CCIE Data Center Training FAQ’S

What is CCIE Data Center Training ?

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is an expert level Certification offered by Cisco that validates the skills to plan, design, implement & manage complex IT Data Center infrastructure. Using best practices, a candidate demonstrates skills at the highest levels.

What is the scope of CCIE Data Center?

The CCIE Data Center has a huge scope for candidates who are working in networking domain or possess good expertise at CCNA & CCNP Routing & Switching track. You would be drawing a salary anywhere between 15 to 18 LPA after significant work experience of at least 5 years.

What are prerequisites for CCIE Data Center Certifications?

There are no formal prerequisites to appear in the CCIE Data Center Certifications. Instead the Certification is undertaken in two steps: a 2 hour duration 400-151 CCIE data center written exam is the first step followed by an 8 hour CCIE Data Center lab exam.

Is CCIE Data Center certification useful for fresher candidates?

Yes. The Certification has no prerequisites but the candidates should possess good knowledge in CCNA DATA CENTER and CCNP DATA CENTER. A significant experience would be a huge plus for the candidates for their future career but the Certification brings huge career opportunities for the aspirants.

Is going for CCIE Data Center Certification worth the cost and effort when other vendors and technologies such as Cloud emerging in industry?

Yes. CCIE Data Center Certification possesses a lot of value and approx. 8 months of hard work could bring the level of success to the candidates that could only be dreamt. The DC track has its unique positioning in networking industry and it is worth cost and effort as it validates a candidate of skills required for planning, design, implementation and management of complex IT DC infrastructure.

What topics are likely to be covered under CCIE Data Center program details?

CCIE Data Center Certification course program contains all the important topics required for success in the CCIE Certification exam. These include

  • Designing, Implementation & Troubleshooting of Complex Data Center L2/L3 Technologies
  • Cisco Data Center Network Services: Service Insertion & Redirection.
  • Data Center Storage Networking and Compute: Different Data Center Storage Protocols, Storage Networking Features & Unified Computing.
  • Data Center Automation and Orchestration: Python, API, UCSD, UCS Central, CPO, Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.
  • Data Center Fabric Infrastructure: ECMP, ISIS, In-Band Management, VXLAN, Interface Policies.
  • Evolving Technologies: Cloud, SDN & IOT

The individual lab details are available on our institute website.

What unique features does Networkers Home provide when it comes to CCIE Data Center training?

Being a 12 year old institute, Networkers Home offers various key features that help a candidate prepare for CCIE Data Center such as

  • We provide real Cisco devices for Data Center training
  • 24×7 Lab access with modern Rack facility
  • Certified trainers with remarkable experience
  • 1-on-1 training facility available for candidates
  • We offer both regular and Fast track boot camp programs as required by Candidates

What is the eligibility criterion for CCIE Data Center Certification?

An aspirant interested in taking up CCIE Data Center Certification may go for it and this Certification exam has currently no prerequisites. A candidate is expected to possess a significant work experience in networking role before opting for this Certification.

How much time would be required to become CCIE Certification ready in Data Center?

The CCIE DC preparation takes 3 months of duration to become Certification ready. If a candidate begins at a fresher level in Data Center then it may take 6 months of preparation to become ready for Certification. If a candidate also has to undertake CCNA & CCNP level training in Routing & Switching then it will require another 3 months to complete the Certification course training.

Which one is better, CCIE Routing & Switching or CCIE Data Center or CCIE Security?

All the above mentioned and other tracks have a lot of relevance when it comes to CCIE Certification. Though Data Center is most esteemed track for CCIE Certification, the other two tracks DATA CENTER and Security possess their own position in the industry. The CCIE in Data Center is best for candidates in networking industry. Thus a candidate with CCIE training or Certification in any other track may find it best to opt for CCIE DC course training and Certification.

Is getting a CCIE Data Center Certification really difficult?

No, it is not. With proper preparation and guidance, most of the aspirants get their CCIE Success in their first attempt. The CCIE exams are one of the most reputed Certification exams throughout the world and thus it is no easy too.  A candidate requires demonstrating his/her full ability to being a quick learner and should have a lot of interest in the domain.

Learn the topics under CCNA & CCNP level in DATA CENTER track before beginning at the Data Center track.

Are dumps available promising CCIE Certification successes in Data Center?

We at Networkers Home strictly say NO to the dumps available. Actually it’s not just about getting through the CCIE Certification in whatsoever means but to possess knowledge for long term success in job roles as well. Further we focus on learning of technology as it comes handy later when there are changes in version of the domain or other changes in the job role.

Is online mode effective for CCIE DATA CENTER course training?

Yes. The online mode of CCIE training is as effective when compared to the regular classroom training. The batches are available on weekdays as well as weekends. Here we provide complete training assistance with course material, online lab facility, recorded sessions for future references and all the relevant training material in soft copy for future references.

What are some of the benefits of being a CCIE Certified in Data Center?

Some of the major benefits of getting a CCIE Certification in Data Center could be

  • Certifies the expertise to plan, design, implement & manage IT DC infrastructure
  • Most esteemed Certification offered by Cisco
  • Data Center is touching new heights with advancement in technology
  • Very less expert professionals in the industry while demand is much more
  • DC scope is ever improving as it helps leverage power of virtualization & computing integration

Which part of the Data Center Certification is easier: Lab exam or written exam?

