CCIE Collaboration Training FAQ’S

What is CCIE Collaboration Training/voice Training?

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is an expert level Certification offered by Cisco. CCIE Collaboration (previously Voice) is a track of Cisco where CCIE level helps gaining expertise in collaboration solutions integration and interoperation, configuration & troubleshooting complex networks along with challenges of video, mobility and presence as the foundation for workplace collaboration solutions.

What is the scope of CCIE Collaboration Training/ Voice Training?

The Scope of the Collaboration track is vast and a candidate learns a lot in voice, video, IM, presence and call center solutions & training required to deploy collaboration systems and services that increase user productivity, enhance customer experiences and are adaptable providing seamless user experience. A candidate has an opportunity to begin with roles such as Network Collaboration Designer/ Engineer/ Consultant, System Collaboration Engineer/ Integrator and many more.

What are prerequisites for CCIE Collaboration/ Voice Certification?

There are no formal prerequisites for appearing in the CCIE Collaboration/Voice Certification. Instead an aspirant should first clear the CCIE Collaboration 400-051 written exam and then appear for the 8 hour CCIE Collaboration lab exam. An aspirant should instead learn the technology beginning at CCNA level and gradually move to CCNP & CCIE level training.

Is CCIE Collaboration/ Voice certification useful for fresher candidates?

Yes. The fresher candidates actively participate in the Collaboration track. There are three levels of training available at CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. A fresher candidate should begin training at R&S track completing the CCNA & CCNP training. S/he may or may not go for the Certification part.

What topics are expected to be covered under CCIE Collaboration/ Voice program details?

The topics covered under the CCIE Collaboration program details are

  • Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure
  • DNS, DHCP, TFTP, NTP, CDP/LLDP, PoE, Voice & Data VLAN, Multicasting, IPv6
  • Telephony Standards & Protocols: SCCP, MGCP, SIP, H.323, RAS, RTP, RTCP, SRTP
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), CUCM Serviceability & OS Administration, Disaster Recovery, ILS/URI Dialing, Call Admission Control, SIP and H.323 Trunks, SAF, CCD, Cisco IOS UC Applications and Features, QoS & Security in Cisco Collaboration Solutions.
  • QoS Congestion Management, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, Cisco Unified IM and Presence, Evolving Technologies: Cloud, SDN, IOT

Why to choose Networkers Home for the CCIE Collaboration/ Voice training?

Being 12 year old institute for Cisco Certifications Course training, Networkers Home offers all the key features for the benefit of the candidates:

  • CCIE training on CISCO Official curriculum
  • Biggest CISCO Training Lab in Asia with Modern Rack equipment and lab administrator guidance
  • 24×7 Lab Access to the facility for students
  • Certified Trainers with a lot of experience
  • We offer Regular and fast track courses for beginners and experienced professionals
  • 1-on-1 training is also available for the entire course

When does a candidate become eligible to appear in CCIE Collaboration/ Voice Certification?

A candidate should be knowledgeable in the Collaboration technology up to the highest level. A fresher candidate may apply for this certification with proper training. The eligible candidates may go for the first step 400-051 CCIE Collaboration written exam before appearing for the lab exam.

What would be expected time for preparing CCIE Collaboration/ Voice Certification?

The CCIE Collaboration Certification may require 3 months for preparation. Though a candidate new to the Collaboration track shall begin at the CCNA level and move to CCNP level training before going for CCIE training. A fresher candidate should instead begin at CCNA R&S course training and then move to the CCNP R&S training before beginning with the Collaboration track. An aspirant may or may not appear in the individual Certification exam and directly appear in the CCIE Collaboration exam.

Is it worth for a fresher candidate to opt for CCIE Certification in Collaboration track?

Yes. A fresher candidate may surely opt for CCIE training in Collaboration track but should begin training at CCNA & CCNP level in R&S and then move on to the Collaboration track. It’s totally worth the effort since there are a lot of opportunities for the fresher candidates. The roles such as Network Collaboration Engineer, System Support Engineer are available in huge number that requires CCIE Certified candidates.

Is CCIE Collaboration/Voice Certification tough for Fresher candidates?

No. With proper preparation done following the correct path beginning at CCNA & CCNP level training in Routing & Switching track before moving ahead to the Collaboration track from CCNA to the CCIE level. A candidate may or may not opt for the individual Certifications at any of these levels.

A lot of online sources are providing dumps promising CCIE Collaboration/ Voice Certification success. Are they reliable or some information is needed to get verified?

We neither provide nor support the usage of dumps for getting success at the Cisco Certification exam. Instead our focus is upon training aspirants in technology so that a candidate succeeds Certification exam and the subsequent job role in future. The knowledge in technology helps with change in version of the program.

