% of our Security and Collaboration engineers working with Cisco systems, Bangalore which is the biggest and most reputed hiring company for CCIE Engineers in the World. Over 300 companies made hiring for CCIE Security engineers in India including Infosys, British Telecom, JP Morgan Chase, Intel, Mphasis and many others through NETWORKERS HOME. Bangalore is a big IT Hub in India with highest number of Job opportunities as compared to any other city in India. CCIE Certified fresher get a kick start with 6 Lakhs/annum package while written certified candidates can expect to start up with 4 Lakhs/annum package. This bar raises along with the experience gained in the industry.

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