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CCIE Routing and Switching Integrated Program
Course Description:

The CCIE Routing and Switching 5.1 Integrated program is a combination of various courses combined together as per current industry scenario networking standards. The course structure includes a combination of CCNA, CCNP and CCIE programs in Routing and Switching along with concepts of Juniper networking and advanced switching including Nexus 7k. Hands on experience with firewalls, such as Check Point and Palo Alto and thorough understanding of several features like high availability, clustering, security policy enforcement along with in-depth NAT concepts will also covered under single course module.

This course helps you gain diversified knowledge to configure, validate and troubleshoot any type of complex network infrastructure, expert understanding of the interoperability of various components of an infrastructure and translation of all functional requirements specific to the configuration of the devices. An intensive hands on lab training is offered for all the above stated content.

CCIE Integrated Programs

Networkers Home owns world’s largest Cisco training lab facilities which help students gain proper skill and knowledge in the dedicated training. This further help students to get placed in various job opportunities which initially can be that of a Network Designer, System Engineer, Network Engineer, Network Consultants or a System Integrator.

Become expert in Networking by Designing, Maintenance and Troubleshooting diverse complex network scenarios.

Scope of CCIE R&S Integrated Program NH:

The web regards control as a glitch and courses around it. CCIE R&S certification is renowned for judgement the expertise level in routing and switching. CCIE R&S cerified candidates are treated as an expert in configuring and troubleshooting diverse routing and switching issues and are recognized all over the globe. CCIE R&S Integrated course in Master Univ will make students familiarize and expert in multi-vendor environment (Cisco and Juniper).

Thorough knowledge of Firewall is prerequisite for various Security perspectives, that is crucial to maintain well balanced big data traversal over the WAN along with LAN. IT, Health and Finance sectors will be continuously pummeled by malevolent hackers/programmers if their network is not maintained by next generation firewall skilled personnel. Thorough knowledge of different types of attacks, network monitoring and deploying various security measures by Check Point and Palo Alto firewalls will be teached along with hands-on one-to-one lab practice will sharpen the skills of candidates in their real time job roles.

Concepts of advanced core switching (VDC, fabric path, vPC, FEX etc) will be covered with Nexus 7k.

100% JOB Placement Guarantee Program

We at NETWORKERSHOME offer 100% Placements guarantee to students enrolling for CCIE Routing & Switching Integrated Programs. We offer CCNA, CCNP and CCIE level training under this program and it takes approximately 6 months to complete this program from beginning. Our training in Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Nexus and Juniper carry out simultaneously.

We conduct Personality Development Sessions along with Interview etiquette sessions for all the candidates enrolling with us upon successful completion of which students appear for various interviews from reputed MNCs. The placements are offered irrespective of completion of CCIE Certification.

How this course helps a student?

A student at NH learns to configure and troubleshoot all concepts of Routing & Switching. The inclusion of Juniper Network training ensures that a student is well versed with multi-vendor expertise. Also s/he learns route redistribution of IGP & skills to control IGP Updates with help of Route Maps and Distribution Lists. The BGP Neighbor Relationships for IPv4 and IPv6 is taught in regular modules while knowledge about filtering of all types of BGP Updates using AS-Path Access Lists, Communities, Prefix Lists, and Route Maps along with manipulation of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) attributes.

Further the module includes Label Switching (Multiprotocol) & Layer 3 VPN. Other specialty includes the Sparse and Dense Modes used for IP Multicast Routing. The practice on QOS for Routers (Cisco & Juniper) is taken up thoroughly. A student excels in DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), First Hop Redundancy Protocols, Network Services including Network Address Translation (NAT), Network Time Protocol, FTP, SFTP, TFTP, DNS, HTTP and HTTPS in the process of training in the modules.

Troubleshooting methodologies and techniques for any network is gained by the end of the course.

List of Devices used in CCIE R&S Training:

NH provides training on real Cisco devices. A list in brief is stated as under:

  • Routers : 2600, 2800, 2900, 3600, 3800 Series Cisco routers (IOS 15.X)
  • Switches: 3550, 3560, 3750 Series Cisco Catalyst switches (15.X)
  • Terminal Server:2512


Along with CCIE R&S Integrated course will make you expert in configuring and troubleshooting in the following devices also:

  • Juniper: J2320, J2350, EX2200
  • Check Point: GAiA R77
  • Palo Alto: PAN OS 8.0.0 & 7.0.1
  • Nexus: 7k
Training Plan & Schedule:

CCIE R&S Integrated course curriculum will be covered in a structured manner. Course begins with CCNA R&S, duration will be approximately 1 month, followed by CCNP (2-3 months) and CCIE (2 months). Juniper, Check Point, Palo Alto and Nexus Training will run simultaneously. Students will be provided hands on one-to-one lab training along with personality excellence required to job interviews.

Training Module

Regular Training

Weekend Training

Boot camp Training(CCIE Only)

DURATION 6 Months 8 Months 10 Days
DAYS Monday – Friday Saturday – Sunday Monday – Friday
MIN HOURS REQUIRED 2-3 Hours / DAY 6-7 Hours / DAY 7-8 Hours / DAY
PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT SESSION Saturday Saturday Monday – Thursday
TRAINING FEE 125000 + GST 125000 + GST Contact branch

Batch Schedules

Details on all CCIE Integrated Courses for all Batch-Schedules can be obtained by contacting branch.

Our Trainers:
Mr. Vikas Swami
Mr. Vikas Swami
(CCIE R&S, Security #22239)
Mr. Khawar Butt
Mr. Khawar Butt
(Hexa CCIE, CCDE #12353)
Mr. Harith Kariapper
Mr. Harith Kariapper
(Hexa CCIE #8661)
Mr. Zubair Qureshi
Mr. Zubair Qureshi
(CCIE R&S #43191)


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