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What is the scope of CCIE ?

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The scope of CCIE is huge and here are a couple of things put it in demand

  • Scope of CCIE depends on CCIE Track .Some CCIE tracks like Security have more scope as compared to other tracks .
  • Its one of the most expensive Certification in industry .Lab exam cost $1600 USD and written exam is around $350 or so .Just for exam ,you have to shell out close to 1.50 Lakhs .
  • Lab exam is available in few locations like in India ,only in Bangalore and very limited number of seats .
  • Failing rate is pretty high for most tracks these days so each attempt ,adds upto to the cost .
  • Certification testing is bit unfair and designed to fool and fail the candidate so candidates are forced to use dumps and training institutes to grab correct stuff .
  • Certification has different demand in different part of country and for different level of people .This point is most crucial among all points .
  • Only handful of institute in India has results and good quality training .So overall number of people holding CCIE is low but demand for CCIE Certified engineers is very high .

Now let us dig more into demand

  • USA ,Middle east ,Europe etc have very high level of pay for CCIE engineers due to less human resources available .Salary ranges from USD $100-150K
  • Demand for BE/B.TECH + CCIE engineers is high in Cities like Bangalore, Chennai etc due to availability and mindset .Salary ranges 12 Lakhs -50 Lakhs
  • Demand in India’s 10 IT Companies is huge for CCIE engineers however other criteria’s  like communication skills play important role .
  • CCIE along may never be able to get a job to somebody .Most jobs require good communication skills + English + technological expertise .

Now coming back to who will hire a CCIE

  • All Telecom providers
  • All ISP
  • All large and Medium size BPO
  • All IT outsourcing companies
  • All Gold ,Silver ,Premium level partners

Now all these category of employers have different category of requirements and different pay scale levels for different positions . This is true that people are making upto 40 Lakhs packages .

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