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Duration: 1 Month -2 Hours a day (Monday -Fri) or 2 Months on Weekends

CCNA Routing and Switching

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The CCNA Routing and Switching (200-125 CCNAX) is a composite course acquired from ICND1 and ICND2 content converged into a solitary quickened course. Covering substance is dispensed with and some substance is revised with the end goal of streamlining the course.

In this course, you will figure out how to introduce, work, arrange, and investigate essential IPv4 and IPv6 systems, including designing a LAN switch, arranging a L3 switch, recognizing fundamental security dangers, understanding excess topologies, investigating basic system issues, associating with a WAN, arranging EIGRP and OSPF in both IPv4 and IPv6, seeing wide-territory organize advances, and getting comfortable with gadget administration and Cisco authorizing.

Key increments to this most recent update incorporate a comprehension of Quality of Service (QoS) components and their materialness, how virtualized and cloud administrations will collaborate and affect venture systems, and a review of system programmability with the related controller sorts and instruments that are accessible to bolster programming characterized arrange structures.

You will find out about the co-operations and system elements of firewalls, remote controllers and get to focuses, alongside extra concentrate on IPv6 and essential system security.

A full suite of labs have been produced with adaptable topologies that fortify ideas with hands-on, guided revelation and test labs that adjust to every lesson module.


This course will empower you to:

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is an inevitable course to start your career in Networking Domain. Course mainly deals with basic understandings of concepts of OSI & TCP-IP Protocol Stack, Switching & Routing, Access Control List, Network Address Translation and WAN. Course includes brief introductory Lab expertise.


Course exclusives:
  • This is an intensive training program. Participants should expect to be in class for 3 hours and labs for 2 hours for the entire duration of the course.
  • All students will receive CCNA (200-125 CCNAX) courseware (books and videos).
  • Lab time:-A minimum of two hours of Lab daily for CCNAX. Labs are one to one and on Real Cisco Devices.
What I will learn?
  • Network Types and Build simple LANs
  • Establish Internet connectivity, Concept of NAT and ACLs
  • Hardware of Cisco Router and Switches including Bootup process
  • Configuration of Terminals
  • IOS Upgradation
  • Manage and Secure Network Gadgets, How Device Management can be implemented using the Traditional and Intelligent ways.
  • Operate a medium-sized LAN with multiple switches, supporting VLANs, Trunk, and STP
  • Troubleshoot IP connectivity (Subnets and Supernets in brief)
  • Describe how to configure and troubleshoot EIGRP in an IPv4 environment, and configure EIGRP for IPv6
  • Configure and troubleshoot OSPF in an IPv4 environment and configure OSPF for IPv6
  • Characteristics, functions, and components of a WAN
  • QoS, virtualization and cloud services, and network programmability related to WAN, access and core segments.


Labs on Real Cisco Device.
Lab 1: Cisco CLI
Lab 2: Basic Switch Configuration
Lab 3: How a Switch Operates
Lab 4: Troubleshoot Switch Media and Port Issues
Lab 5: Inspect TCP/IP Applications (Wireshark and Debugging)
Lab 6: Start with Cisco Router Configuration
Lab 7: CDP
Lab 8: Concept of Default Gateway
Lab 9: Exploration of Packet Forwarding
Lab 10: Configure and Verify Static Routes
Lab 11: Configure and Verify ACLs
Lab 12: Configure a Provider-Assigned IP Address
Lab 13: Configure Static NAT
Lab 14: Configure Dynamic NAT and PAT
Lab 15: Troubleshoot NAT
Lab 16: Configure VLAN and Trunk
Lab 17: Troubleshoot VLANs and Trunks
Lab 18: Configure Root Bridge and Analyze STP Topology
Lab 19: Troubleshoot STP Issues in Depth
Lab 20: Configure and Verify EtherChannel
Lab 21: Configure a Router on a Stick (Inter VLAN Routing)
Lab 22: Configure a Cisco Router as a DHCP Server and DHCP Relay Agent
Lab 23: Troubleshoot DHCP Issues
Lab 24: Configure and Verify HSRP
Lab 25: Troubleshoot HSRP
Lab 26: Configure and Verify RIPv2
Lab 27: Troubleshoot RIPv2
Lab 28: Configure Basic IPv6 Connectivity
Lab 29: Configure IPv6 Static Routes
Lab 30: Use Troubleshooting Tools
Lab 31: Configure and Verify IPv4 Extended Access Lists
Lab 32: Troubleshoot IPv4 Network Connectivity
Lab 33: Configure and Verify IPv6 Extended Access Lists
Lab 34: Troubleshoot IPv6 Network Connectivity
Lab 35: Enhance Security of Initial Configuration
Lab 36: Limit Remote Access Connectivity
Lab 37: Configure and Verify Port Security
Lab 38: Configure and Verify NTP
Lab 39: Configure External Authentication Using RADIUS and TACACS+
Lab 40: Configure and Verify EIGRP
Lab 41: Configure and Verify EIGRP for IPv6
Lab 42: Configure and Verify Single-Area OSPF
Lab 43: Configure and Verify Multiarea OSPF
Lab 44: Configure and Verify OSPFv3
Lab 45: Troubleshoot Multiarea OSPF
Lab 46: Configure Serial Interface and PPP
Lab 47: Configure and Verify MLP
Lab 48: Configure and Verify PPPoE Client
Lab 49: Configure and Verify GRE Tunnel
Lab 50: Configure and Verify Single Homed EBGP

Below are a few job roles for which CCNA certified candidates can apply and opt for:

  • Network Admin
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Support Specialist
  • Cisco Network Engineer


Future Training & Learning:

To advance their career and continue with their learning candidates can go for the following certification programs in different tracks:

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