AWS is just the right choice for you, no matter if you are a web developer, an admin, a system engineer, I0T developer or Data Analyst. Drawing the advantage out of Amazon platform has made life easy.

A few Benefits of undergoing this workshop would be

  • AWS is in high demand: As per the Forbes analysis, AWS has been rated as the top paying training courses.
  • You will get an insight on Associate level training of AWS at the workshop.
  • With AWS, become hot on the job market.
  • Attain a new level of expertise in emerging technology.
  • Let the door of plethora of opportunities open for yourself.
  • Give a boost to your self esteem and attain a competitive edge with it.
  • Get to meet like minded individuals at NIT Surathkal campus and build on your network.
  • Become a tactful techie.
  • Attain participation certificates and build on your CV.
  • Demonstrate your skills and establish your credibility.
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