Would online mode be effective for CCIE Collaboration/Voice Certification course training?

Yes. The online mode is as effective as regular classroom training for the CCIE Certification course training program. The batches are available on weekdays as well as weekends. We offer complete training assistance, updated course material, online lab training facility, recorded sessions and other training material in soft copy for future references.

How would it benefit becoming a CCIE Collaboration/ Voice Certified?

A few major benefits from getting CCIE Certified in Collaboration track are

  • Helps a candidate gain knowledge & experience in collaboration solutions integration and inter-operation, configuration, and troubleshooting in complex networks
  • Time spent in learning technology is worth the effort and comes handy during Certifications and real job scenarios
  • Preferred by IT giants for the designing, implementing & troubleshoot the VoIP & video solutions in a network
  • Comparatively lesser number of experts available than required in networking industry
  • Rewarding job roles and Career growth post CCIE Collaboration Certification

Is the written part in CCIE Collaboration/ Voice Certification exam easier?

Yes, as per general opinion the first part of Certification exam 400-051 is easier compared to 8 hour lab exam. It may also vary for some candidates as per their interest and inclination towards a particular part of training. The written exam 400-051 is for 2-hour duration while the lab exam is of 8-hour duration.

What is the training plan for the CCIE Collaboration Integrated Program?

The CCIE Collaboration Integrated Program is designed for complete fresher candidates to train them effectively making them skilled to plan, design, implement, operate & troubleshoot collaboration & communication networks. The training begins at CCNA & CCNA level in R&S and then move ahead to the Collaboration training at all the three levels.

Is CCIE Collaboration rewarding for a girl candidate for their long term career?

Yes. A lot of CCIE Collaboration candidates are successful in spite being a girl whose details are available on our website. The girl candidates comprise of both fresher and experienced ones who got their training completed at institute got through a reputed job role in a reputed IT giants.

Can we skip CCNA or CCNP level training while preparing for CCIE Collaboration exam after relevant work experience?

No. Even if you are a candidate with work experience, you should begin at CCNA level training before moving further to CCNP and CCIE level training. You may surely skip the Certification exam at both these levels since there are no prerequisites for appearing in the CCIE Certification exam but surely do not skip the training.

The institute offers training from Hexa CCIE trainers. How frequently are they available for training with us?

The Hexa CCIE instructors are available for training the candidates at the CCIE level of the training. Their training help candidates learn the technology effectively which helps them not only in clearing the Certifications but also bring success during the subsequent job role. A focus upon technology helps an aspirant to transform and learn easily the newer course with change in Version of track.

What mode should be better for the CCIE Collaboration preparation?

The regular classroom mode has always been a preferred choice for CCIE Collaboration Certification course training though at Networkers Home you may opt for online training as well with equal confidence and training effectiveness. We provide training assistance with latest course material, 24×7 accessible online lab facilities, recorded sessions for future reference along with other relevant training material present in soft copy.

How should we prepare for the CCIE Collaboration/Voice job interviews?

At Networkers Home, we provide placement preparation sessions that consists of resume making sessions, group discussion preparation, interview etiquette, communication skills development and a lot of similar other sessions that prepares a candidate for the interviews.

Who are the leading trainers at Networkers Home for CCIE training?

At Networkers Home, we have Hexa CCIE trainers along with a big pool of CCIE Certified trainers who have enormous experience in training candidates in the technologies taught at institute. The aspirants have been motivated and their interest in tracks get multiplied manifold because of them.

What shall be minimum hardware configuration for CCIE Collaboration Certification course?

The minimum hardware requirement for CCIE Collaboration training should be 8 GB RAM with i5 processor. The other features may vary as per the system availability. The RAM availability of 16 GB or above would better serve the purpose of training before opting for Certifications.

What is future career scope available for a CCIE Collaboration Certified expert?

The future career scope for the CCIE Collaboration certified candidate is very bright and s/he gets an opportunity to begin with many rewarding job roles such as Network Collaboration Engineer/ Designer/ Consultants, System Collaboration Engineer/ Integrator and many others in the core role. A CCIE Certified fresher is expected to draw a salary package in 3.2-5.1 LPA range which increases significantly with job role experience, relevant technology knowledge, gain in hands-on skills & a valid Certification.

What facilities do an online aspirant enjoys related to Certification training?

The online candidates get same training environment such as study material, learning facility, 24×7 lab facilities with modern racks access and CCIE certified trainers with enormous training experience are few key features provided by us for an efficient & effective learning.

Are there any prerequisites for the lab exam?

