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CCIE Security -Top Career option

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In today’s era, Security Domain has gained an upper hand in IT market. Have you ever thought why?

It is because of the advent of new technology, Internet and the world connected to it. More the dependency on these things, more security gets on to stake. Even a little interruption in the network can lead to stagnant economy as a whole. Hence, for achieving a threat free and an uninterrupted network, the demand for network specialists has increased manifolds. Moreover, the network devices have undergone evolution due to which updated knowledge has become essential to establish yourself in the Networking Domain. Security of such devices has given rise to the need for Security Specialists as well.

We find people and IT aspirants getting confused as to whether he should go in for CCIE security or not?

We would say: “Believe in your instinct; don’t follow masses”

It is only in the attitude in which 100% lies. If you are enthusiastic and passionate to become an achiever then definitely you will reach the zenith, sooner or later. This is the underlying truth of nature. You can excel in security track only and only if you enjoy the journey of learning. Note, I said JOURNEY and not a RACE. Hence, your professional career should be driven by your interest and passion.

What You Gain in CCIE Security Certification?

CCIE Security Certification has been designed to meet the industry demand. Its main objective is to instill the skills of designing and securing networks of all levels. As it is an expert level certification, it can be pursued if the aspirant has the knowledge of CCNA R&S/Security and CCNP Security. It is said to be another door to plethora of great career opportunities. In this training one can gain deep insight on the following aspects:

  • Network designing
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Security
  • Network Troubleshooting

Hence after successful course completion, aspirants are able to gain expertise and become capable of handling and managing network security at all levels.

Let’s ponder once, why do we do a certification?

The practical answer to it is not just knowledge but for a Lucrative career.

Do you agree?

So if you hoping for a great career then CCIE Security is just right for you.

In the challenging era like today, we have organizations that hire and retain network security professionals to maximize the optimum utilization of their resources and devices installed. As they invest hugely in computing, telecom thereby, they have high demand for professionals to support in administration, design and maintenance of the network and Security. This consistent demand has made this certification – a recession proof career.

Let’s take a look at the options that you have after CCIE Security:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Specialist

We have been saying till now that you get lucrative packages after it, so to prove our statement, we have certain data facts to share:

Take a close look at the following chart which shows the average salary ranges for different profiles, and see the percentage growth:


Let’s see what Security domain has to offer :

The above chart clearly shows that Security Administrator, Security Engineer and CCIE have the high end average salary withdrawal as compared to the other tracks.

Networking and Security Salaries: Achievable only If you Have Expert Training Behind You

NETWORKERS HOME is the premier institute in India and offers “Best CCIE Training”. This is the reason why it is the trusted brand in the market when CCIE comes into mind of any IT aspirant. We have a pool of 19+ CCIE Certified experts with splendid industry experience.

They not only share their knowledge with the students but also relate it with real time examples and use analogies to give better clarity of the related concepts. Without Labs you can never have hands on technical experience, and we proudly say that our Lab infrastructure is the best in India as we are using Nexus 9k and 7k Series which is rarely found in India. We allow our students to practice Lab as per their convenience as we have the facility of 24*& Lab access.

Our training methodology and our record- breaking results so far of giving 4000+ CCIEs to the industry speaks for itself.

Worldwide, we have only 6000 CCIE Security certified network engineers so far, whereas demand is of 200,000.

Enroll now to fill this Gap! You can be the next……

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