Future and Scope Of PMP

Future and Scope Of PMP

Regardless of your IT role, PMP certification has the power to add depth and value to your skills

Project Management refers to the art of planning, executing, controlling, monitoring a team or a project with the primary objective of successful accomplishment of the organizational and project goals. The professional who takes initiative to drive the team towards the project objectives is the Project Manager. Many seasoned managers may feel that they don’t require any further upgrade, in such a case their saturation level has arrived. 

PMP (Project management professional) certification is a must for those who aspire to establish a mark in the industry with their management skills. PMP certification is the gold standard and a globally recognized certification. It is offered by PMI and is one of the toughest credentials to earn, yet it is the most sought-after certification. A PMP certified professional is believed to possess the business acumen and proficient management skills.

Having PMP certification credentials on your profile works as a differentiator. Several Fortune 500 companies already have PMP certified professionals on board and many have the requirements for PMP professionals for the leading positions. With PMP you can aim high and qualify for the following roles:

  • IT Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Sr. Project Manager
  • Technology Manager
  • Process Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Implementation Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Portfolio Manager

Your inquisitiveness to know the demand for PMP certification is just right. The demand-supply equation for project management professionals stands inclined towards the demand side. The demand curve for PMP certified professionals is more pronounced and prominent.As per the statistics, In US the demand for PMP certified professionals is expected to grow to nearly 700,000 jobs by 2020.

PMP certified project managers can corner an average starting salary of $90,000 a year. Apparently, PMP credentials will help you gain minimum 20 percent hike in salary over non-credentialed project managers with similar qualifications.

PMP tops the list of top 11 project management certifications survey report of Cio.com. A quick glance at the above chart I enough to suffice question regarding the worth of PMP certification.

PMP certification requires you to pass just one exam, but that one is said to be quite drilling as it requires rigorous practice and experience. PMBOK is the standard guide that PMP aspirants follow, to prepare for the prestigious exam. PMP certification exam does not specify the minimum passing score. It comprises the following domains with the specified weights:

  • Initiating 13%
  • Planning 24%
  • Executing 31%
  • Monitoring and Controlling 25%
  • Closing 7%

PMI incorporates qualitative scoring system. It means that they do not provide a numeric score for the exam, rather they give you a proficiency level (Above Target, Target, Below Target, Needs Improvement) for each domain. Passing the PMP exam depends on the proficiency levels you achieve in different sections. For example: If you score MP in all domains, you’ll pass.

Although the process of taking and earning a PMP certification calls out for a tedious and disciplined approach, the benefits are so lucrative that it easily outweighs the efforts. To remain in demand and withstand the competition PMP certification is a must-have. There is an infinite scope of PMP as it is widely accepted and highly reputed. If you want to set yourself apart and set a benchmark for your organization, then PMP credentials are ideal for you. The certification mapped PMP training course can certainly help you to accomplish your career goals.

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