The CCIE lab exam has only one condition to be fulfilled i.e. the participant should possess a valid written exam success and no other prerequisite are there to appear in lab exam. An aspirant should be well thorough through the technology beginning at R&S track in CCNA & CCNP level before moving on to Collaboration track at all the three CCNA, CCNP & CCIE levels.

What would be the duration for the lab facility availability of the CCIE Certification preparation?

The lab facility is available 24×7 and a candidate may use the facility as per their ease. The dedicated lab trainers are also available and the service could be availed without restriction. The lab manuals and workbooks are given to candidates at beginning of course and that can be used effectively by the candidates in their learning period.

Are online training modules as effective and efficient as the regular classroom one?

The online training modules are definitely effective and efficient as regular classroom sessions because of the similar facilities provided by us for proper learning of candidates. The candidates get recorded sessions and other training materials in soft copy format with 24×7 lab access facility. The sessions are conducted in morning & evening batches, information about which can be obtained at institute.

What could be must have skills required for CCIE Certification success?

The skills required along with a valid Certification for getting through good job roles are hands-on expertise, excellent Communication skills, expert Technical knowledge and a relevant work experience in some industry would be a huge plus.

Are Fast Track Boot camp programs effective for the candidates?

The Fast track boot camp programs are very effective for the candidates and it has been designed exclusively for the experienced candidates. These programs are efficient for their focus on key topics with improved focus on learning in-spite work responsibilities, saves time and has been rewarding for the aspirants. A Fresher candidate may instead take regular classroom training for CCIE Collaboration course preparation.

Does CCIE Collaboration Course training program relevant with changing technology?

Yes. The Collaboration track is an updated version of the technology which is much different from its previous versions of Voice track. The name has changed and the syllabus for Certification includes several new topics while removing a few ones from the previous syllabus. The updated Certification topics required to be prepared are available on CCIE Collaboration.

How good is a CCIE Collaboration Certification rewarding for a non-Engineering candidate?

The CCIE Collaboration Certification is as rewarding for a non-Engineering candidate as the Certification itself doesn’t require any prerequisite. A candidate should be instead thorough in the technology offered by Cisco which s/he may begin with R&S track and later move ahead to Collaboration track.

What salary could I expect after getting CCIE Certified in Collaboration/ Voice track?

A fresher may begin his/her job role with salary in range of 3.2 to 5.1 LPA which may get enormously high with increase in experience in relevant technology & industry, gain in hands-on skills and also with increase in level of responsibilities.

Are their some modules running for the benefits of a working aspirant?

For working aspirants, we offer online training where the candidates may take up the sessions as per their ease in morning or evening and could use the recorded videos for future reference. The experienced candidates currently working in same technology may opt for the Fast track boot camp programs that help them to take sessions as per their ease in devastatingly less amount of time.

Can we attend surplus sessions in other batches if we missed or want a brush-up on old topics?

Yes. An aspirant may go for as many sessions required learning a particular topic under same program. There are no restrictions at Networkers Home when it comes to learning. Our lab trainers have vast knowledge with tremendous experience in technology. A candidate may learn the skills in the particular technology from them and they may help in a quick brush-up on old topics.

How are the placements opportunities for CCIE Certified candidates at Networkers Home?

We offer 100% Placements for the CCIE Certified candidates at Networkers Home. The placement preparation sessions are mandatory for all the candidates enrolling here in any program. There are reputed IT giants such as Cisco, Oracle, TAC, Vodafone, CSS Corp, Dell, Sapient and many others who visit regularly at the campus for placements. A detailed list is available on the homepage of NH.

Will Placement preparation sessions be conducted for the enrolled candidates?

Yes. The placement preparatory sessions are provided to all the candidates enrolled under various programs. These sessions include Personality development, resume preparation, interview etiquette, communication enhancement and group discussion prep sessions designed for the placements preparation of the enrolled candidates.

Is CCIE Certification mandatory for the Placements or companies do look for training and skills?

It is not as such. We offer placements opportunities for all the candidates training with us. The aspirants may take the placements sessions along with the technical sessions directed towards training the candidates for placements. The candidates opting for job may apply later for the Certification exam.

What’s the proportion of candidates who clear their CCIE Certification in first attempt?

In Collaboration track, 80-85% candidates are able to clear their lab exam in their first attempt while approx. 100% candidates are able to clear their written exam 400-051 in the first attempt which is first part of the CCIE Certification exam. A candidate focusing upon learning the technology finds it easier to learn and then clear the Certification exam.

Is there a recent change in the Version expected under the Collaboration track?

The version is changing recently from v1.0 to v2.0 and thus the candidates who are beginning the training or the ones in middle of training should continue with the v2.0 without any fear as there are no changes expected for at least few upcoming years.