Actually the Data Center Certification is all about the depth of preparation than an aspirant has undertaken with proper guidance. It can depend upon the interest of the candidate about which part s/he may find easier. As per trends, the 2-hour written exam 400-151 is considered easier than the 8-hour duration CCIE Lab exam.

What modules are included in the CCIE Data Center Integrated Program?

The CCIE Data Center Integrated program is a complete package of the training program designed to train the fresher candidates or the candidates moving into Networking industry. This helps students to learn following programs

  • CCNA Routing & Switching – 1 Month
  • CCNP Routing & Switching – 2 Months
  • CCNA Data Center – 1 Month
  • CCNP Data Center – 2 Months
  • CCIE Data Center – 3 Months
  • Firewall (Juniper, Checkpoint, Palo Alto) training is done in parallel

Is CCIE Data Center good for a girl candidate when it comes to their long term career?

Yes. You may visit our website to know about various girls who got certified in CCIE DC and are doing wonders in executing their real job roles. A girl candidate may get a little experience in networking and surely go for Data Center track. A fresher candidate may also take the Data Center Certification program but before that she is required to get through the CCNA & CCNP level in Routing & Switching track.

What should be the process for Data Center course training? Can we skip CCNA or CCNP part after relevant work experience?

No. The CCNA & CCNP levels are extremely necessary to understand CCIE level training in not only Data Center but any other track offered by Cisco. A fresher should first undergo CCNA & CCNP level training in R & amp;S track and then begin with DC track. You may surely skip the individual Certification of all courses and instead go for CCIE DC Certification directly but you should have done all the training mandatorily.

How frequently are Hexa CCIE trainers are available for training us?

The Hexa CCIE trainers are available for both the CCIE level courses and their experiences clearing their CCIE along with tremendous experience teaching multiple batches are very much valuable that brings miracle in the knowledge level, learning and expertise that a candidate possesses.

What are the prerequisites to undertake CCIE Data Center exam?

There are currently no prerequisites to go for the CCIE Data Center Certification exam. Instead an aspirant should be well prepared and thorough in his concepts of the topics included in Certification.

Which city would be better for CCIE Data Center preparation?

Our Institute is physically present in both Bangalore and Delhi. So you may choose any of these cities for preparation. We provide online training also which could be undertaken from anywhere in the world. The study material, 24×7 lab practices and rack access, certified trainers and all other facilities are similar in all the modules.

How to prepare the CCIE Data Center job interviews?

We offer Placement preparation sessions that consists of Personality development sessions, Resume preparation, learning interview etiquettes, Spoken English session and many other mandatory sessions are conducted at regular intervals that helps a candidate getting a reputed job role.

What could be minimum hardware (Laptop/Desktop with features) requirement to complete the CCIE Data Center course training?

The minimum hardware requirement to carry on the CCIE Data Center training could be minimum 8GB RAM and i5 processor. Rest features could vary as per the system in use. If RAM is 16 GB then it’s better for the candidates to pursue the training and go for Certifications.

What are future career opportunities for a CCIE Data Center certified candidates?

The future career opportunities for Data Center candidates have always been bright and a few job roles that a CCIE DC candidate applies for is Data Center Integrator/ Engineer/ Designer/ Consultant/ Architect. There are many more roles for the right candidates and the evolving technology is opening new spaces for the Data Center track.


Does online candidate get recorded sessions for future reference?

Yes. The candidates enrolling in online sessions with us get recorded sessions that help them in future training and learning along with other training materials in softcopy format that you may use as per ease in future.

What would be timings for the availability of lab facility?

The lab facility is available 24×7 and a candidate may use the facility as per their ease. The dedicated lab trainers are also available and the service could be availed without restriction. The lab manuals and workbooks are given to candidates at beginning of course and that can be used effectively by the candidates in their learning period.

Are online training modules as effective and efficient as the regular classroom one?

Yes. The candidates undertaking online sessions at Networkers Home get recorded sessions and all the training materials along with 24×7 accesses to lab facility in softcopy format which they may use as per their ease in future. The sessions are available in both morning & evening batches, information about which could be obtained from the institute.

What could be other must have skills to get good job roles after Certification?

The other must have skills required to add value to learning of candidates & getting through good job roles are excellent Communication skills, hands-on expertise, expert Technical knowledge, significant experience in relevant industry and a valid Certification certificate.

How effective are the Fast Track Boot camp programs for the students?

The Fast track boot camp programs are very effective from learning perspective as it saves time, focused on key topics only, candidate doesn’t loses touch in-spite of their work environment challenges and has been worth for the aspirants. But we recommend this program only for the experienced or the working candidates. Fresher candidates may opt for regular classroom training for CCIE Data Center course training.

How relevant are the CCIE Data Center courses with changing technology?

CCIE Data Center is the most esteemed certification offered by Cisco and its relevance is ever increasing because of the fact that it helps users leverage the power of virtualization and the computing integration. The unique features of privacy, uses & existence all over world, ease of accessibility and many others have contributed to the world-wide acceptance of Data Center.