Spoken English Course

Spoken English Course

Spoken English Course

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6 weeks 4 weeks 10 weeks
INR 5000 + 18% GST INR 7000 + 18% GST INR 10,000 + 18% GST

This, full-fledged program is aimed at anyone wanting to enhance his or her English language competencies to an impressive and effective level. We offer this course in three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.  A learner is placed/pegged at a given level based on a diagnostic/assessment round prior admission. The tried and tested curriculum is structured to enable the learners with proficiencies in the entire four language competency – speaking, listening, reading and writing with extra emphasis on conversational English proficiency with a neutral accent.

Salient Features

  • Focus on important basic elements of pronunciation
  • Grammar classes with further discussions and drill
  • Conversation practice & speaking activities
  • Free speech activities
  • Impromptu speech
  • Turn coat
  • Focus on building commonly used vocabulary
  • Common mistakes of Indian learners
  • International styles and Expressions
  • Situational conversation


Trainers aboard include, professionals with expertise derived from many years of corporate and academic exposure. All their training programmes are created and customized to meet the learning objectives and needs of the learners. Sticklers for excellence they imbibe and evoke the same from participants. Former students are proudly positioned in MNCs in India and overseas.

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