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CCNA Security +

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  • What i will learn?
  • Career Path ways
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Course Summary

Achieve associate level Cisco security knowledge and skills

Achieving Cisco CCNA Security certification confirms that you have the associate-level knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks. It validates that you have the skills to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. The CCNA Security curriculum emphasizes core security technologies, including installing, troubleshooting and monitoring network devices to maintain data and device integrity, confidentiality, and availability, along with competency in the technologies Cisco uses in its security structure.

What i will learn?


  • Cisco Secure Design Principles
    • Network Security Zoning
    • Cisco Module Network Architecture
    • Cisco SecureX Architecture
    • Cisco TrustSec Solutions
  • Implement Network Infrastructure Protection
    • Introducing Cisco Network Infrastructure Architecture
    • Deploying Cisco IOS Control Plane Security Controls
    • Deploying Cisco IOS Management Plane Security Controls
    • Deploying Cisco ASA Management Plane Security Controls
    • Deploying Cisco Traffic Telemetry Methods
    • Deploying Cisco IOS Layer 2 Data Plane Security Controls
    • Deploying Cisco IOS Layer 3 Data Plane Security Controls
  • Deploying NAT on Cisco IOS and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance
    • Introducing Network Address Translation
    • Deploying Cisco ASA Network Address Translation
    • Deploying Cisco IOS Software Network Address Translation
  • Deploying Threat Controls on Cisco ASA
    • Introducing Cisco Threat Controls
    • Deploying Cisco ASA Basic Access Controls
    • Deploying Cisco ASA Application Inspection Policies
    • Deploying Cisco ASA Botnet Traffic Filtering
    • Deploying Cisco ASA Identity Based Firewall
  • Deploying Threat Controls on Cisco IOS Software
    • Deploying Cisco IOS Software with Basic Zone-Based Firewall Policies
    • Deploying Cisco IOS Software Zone-Based Firewall with Application Inspection Policies
  • Labs
    • Lab 2-1: Configuring Configure Cisco Policy Protection (CPP) and Management Plane Protection (MPP)
    • Lab 2-2: Configure Traffic Telemetry Methods
    • Lab 2-3: Configure Layer 2 Data Plan Security
    • Lab 2-4: Configure Layer 2 Data Plan Security
    • Lab 3-1: Configure NAT on Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewall
    • Lab 3-2: Configure NAT on Cisco IOS Software
    • Lab 4-1: Configure Cisco ASA Access Policy
    • Lab 4-2: Configure Cisco ASA Application Inspection Policy
    • Lab 4-3: Configure Cisco ASA Botnet Traffic Filter
    • Lab 4-4: Configure Cisco ASA Identity Based Firewall
    • Lab 5-1: Configure Cisco IOS Software Zone-Based Firewall (ZBFW)
    • Lab 5-2: Configure Cisco IOS Software ZBFW Application Inspection Policy

Career Pathways

For those just starting a career in networking, here is a short list of the available types of positions and networking jobs:

  • Network Specialist
  • Network Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Solutions Architect

As you develop your networking career further, you might decide to specialize in one or more areas of networking.

At this point, the networking jobs you would be applying for might include:

  • Network Security Specialist
  • Cloud Networking Architect
  • Networking Research and Development Specialist
  • Wireless Networking QA Engineer
  • Wireless Infrastructure and Mobility Specialist
  • Mobility Solutions Architect
  • VoIP Engineer
  • Telecom Project Manager
  • Data Center Networking Specialist

There are also plenty of networking jobs in sales and consulting, so be sure to check out:

  • Networking Sales Specialist
  • Networking Account Manager
  • Networking Consultant
  • Networking Program Manager

Student Reviews

  • I passed CCIE Security from first attempt from Networkershome .I was recommended from my Senior in Mangolia.

    NETWORKERS Home has world class instructors and Lab facility which is Biggest In India .

    Munkhjin Nyamtsogt

    CCIE SECURITY, #54696

  • The best Institute for all CCIE tracks. I came as a fresher, completed my ccie and got the number! with in few months. Those who are trying to get a CCIE, I recommend them to Join Networkers Home.

    HAZIF ISMAIL working at IPSOFT Inc.

    CCIE DATA CENTER, #52901

  • Best institute for CCIE in India..
    Best teachers..
    Best devices facility..
    If u want to be CCIE…there is no other place other than NH.

    Varun Bhatia

    CCIE SECURITY, #54049

  • One of the best institute in India, as per faculty, lab trainer, environment, technical stuffs. As per technical Staffs is also good & always supportive & 24×7 racks are available, & for study point of you , one of the best place.

    Vivek Dharmik

    CCIE DATA CENTER, #52164

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