Spoken English Training

Basic Information

  • Spoken English Training Fee: Rs. 7,000 + 18% GST = INR 8260 (Indian Student)
  • Spoken English Training Duration: 40 Hours
  • Weekday and Weekend batches available
  • Full length Mock Interviews to evaluate Progress
  • Training delivered by Professionals
  • Get Innovative training methodologies
  • Modern Smart Classrooms and Infra Facility
  • more than 40 Case studies and Comprehensive Passages

India is a country which has been known for its diversity in Language, Culture and Religion. English Language has become part of Indian Culture. The language is as famous as any other regional Language.

A language is a medium through which anyone can express their thoughts and views clearly. The English Language has become highly relevant in Indian subcontinent as this is an integral part of Corporate Communications. Speaking English fluently is a matter of Pride nowadays and is considered the only language to access someone’s Communication skills.

English is also used as a common mode of interaction between people living in different states and helps in escalating Professional growth and Personal outlook on an overall basis. Professionals with Good Communication Skills get higher growth in Future and better Job role Opportunities.

Here are 10 Reasons to Learn English—

  • Most Commonly Spoken and Understood Language
  • Very Popular language – Very Easy to learn compared other Foreign languages
  • Chances increases to get good job roles in MNCs
  • Official Language of 53 countries and understood in all the Countries
  • More than 500 million people Speak English as of now
  • Most of the Work & Career Content is originally in English
  • Most important, you never rely on Translations and Subscripts
  • Self Confidence enhances for a person well thorough in English Language
  • You can travel much easier Comparatively to any part of the World
  • Learning a New language English will make you Smarter and is a good Brain exercise

Key Features of training with NETWORKERS HOME

  • Practical Experience in Spoken English
  • Guidance to get Placed in Bangalore & Abroad
  • Projects related to Spoken English
  • Train at Advanced level in Spoken English
  • Batch sizes are appropriate
  • Group Activities are Conducted to enhance Communication
  • 100% Placements for deserving Candidates
  • Best Price for industry best Training

How will candidates benefit from this Course?

  • Become a Better Communicator
  • Enhances Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Fluent Accent develops with training
  • An industry ready Candidate for Interviews, Job opportunities
  • Trainee can Interact with Clarity and great Ease

Our Trainers Profile

We have Industry best Trainers with us who are highly experienced. They have trained and got 1000s of students placed in reputed MNCs in both IT and non-IT industries.

Who should Take this Course?

  • Students – Very essential throughout Lifetime
  • Working Professionals – Important for Growth in Career
  • Good for IT/non-IT – Essential Skill at all level of Career
  • Housewives – Helps in getting Better and utilize time to Learn something New

Get Trained, Become Expert and improve your chances to get Employed.

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