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This blog encapsulates the most important aspect, I have penned down till date. All CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certified professionals and those aspiring to earn the toughest credential to their profile, also have similar interests and I can disclose the fact with my collars up that, we have served over 17500+ such networking career aspirants.

Let me share their secret recipe for success and how they benefitted from our 12 years of remarkable industry experience and made us fortunate and proud alma mater.

Our traditional client base for last 12 years have been in the following pattern:

  • Fresh BE/BTECH (all streams) especially Mechanical constitute 50%
  • Students aiming for domain change form 33% of the group
  • Professionals desirous of upgrading their skill-set make 17% of the total strength.

The above makes the fact evident that so far, we have helped a large pool of students in shaping their career. And it must not surprise you that the students whom we have helped in redefining and changing their careers constitute 1/3rd of the total talent pool (total business) with our company. Such students were already from flourishing domains like BPOs, KPOs, Testing who wanted to have a more secure career and had aims to corner reputed designations in top companies.

Initially, I was quite reluctant to offer admissions to the students who wished to change their career domains but stunned by the success of such students with us, I as a businessman became bullish on this segment. It is beyond my imagination that once I helped and trained a Physiotherapist, who now is heading an IT security team under him at GE, Gurugram. On similar lines, a graduate girl, unfortunately, divorced at a young age, from Vizag, aimed CCIE. With her passion and our expert guidance, she is now a top consultant at Infosys having a package of more than 25 lakhs.

Why go far, let me tell you about myself. I, being from a mechanical engineering background, have been through various domains successfully, that now amazes me to the core. With strong communication and technical skills, I never faced any trouble in cracking any grilling interviews in my life. Today I am shaping careers of an infinite number of students through Networkers Home.

It has been 12 years, and our grand success is a proof of the transformation journey from a mere mechanical engineer. Another outstanding success story in front of you is that of Sundar Pichai, who once a mechanical engineer, is now such an icon of the computing industry. It is my strong tenet that today, your expert skills can take over your qualification drastically, landing you in great IT jobs, at top shot dream companies, as they are also striving and hunting for taking CCIE level engineers on board. The exponential growth of the internet has led to a rampant increase in the demand for engineers, exert at handling complex IT enterprise networks and infrastructures.
The demand for CCIE level experts is on the highest at:

  • All IT giants
  • Chain of Hotel brands operating at large scale
  • All Banks
  • Top Insurance and Financial companies
  • Reputed Web and App development companies serving millions of customers online
  • All large-scale enterprises, operating over the internet to sell and offer products online to the customers.

To understand it well, we need to dig much deeper into demand and requirement part of it. Let’s glance through some established brands in IT sector:

  • IBM
  • TCS
  • Accenture
  • Wipro
  • Infosys
  • Cisco
  • Juniper

All these names, have 60% of the CCIEs across the world on their payrolls. Their businesses corner around $500 billion of the IT services revenue every year, that justifies the need for skilled experts and professional engineers to serve their huge client base, that includes:

  • Wall-mart with over 20000 stores in America
  • JC Penny
  • All top 1000 banks in the world
  • All top 50 Oil companies in the world
  • All telecom companies across the globe
  • All ISP’s in each country
  • All big companies need IT infrastructure
  • All big hotel chains like Hilton, having more than 400 properties
  • All big airlines
  • All top insurance companies
  • Top Automobile companies
  • Other millions of organization shaving an employee base of 200 -20000 employees

And talking of all this, I have still not considered that 20%, demanding expert engineers to design, configure, implement, operate and maintain large organizational networks spreading all around the globe.

This leaves us with the question: what brings in demand for such professionals?

The irony is that our education system has long ignored the aspect of commercialization and technology up gradation. Till date, there is no university in India, that focuses on Networking solely and the industry is experiencing is a constant and big push from Large companies like Cisco, who need millions of engineers for millions of partners who are purchasing and have Cisco products installed in their networks.

Final Words

If you are seeking a serious career change,CCIE is your golden opportunity. However, I would suggest you do it the right way.Today the CCIE training industry is full of institutes whose objective is just to get you a CCIE number by giving you access to cramming dumps. But this certainly is not going to take you far in your career. You must choose for a reputed institute, having proven records to derive the most out of the soaring demand and get a breakthrough in your career. 

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