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Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) – A hardware-based alternative to software-defined networking approaches!!

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What is 'Application Centric Infrastructure'?

In the words of Jacob Jensen, director of Insieme Networks’ –

The Application Centric Infrastructure is the result of going back to the drawing board and dramatically simplifying the network down to just a few elements.

Relatively, we can say that ACI helps in managing and excelling in complex environments by enhancing operational efficiencies, network automation, and improving security for any combination of on-premises data centers, private, and public clouds.

Now let’s take a look at the Benefits of ACI:

Centralized Automation Management ACI provides for a holistic application-based solution which helps in providing for flexibility and automation for agile IT. IT aims at automatic fabric deployment and configuration with single point of management. It reduces configuration errors to an extent.

Application Agility It provides for centralized real-time health monitoring of physical and virtual networks. It offers Instant visibility into application performance combined with intelligent placement decisions.

End-to-End Security The structure provides for open APIs, open standards, and open source elements that enable software flexibility for DevOps teams, and firewall and application delivery controller (ADC) ecosystem partner integration.

Application Agility ACI benefits in managing application lifecycle from development, to deployment, to decommissioning — in minutes. It aims at automatic application deployment and faster provisioning based on predefined profiles. ACI helps in continuous and rapid delivery of virtualized and distributed applications

Gains from the course

The training on CISCO ACI at NETWORKERS HOME would enable participants to:

  • Gain knowledge on  ACI, and  get closer to being prepared for CCIE DC V2.0 exam, and CLDACI 300-475
  • Polish their skills to include the hottest Cisco solution for Data Center networking
  • Improve Cisco networking DC network skill set, by adding the state of the art Cisco ACI solution knowledge.
  • Hold good, high-level technical understanding of the ACI solution and its benefits to data center infrastructures.
  • Lead high level technical and business discussions around the benefits and details of ACI fabric.
  • Be prepared to engage into presentations, evaluate solutions, recommend ACI comfortably and confidently with the knowledge gained from this course

Become ready for the deep dive course on Cisco ACI @ NETWORKERS HOME which is the trusted and authenticated training provider as listed by CISCO technologies.


The participants are expected to have:

  • A fair understanding of Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies (Routing and Switching).
  • A high level understanding of how DC network infrastructures are designed today.
  • Good understanding of how services such as firewalls, Load balancers are provisioned in today’s DC networks.

Road to Security

This hardware based move of CISCO is a road to enhanced security arrangement.  ACI ensures security improvements with programmability architectures to such an extent that network security professionals can expect to see the emergence of Layer 4-7service benefits. Cisco ACI, Cisco’s software-defined networking (SDN) architecture helps in providing enhanced business agility, reduced TCO, automated IT tasks, and accelerated data center application deployments.

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