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CCIE Data Center – Journey from Network Engineer to Network Architect

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Are you CCNA and CCNP certified? Do you wish to have a fast track growth in Networking Industry?

Then simply stop all your engagements for the next 20 minutes and engross yourself in reading this blog post.

India is up-and-coming as one of the most prominent IT hubs of the world. With the incredible growth in the technology, the demand for various IT certification courses has increased manifolds. It is a proven and evident fact that Cisco Certifications are amongst the most demanded certifications in the Networking domain. Amongst them, CCIE Data Center certification is one with a huge demand.

Through CCIE Data Center certification, Cisco offers a training curriculum that prepares network engineers to work across IT silos.

All IT professionals are expected to constantly upgrade their knowledge and enhance their skills in the related technology for their career advancement. As Data Center is one of the latest trending technology these days. Its scope is also wide and chances of bright future are also there.

The need for setting up and maintaining Data centers has become an inevitable part. And this has in turn increased the demand for Data Center professionals in the market. For which CCIE Data Center is the highest and renowned certification which is required to be earned.

To catch your attention, this fact would be enough that A CCIE data center certified candidate can easily get a job at a high-level designation in the top rated companies in India. A CCIE Data Center certified professional can easily earn up to 8 Lacs INR per annum, varying from company to company. And experienced ones are picked at a package of 18-22 Lacs.

CCIE DATA CENTER CERTIFICATION – A way to become network Gurus from network Engineer

As the certification has global recognition, it opens doors of the world for the candidate. If you have any doubt regarding its growth pattern, rest assured- NETWORKERS HOME will provide you the expert guidance.

Let’s take a deep dive into it:

Can you take CCIE Data Center Certification Training?

Cisco Data Center Certification is a certification designed to help Network Engineers grow in their careers. Those who have an experience of atleast 1-3 years in this industry can go with it, without any ifs and buts.

Those who already have CCNA R&S certification under their belt, or even if they have knowledge of the same can also take up CCNP Data Center Certification training or even CCIE Data Center.

Growth pattern after Earning CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Data Center Certification

Whosoever takes up a professional course, always wants to get a sneak peek into their careers. As stated, Cisco Data Center certification is ideal for networking professionals. And it goes without saying, that it’s your knowledge and skills that will take you up the ladder.
Let’s have a look at the growth rate after CCIE Data Center in the following cases:

1. If you are CCNA or CCNP R&S level Network Engineer:

Supposedly, you possess CCNA and CCNP R&S knowledge along with industry experience of say around 2 years at a package of around INR 4 Lacs p.a. Thereafter getting CCIE Data center certification you can climb multiple steps in one go. Yes!!!
You got to put in just 1 year of hard work and pursue CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Data Center certification and lay concrete on the path for your bright career. Post completion of this, one can easily expect a salary jump of 40% – 45%, which is way above the industry trends.

2. If you are CCIE R&S Level Network Engineer

If you already have CCIE R&S certification or knowledge with you and you have been working in the industry with the experience of 2-3 years, standing somewhere at a package of 7-8 Lacs p.a. Then this CCIE Data Center can act as a magic wand for you and your career. Yes!!!
Post completion, the salary shoots up to 13- 14 lacs per annum and in just next 5 years you can achieve career milestones of working as a Network Architect or Senior Network Architect. At this point you may be sitting at a package of above 23 Lacs per annum.

3. If you possess knowledge of other technologies

Knowledge of other technologies with Cisco DC certification is just like cherry on the cake. Definitely you find substantial growth in your career if you possess knowledge over the following technologies:

  1. CCNP Security/ CCIE Security
  2. BGP/MPLs
  3. MCSE + CCNA
  4. Already working in DC technologies
  5. Other Vendor Certification such as Juniper, Checkpoint etc.

The only pre requisite for pursuing Data Centers is to possess knowledge of CCNA R&S. Holding other certifications or knowledge of various technologies makes you a complete package and it becomes easy to market yourself in the IT industry.

What combines best with CCIE Data Center

And the answer to the above is CCIE R&S or CCNP R&S certification. If you have them, you become best fir for Cisco Data Center certification.

The reason is very simple – It is because you already have the required knowledge of creating networks then Data Center course gives you an added advantage to it. As it is aimed to polish your knowledge and make you eligible to handle complex and high end DC networks.

This doesn’t mean that your other certifications are a waste – as those who have knowledge of CCNP/CCIE Service Provider or Security are also equally fit to pursue.

Cisco’s Data Center Certification

What you learn in CCIE Data Center Certification at NETWORKERS HOME?

Cisco CCIE Data Center Certification is a high end, advance and expert level certification which introduces participants to latest DC technologies and validates necessary skills related to planning, designing, implementing and managing the complex DC infrastructure.

Upon completion of CCIE Data Center training one develops a deep insight and understanding of DC technologies which includes –

  1. Cisco’s L2 and L3 technologies
  2. Network Services, Orchestration
  3. Automation
  4. DC fabric infrastructure and other evolving technologies.

To Cap it off!

To conclude, it is evident to say that the scope of CCIE Data Center is huge as you have plethora of career options to choose from after it. Post completion of CCIE Data Center certification you become eligible for senior designations which include

  • Network engineer
  • Sr. Network engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Security consultant
  • Senior system engineer
  • Network Architect
  • Network Security Specialist

So if you are looking for success in short span but you are not afraid of putting in those extra efforts and hard work then CCIE Data Center is meant for you. NETWORKERS HOME, Best CCIE training institute in India, can give you wings but if and only if you have the desire to fly above the world, through their official and expert technical guidance on CCIE Data Center.

Earn it now!!

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