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CCIE Jobs and Salary Scope

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CCIE engineers are in huge demand and specially Security Engineers. This could be due to the fact that most businesses utilize internet in some way to do business .Some of the top industry which hire CCIE engineers are

  • Banking
  • Technology companies
  • Cisco Partners
  • Cisco itself has around 2.5 Lakhs or 250K Engineers on its own payroll
  • All companies which need internet and has large business interest
  • ISP and Telecom providers
  • BPO
  • Data Centers
  • Big University campuses
  • Big Enterprises

How much money you will make actually depends on several factors?

Here are some of the more important factors to consider when applying for employment.

  • Employer type – Whether you are employed with a big company or a small one.
  • Location – People working in big cities usually have better Network Security Engineer salary.
  • Experience – Of course those who are more experienced will make more money.
  • Education – Your education level will determine your salary to a great extent. And not just the level, even the place from where you got your certification will be a deciding factor.
  • Salary culture – Whether the employer historically believes in offering very attractive salaries to retain employees or not.
  • Leadership Position – Those in a leadership position in the business are likely to earn more from their Network Security Engineer salary. The salary will be more because obviously such people have to take up more responsibility.

Network Security Engineers have to manage and are responsible fora lot of important tasks and naturally, the salary they earn is well deserved. They have to oversee the installation of new networks, and must also educate users to use the networks correctly.

They are responsible for updating anti-virus software, designing new security programs, monitoring logs to find suspicious attacks/ activities etc, take constant data back-ups, whilst solving network problems.

Given so many tasks, it’s not surprising that the Network Security Engineer salary is so high these days!

CCIE's Salary in India – Great start for Fresher

Keeping in mind the fact that the Expert CCIE Security certified professionals are the highest paid IT professionals. The fact is that even for Fresher the salary packages are quite attractive. So, if you are conscious of choosing a career based on this fact? Rest assured of a bright future by bagging the hard earned certification of CCIE Security. Talking of the demand of such professionals, which is too high in the IT industry, but to meet this we have comparatively less active CCIEs. And it is due to this demand and supply figures, that they are offered high packages, as holding this esteemed certification is the proof of validated skills and expertise required by the industry.

There is a lot of scope in CCIE for both fresher and experienced people. A fresher with no experience and CCIE certification can get a minimum of 3, 60,000 LPA. Maximum figures can be achieved with high skills and yes it truly grows with experience. Take a look at some figures:

Years of Experience

National Salary Data (Minimum)

Less than 1 yearRs 3,60,000
1-4 yearsRs 4,62,994
5-9 yearsRs 9,76,389
10-19 yearsRs 19,55,682
20 years or moreRs 36,00,000

So, if you want a great career with high salary, then CCIE certification can help you to live your dream.

Manifold Job Roles and Growth opportunities

CCIE Security certification opens doors to multiple profiles in the Networking domain. With new technologies and high dependency on networks, the vulnerabilities have increased to a greater extend. This has raised the demand for CCIE professionals. With different Domains in CCIE, the aspirant can have different jobs in many fields depending on their skill sets, for example, R&S aspirants can go for troubleshooting job while Security has the option for Network Security. Every aspirant has multiple options to choose from. Some factual data has been taken from trusted site giving a glimpse of average salary of CCIE offered to different profiles:


In the end, if we consider the above factors and wisely think over picking up a career in networking domain then CCIE is blindly the best certification as on date. The preference of CCIE certified is tremendous in the market. This is one milestone in the career, if achieved, corners lot of respect and honor.

Don’t think twice over the decision. Enroll Now!!

Choose between various CCIE Programs designed for Freshers

  • CCIE Routing and Switching
  • CCIE Security
  • CCIE Data Center
  • CCIE Collaboration

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